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Karamoor Estate

Alecia Jankowski
February 3, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Bucks County Locavore

Another week gone!  It's February!  Only 84 days until my wedding!  Lots of !!!!  We got out the invitations this week.  That was a big project.  I had to tie so many pieces of string that my finger got a blister on it.  They looked cute though, so the blister was totally worth it.  In addition to finishing the invites last weekend, Matt and I went to Crossfit with my parents again!  Did I tell you that for Christmas, we got them a 10 punch card to the gym that is closest to their house?  They are both very active anyway, but Matt and I thought they would have fun incorporating Crossfit into their fitness routine.  I think they are enjoying it.  It is nice to share something that both Matt and I enjoy with my parents.  It has been a fun Saturday morning thing.  We head over to their house, pick them up, head to class, and then we cook breakfast and hang out.  It has been great.

Do you know what else is great?  Locally made products.  I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE farmer's markets.  The main reason that I love them so much is that you can find delicious locally made items.  Like....roasted coffee beans, handmade chocolates, specialty honey, dips, marinades, and I guess also vegetables....  There is this great event coming up in Doylestown.  It is called the Bucks County Locavore, and basically it is a big (FREE) networking event/semi-farmers market.  It is only a semi-farmers market because not EVERYONE there can sell their products.  Some of the people there (ahem, Karamoor Estate) can only pour and sample their products!  I haven't decided what we are planning to sample just yet.  Any ideas?  Maybe our Sauvignon Blanc and our Meritage?  I have some time to figure it out, as it is not until the 23rd of February...but the way this year is flying by, I should probably think about it sooner rather than later!  Here is a link to the event page on Facebook:

Can you believe that I have never been to an ice hockey game?  I don't think I have ever even watched a full ice hockey game on TV...but, I am going to the Flyers game tomorrow!  Matt said that they have been very exciting to watch this season.  I like watching sports when they are good games, but that is really the only time.  Even the last 2 SuperBowl's have been tough for me because they were not very good games.  Last year even the commercials were bad.  This is going to be a sports weekend for me, I guess!  Hockey, football...  Anyway, I hope that you've got some great plans.  What are you going to make for snacks for the big game?  Usually I look forward to bad-for-me-foods during the SuperBowl, but this year I am on that crazy wedding dress diet. Have a great weekend!  Until next time...


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