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Karamoor Estate

Alecia Jankowski
July 21, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Don't worry! I still work here!

Hi everyone, and happy Friday!!!!  I'm back!  Sorry for the 6 week lag between blogs.  That is absolutely my bad...  I think that my last post was at the beginning of June. so I have plenty to catch you up on!  First is that we had an amazing event here on the 24th and then the Friday after that, I left for a 2 week family vacation....and now, it is the middle of July.  There, we are caught up.  Just kidding!

So, first let's talk about the event that we had here on the 24th of June.  It was a fundraiser for Institute for the Functional Restoration at Case Western Reserve University, which is at the forefront spinal cord research and it was done in honor of Eli Kulp.  Eli was on the 2015 Amtrak train that derailed and he was seriously injured.  At the time, Eli was the head chef at A.Kitchen & Bar (the restaurant at Larry Korman's flagship AKA location) and he was also a partner in High Street Hospitality (which owns High Street on Market in Philadelphia, High Street on Hudson in NYC, and Fork Restaurant in Philadelphia).  Since the accident, Eli has not been able to resume his duties as head chef at A.Kitchen, but he has maintained his partnership with Ellen Yin of High Street Hospitality and has remained very involved with all the restaurants and their continued growth.  This fundraiser doubled as the release party for the new A.Vin Meritage, which was created in partnership with AKA Hotels (Larry Korman) and Karamoor Estate!  This fundraiser brought some of the top chefs in Philadelphia out to the suburbs.  We had Greg Vernick (Vernick Food & Drink), Mike Solomonov (Zahav), John Patterson (Fork), Eli Collins (A.Kitchen), Nick Elmi (Laurel Restaurant), John Nodler (High Street), Chris Curtain (Eclat Chocolate) and some of their amazing sous and pastry chefs as well, join us here at Karamoor to put out a spectacular event.  Each chef prepared a different course (which was paired with a different Karamoor Wine!) and the whole menu was overseen by Eli Kulp so that it flowed perfectly.  There were about 80 people here and they were able to raise over $40,000 for the cause!

As I mentioned, we did a private label for AKA Hotels; A.Vin.  There is a Chardonnay and there is a Meritage and both of these wines are 100% made and produced here at Karamoor.  The 2015 A.Vin Chardonnay and Meritage are being sold at many of the restaurants listed above, and a portion of the sales proceeds are earmarked for the Institute for the Functional Restoration at Case Western Reserve University.  Larry said that he plans to offer the A.Vin Chardonnay as an amenity in the hotel suites in the future...great news!

A little more great news is...on Tuesday of next week we will be having our Christmas in July sale!  All I can say is're going to want to stock up.  Some of the best retail prices you've ever seen for our wines!  I will be sending out the sale info on Tuesday via our newsletter group.  So, if you aren't part of the email list, you're going ot want to sign up now!

Matt's out of town this weekend (I was on vacation with him for 2 weeks, so I guess it's OK...), so I've got the place to myself.  I am having dinner with some pals tonight, heading to a baby shower tomorrow for one of my oldest friends tomorrow, but then the rest of the weekend I hope to just lay low and relax and play with the puppy dogs.  I think that they missed us lots while we were away...even though they had some pretty great humans to hang out with.  The thing about having awesome dogs is that there is never a real problem finding people that want to take our spots while we are out of town!  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!  Until next time.....(and I promise it won't be in 6 weeks!)


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