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Alecia Jankowski
August 21, 2015 | Marketing | Alecia Jankowski

2013 Merlot Tasting Notes and Recipe Suggestions!

There is a new blog post, so it must be Friday!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their week.  I cannot believe how fast summer is flying by.  I live for these three months schoolbusses.  Next week or the week after (I am not sure exactly, but I know it is right around the corner), I just know that my lower stress summertime commute to work will now be coated in flashing red and yellow lights.  I feel like 2 things have happened since I have occupied a green pleather seat on one of those yellow schoolbusses:  1.  Kids have become A LOT more brazen.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been behind a schoolbus with these little kids making faces and using choice fingers, and I mean, what can you do?  I am an adult.  They are children.  You can't be the adult that makes faces back...  2.  The schoolbusses stop at EVERY house on a road.  There don't seem to be school bus "stops" anymore.  You know, where a bunch of kids stand in a line waiting to get on the bus.  As a kid, our street was probably about a quarter mile (equivalent of walking to school uphill both ways?  maybe), and I remember seeing that yellow bus and having to run, back pack jostling filled with books covered in brown paper grocery bags.  Kids these days...they really have it easy.  Boy, do I sound like Mom.

Anyway, onto wine!  2013 Merlot, to be exact.  I prefer this Merlot to our older vintages, and I will tell you why.  It is very easy drinking.  It doesn't need food, or breathing, or decanting.  You can drink it right out of the bottle...with a glass of course because college is over.  It was bottled in March of 2015, so it is drinking well now, but if you want to lay it down for a while, you can do that too.  It has been very well received by our restaurant accounts, which means it is being well received by their customers (aka the people reading this blog).  Here are the tasting notes that we came up with here:  A generous offering of cherry-pie fruit and toasted vanilla are accompanied by hints of fennel, cinnamon, and clove notes.  Very soft tannins with good acidity and balance invite sip after sip of this supple, medium-bodied Merlot.

I would recommend this wine for cocktail hour.  It would do very well alongside a fabulous platter of Charcuterie, inclusive of a nice pate, toasted breads, and a Beaufort cheese.  If you wanted to pair it with a main dish, I think that I would love to drink it alongside of a grill fired pizza (or wood fired!); for me, it would be Gruyere, pancetta, carmelized onions, with some properly fried mushrooms and a sprig of fresh rosemary.  You can find a similar recipe here:  They leave out some of the things I mention, but you can easily add them!  I would also recommend this wine with a great big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.  Maybe with a side of garlic bread.  I am pretty lucky because I get homemade tomato sauce from my grandmother via the garden here, but if you are looking for a nice recipe, here is something similar to the one that I make (when grandma's sauce is gone):

Enjoy your weekend.  The weather looks like it is going to be pretty glorious, perfect for some backyard enjoyment...which coincidentally goes very well with our 2013 Merlot!  Next week, I will be bringing you another vineyard and winery update.  There will be plenty to tell as we get closer and closer to our first harvest of the 2015 season.  As always, remember that shipping is free on purchases of 3 bottles or more!  Until next time...


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