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Alecia Jankowski
July 28, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Another blog post!

Happy Friday!!!!!!  So, I've been checking the weather for tomorrow like a crazy lady.  You see, every year there's this pig roast at a golf club up by my brother-in-law's house and it always falls on the last weekend of July which is usually right around his birthday.  Last year, I had a Crossfit competition and couldn't get up there until early evening (everyone was already 3 sheets to the wind!) and it was POURING.  I mean...pouring.  So it wasn't really the same (or so they tell me) because people kind of left early (it is it makes sense that people left early because again.....pouring).  The year before, I didn't go because I was throwing a tantrum with my boyfriend (now husband) and had refused to was over something that I am sure was very important and rational but it is escaping me at the moment...  So, anyway, Andy, Nicole, me, and Matt have been looking forward to this weekend for months!  I put it on the calendar right after the wedding.  We haven't seen them since the wedding because even though they are only an hour away, life has been crazy busy for all of us...  So, we've been talking about it and making plans and figuring out where we were going to eat breakfast on Sunday.  Nicole and I were planning to go to the pool while the boys golfed (gotta keep up my Greek tan!).  Imagine my surprise when I checked the weather on Wednesday:  a 100% chance of rain for the whole entire day on Saturday.  Nooooooooooooooo!  BUT is only 20% chance of a shower and partial sun!  Hooray!  #poolandpigs

Speaking of rain, we've been having a lot of it here at the vineyard.  A lot of rain in the vineyard with these muggy and warm days make the viticulture (even more) difficult.  Joe, Kevin, and the rest of the team have things under control out there, but hopefully this crazy rain doesn't seep into the 2nd week of August!  Our grapes are around 1 week ahead of last year so that is probably when we will look to pick the Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay.  Rain during harvest is pretty much the worst thing that can happen (in the world of grapes...not the whole world).  See, all season we work really hard to get the grapes a lot of sunlight and airflow, keep them free of disease, drop fruit if the crop is very heavy, and trim that crazy canopy so that the grapes can develop the most amount of sugar possible and great, super ripe flavors.  When it rains, the water in the ground goes through the plant and into the grapes...thus diluting those wonderful flavors and sugars.  That, as you can imagine, is not desireable.  After a rain during harvest, we have to let the grapes hang on the vine longer so that they can dry out.  Depending on where they are in the ripening process (did they need to be picked yesterday?  can they stand up to a few more days on the vine without breaking down?), this can either be OK (we'd still prefer to not have any rain around when we are close to picking the grapes) or it can be a catastrophe.  So, hopefully Mother Nature is getting these rain storms that dump an inch at a time out of her system now!

Heading off the rain topic, did you know that both of our tours (for today and Friday, August 11) are now sold out?  We are going to be adding tours on Friday, August 18, and Friday, August 25th as well.  The tour dates through August, September, and October will be a little different because I cannot guarantee that Kevin or Joe will be available to chat with our groups...because it is harvest time. That being said, if there is a Friday where they are picking grapes, it will be really cool for our tour groups to see.  Since the tours happen at 3PM, which is typically the time where grapes are coming in from the field and there should be a lot of activity in the winery for you to watch (so you will get to listen to me a little less than the normal tour!).  You will probably even get to taste a ripe wine grape.  What a treat!

Our tour group will be arriving any moment (because like always, I procrastinate in writing the blog to where I only have an hour and a half to get it done...because that's just me!), so I've got to jet.  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the SUNSHINE!  Until next time...


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