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Karamoor Estate

Alecia Jankowski
July 23, 2015 | Alecia Jankowski

2012 Cabernet Franc Tasting Notes and Recipe Suggestions!

Most of the time when people think of Karamoor Estate, they think of our Cabernet Franc.  It has been Karamoor's wine that is most popular with restuarant chefs, managers, and owners; most of them choosing this wine to carry on their by-the-glass list.  I think that there are two main reasons for this:  1.  Cabernet Franc is a grape that happens to grow VERY well here in Eastern PA.  The flavors of the grape become fully developed, allowing it to be bottled as a Cabernet Franc rather than just using the grape for blending...and it makes a great bottle at that!  2.  It goes very well with A LOT of items that you would find on a restaurant menu.  I will also say that our Cabernet Franc has been my favorite wine since the very beginning (well, at least until we released the 2013 Petit Verdot...but the Cab Franc still remains as my go-to!), it has also been the favorite wine of the rest of the family!

Our 2012 Cabernet Franc took a gold medal with 93 points at the San Diego International Wine Competition, it was awarded Best Cabernet Franc in PA at the New York International Wine Competition, and the reviews by industry professionals have been nothing short of stellar.  The tasting notes, as written by Julie Albin from Drink Me Magazine, are:  "As if from a scene at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, this unveils refreshing scents of black plum, kirsch, sawdust, and evergreen.  Nearly opaque in color with velvety tannins, this full bodied red is both fruit forward and earthy with a long finish of pine.".  Craig LaBan describes it as, "a polished and balanced red that's deep with black cherry fruit, an echo of spice and an earthiness that swells with air time".  

Cabernet Franc is the father grape of Cabernet Sauvignon (which is a cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc) and is one of the most widely planted varieties in the world.  The flavor characteristics of the grape are typically:  plum, blackberry, violets, raspberry, blueberry, sage, bay leaf, rosemary, tobacco, bell pepper, and eucalyptus.  Cabernet Franc may not be as well known as its offspring, Cabernet Sauvignon, but it has started to gain some much deserved recognition.  When allowed to fully ripen, it is well balanced, the tannins are noticeable but not overpowering, and the black fruit/berry flavors make it accessible both when young and with some more age.   

If you are wondering what to serve our Cabernet Franc with, wonder no longer!  We recommend that you try it with Mr. Karabotses favorite meal of spaghetti Bolognese.  If pasta with meat sauce doesn't do it for you, you can try it with grilled steaks, wild game, pork roasts, leg of lamb, lamb chops, grilled or broiled mushrooms, and even salmon!  It also goes well with earthy cheeses like gouda, smoked cheddar, goat cheese, fontina, or a creamy blue.

It's grilling season and the owners are Greek, so I thought that it would be nice of me to find an awesome lamb burger recipe for you that will go great with our Cabernet Franc.  And I did!  Here it is:  If for some reason you don't like lamb but you still want to do some cooking outside, I also found this smoky grilled salmon recipe that would pair very nicely:  Maybe it is Sunday night dinner with the family and you want to make a roast, I've got you covered there too:  

I hope that I have given you some ideas of what you could serve alongside of our Cabernet Franc.  If you haven't had Karamoor Estate Cabernet Franc, or if you haven't had any type of Cabernet Franc before, I hope that I have shed some light on what you could expect!  I should also mention that it tastes pretty great by itself, during cocktail hour, shared with good friends.  As always, shipping is free with a purchase of 3 bottles or more (you can mix and match types of wine to get to 3 bottles).


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