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Alecia Jankowski
October 21, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

After today, we only have 1 more grape (type) left to harvest!

Well!  The tasting was a success on Tuesday night.  I could not be more excited to put this menu together.  I definitely think that I want to go heavy on the cocktail hour and then have stations for the dinner.  Stations are the best.  They let you put so many different types of food out.  It is almost like just extending cocktail hour out for an additional 2 hours....and cocktail hour is my most favorite part of a party.  Unless the food is not very good...then cocktail hour is just for cocktails!  Anyway, after we tried all of the hors d'oeuvres and then dinner entrees that they had, I went up to the dessert area and took a small piece of every cake that they had to sample.  Then, on a different plate, I put every type of icing that they had to try.  Very smart of myself, I must say (some may call me the dessert doctor...just kidding.  Only I call myself that.)!  The cake that they had there to taste was pretty good.  I still think I want a bakery cake though (mostly because then we get to taste more cake!).  I told my mom that I started my pre-wedding diet already because we have the holidays in between now and the wedding.  My plan is to eat (semi) perfectly from now through the holidays (excluding the holidays, OF COURSE) and then hopefully I won't have my work cut out for me TOO much for the last 4 months leading to the wedding.  Got to fit in that dress, baby!

Today, Kevin, Joe, Fabrice, and the rest of the team finished picking our Petit Verdot!  That means only 1 more grape to harvest here at Karamoor:  our Cabernet Sauvignon!  Say a little prayer for no rain for the next few days (or at least very little) and no freezing temps until at least late next week!  We are in the home stretch!  

Speaking of home stretch, we are almost at the end of the year.  Doesn't that seem crazy?  Stay tuned for some holiday gift pack ideas!  We will also be releasing more tour dates through the holidays and through the winter as well.  Did you see that we released 3 new dates?  I know that some people did because they are selling like hotcakes!  I wonder why they chose hotcakes and not flapjacks for that saying...  The dates that are currently available are November 4, 11, and 23rd.  All of them start at 3PM!  Hope to see you there.

I am headed to the Flourtown liquor store tonight from 4-6PM (running late as per usual!) and then next Friday Shaina is heading to Plymouth Country Club for a tasting that she will be dressing up for.  Perhaps I will post a photo in next week's blog!

I hope that you all have a great weekend.  I konw that I plan to take it as easy as I can while still painting the house and running a bunch of errands!  Until next time...




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