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Alecia Jankowski
October 9, 2015 | Alecia Jankowski

2013 Reserve Merlot Tasting Notes and Recipe Suggestions!

Have you watched that show Narcos?  It is a Netflix series...Netflix comes out with some great series.  If I am on Netflix and I come across a show or documentary that says "Netflix" across the top, you can bet your bottom dollar that the sun...I mean...that show is going in my instant queue.  Anyway, Narcos first season (there is currently only one available) was about Pablo Escobar.  I love shows about bad people.  So, the show is about Pablo from when he first started (bad, but not so bad), showing his transition to Pablo as you have heard about him (very, very, very bad).  It was interesting, scary, baffling, alarming, and totally binge worthy.  I finished the 10 episodes in 3 days.  I have high hopes that every season they put out is as good as season one.  That is another thing that I love about Netflix series; they never seem to have an "off" season.  Every season is just as good as the last.  Maybe one day Karamoor will have a Netflix series.  Hey, I would watch it!  Until then, just read about our 2013 Reserve Merlot.

I've said it before and I will say it again, "The 2013 vintage is a banner year for Karamoor Estate."  This fact is the reason that we were able to create the best Merlot that we have produced to date.  The 2013 Reserve Merlot is rich and luscious.  You could drink it now, or you could age it for years.  I will be interested to see how this wine has developed in 2 or 3 years (which is why I bought 3 or 12 bottles...).  Kevin's notes on this wine are:  the 2013 Reserve Merlot is a blend of 87% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 2% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 1% Petit Verdot, aged for 14 months in 60% French oak, 20% Hungarian oak, 20% American oak (a total of 30% new oak).  It represents a meticulous and limited barrel selection of our finest Merlots from 2013.  Bold black cherry fruit amidst notes of sandalwood, eucalyptus, and marzipan transitions to tastes of juicy black rub plums, chocolate, & fig, with a long lingering finish and silky tannins.

It is a wine truly deserving of the "Reserve" mantel, and no one that has sampled it has been disappointed with its quality.  If it were me, I would decant this wine, I would serve it with beef tenderloin (or leg of lamb, or veal chops...pretty much anything that costs a pretty penny at the meat counter), and I would eat and drink this with people I really enjoy (not just kind of enjoy).  I found a recipe that I think would do very well for this pairing:  I like the fact that it incorporates some basil since I think that will highlight some potentially overlooked notes in the wine.  Since the holidays are right around the corner, perhaps you are looking for something to serve alongside of your perfect roast turkey.  I would also recommend this wine for that occasion (unless you are doing a citrus marinade).  As always, shipping is free with 3 total bottles purchased (any mix of wines) to anywhere we can legally ship to.  So, even if you are having your Thanksgiving dinner in another state, you can still have Karamoor!

This weekend should be pretty low key for me, although, if you live in Conshohocken, come visit me tonight!  I will be at the Conshohocken liquor store on Ridge Pike from 4-5:30PM.  It is Pennsylvania Wine Month, so all of the state stores are sampling PA wines for their customers (that may be a generalization, so do not get mad at me if you go into a state store and they are not sampling PA wines tonight).  Anywho, if you are lucky enough to live near or in Conshohocken and you happen to walk into the liquor store tonight between the hours of 4 and will get to meet yours truly!  For those of you who I will not see tonight, I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!  Until next time...



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