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Alecia Jankowski
March 11, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

Fun little day in Lancaster

So, I went to Lancaster yesterday (along with most of the Karamoor crew).  Lancaster is a pretty cute town.  There are lots of pretty buildings and some quaint little shops.  It was not at all what I expected.  I am not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't that.  There was a great little coffee shop which was almost all white with little accents of black and natural wood.  I love spaces that have clean and modern lines, but are still warm and inviting.  I bought their iced tea which they described as nitro charged.  I was like, "does that mean that the caffeine will be almost too much to handle?", and they said, "no, we just use the gas, nitrogen, to push the tea".  I felt a little dumb...but to be fair, I had never had tea pushed with nitrogen.  Let me just say, I feel like I have been missing out these past 30 years.  There was kind of an almost draught Guinness head on this tea, and it really brought out some nice aromatics and it tasted smoother than any tea I have ever had.  It was also cold brewed for 24 hours, so there was no bitterness.  Needless to say, my mind was blown.  I picked up a house made granola bar for Matt...because he says that I never bring presents home for him....  The name of this place was Passenger Coffee just in case you want to check it out next time you are in Lancaster.  (Matt really liked the granola bar too...seems like everyone won with this stop!)

Speaking of Lancaster, you are probably like, "Ali, why were you there drinking delicious beverages and bopping around town on a work day?", and I would say to you that I had a very good work-related reason!  It was the annual wine expo at the Marriott Convention Center right in downtown Lancaster.  I had never been to this expo before.  I had never really had a real need to go.  In years past, it has just been the winemaker and viticulturist that have gone (Kevin, Casey, & Co.) and they look at all types of stuff, things for the winery and vineyard.  Things like:  new cork suppliers, label suppliers, spray equipment, tanks, hoses, pumps, pruning gear, etc...  This year, I had a reason to go!  You see, they also have suppliers that specialize in wine tasting room items; like glassware, carryout bags, boxes, aerators, wine keys, and all types of other items.  Almost too many items...but I got some really great ideas and found some stuff that I would like to ultimately carry (whether it be with that supplier or not, remains to be seen).  It was a worthwhile journey on 2 fronts; tasting room, and delicious iced tea....and granola bar for Matt.  So, I guess it was really a worthwhile journey on 3 fronts.

Next weekend I'm heading up to NYC with Mom, Dad, and Matt.  For Mom and Dad's Christmas present this year, we gave them a show in New York City.  So, we are heading up next Saturday to see Kinky Boots, do some shopping (bar hopping for the boys), and dinner!  I need to pick out a restaurant to make a reservation at.  I always have a problem with this.  See, I love New York City, and I love food, and there are too many great foodie restaurants in NYC.  Making decisions is hard.  I guess there are worse things though.  I will let you know what I find...better get on it this weekend!

Speaking of this's almost here!  Yay.  I will say that the weather this week has reminded me how nice it is to spend time outside.  Since it has been staying a little lighter out at night a little later, I have been taking the pups for long walks...they have been loving it!  I think we are only supposed to have one nice day this weekend, but I plan to make the most of it!  Tonight we are going to grab some great Mexican food with a bunch of our friends which should be a rowdy and fun time (it always is).  Last time we went here, a shrimp tail slipped out of my fingers and shot across the room...hitting my friend in the forehead.  Never a dull moment.  I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.  Until next time...


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