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Karamoor Estate

Alecia Jankowski
April 8, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

Do you drink pink?

So, the wait is over!  We have released our brand new Rosé!!  I have been talking about it for weeks, and I just decided that I couldn't wait any longer.  You're welcome.

I think that I have mentioned already that it is a 100% Merlot, off-dry Rosé.  It is off-dry because there is a tiny amount of ridisidual sugar, much like what you would find in a Rosé from Provence (if you are not familiar...this is not a sweet wine).  Here are the tasting notes as written by the wine team:   Its vibrant pink hue is the prelude to aromas of raspberries and Easter Lilies.  Strong flavors of wild strawberries on a soft, balanced mid-palate lead to a refreshing, clean and light finish in this limited bottling of our first dry Rose’ of Merlot.

When we say "vibrant", boy do we mean it.  This wine is kind of a shocking pink...and its taste really holds up to the color.  It has everything that you would want out of a Rosé.  It is easy drinking and it goes with almost everything.  If it doesn't really go, I make it go with anything....or nothing!  Rosé, in my opinion, is also quite enjoyable on its own.  I like to have it while just sitting out on the porch, a patio, an open air café, or in the pool on a raft...  The thing that I like most about Rosé is that it is not a pretentious wine.  It is not difficult.  When it is done well, it is complex, pleasing, and pairs well with quite a lot of food.  If I were looking to pair this elegant, yet fruity Rosé with some food items, I would look towards duck, shellfish, seared salmon, seared lamb chops, charcoal grilled meats, or a tray of camembert, brie, nice charcuterie, and in my opinion, almost all cheeses.

I would serve this wine properly chilled, at somewhere around 43 degrees.  We only produced 160 cases, and we did a single keg for Tria Taproom that they featured last Sunday and will be featuring again this upcoming Sunday (April 10).  When I checked on Monday morning, they had sold through over half of the keg!  I think that is a really wonderful indication on how the wine is being received.

I hope you will give this wine a try.  It is retailing at $19 per bottle.  Free shipping still applies with a purchase of 3 bottles or more.  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, and until next time...



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