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Karamoor Estate

Alecia Jankowski
February 23, 2018 | Alecia Jankowski

Hammerhead Sharks and Karamoor Wine Events!

GUYS!  Last weekend, while I was in Florida, we went deep sea fishing and I CAUGHT A HAMMERHEAD SHARK.  No foolin', I did.  I was out with Matt, my mom, dad, sister-in-law, and brother.  My mom and SIL got sea sick, so I was the only girl that ended up fishing.  The Captain and First Mate thought that I should use the smaller reel since it was lighter and gave the big reel to Matt (which made me jealous).  Dad, Zack and I were catching all of these 14 or so inch Vermilion Snapper (I think that we caught a total of 36 of them or so) and Matt was catching all of these like 24 inch Redfish that were much more challenging to reel in.  Since my mom and SIL were sea sick, they were sitting up on the top deck checking things out and all of the sudden, they yelled, "SHARK!".  With that, a little 6 or 7 foot Hammerhead swam by.  We kept an eye on it while we continued fishing (and I kept killin' it with the Vermilion Snapper catching), and I told the Captain that I wanted a big reel because I was tired of Matt catching all the big they gave me one!  The first thing I caught was a medium sized Redfish...smaller than Matt's.  THE NEXT THING I CAUGHT WAS THE HAMMERHEAD!  Matt was a little sad, because I obviously won the fishing competition.  You are probably thinking, "Ali, you were just out having fun, it wasn't a competition", and I would say to you, "I beat Matt!".

When I got back to work on Wednesday morning, I was so excited to see how many people had signed up for our Wine Club!  Yay!!!!  It is a great deal; 10-15% off all the time!  Why would you not sign up?  I'm so excited to run the club shipments in March.  We are going to be bottling a 100% Viognier for the first time ever, and that will be going out to our Signature Mixed Club members (and will be available in our tasting room after that).  We are also going to be bottling our new Rose (we've been sold out since December) at the end of March/beginning of April.  It is (just like the last one) 100% Merlot...though, unlike the last one, it will be a regular rose color (instead of hot pink).  We are going to be selling the 100% Viognier for $32 per bottle (there are only 50 cases of it so you will want to get it while it lasts) and our new 2017 Rose will be the same price as our previous that same $18.99 per bottle.  I'm very excited about bringing these 2 wines online - I think you guys are going to love them.  We are also going to be doing a 2016 Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2016 Barrel Select Petit Verdot...but those wines won't be bottled until late April/early May (at least as it stands now!).  So, you can maybe expect to see them in your Reserve Club shipments in June or September!

The title of this blog is Hammerhead Sharks AND Karamoor Wine Events, so I wanted to briefly touch on the two events that we took part in this week.  On Wednesday night, I was down at the College of Physicians for a special event which followed the College's board meeting.  The event was for the board members and all of the College of Phyiscian Fellows, and it included me pouring our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, 2015 Chardonnay, and 2013 Meritage which were paired with two cheeses (per wine) that were hand selected by Madame Fromage!  She did a wonderful job with the pairings and all in attendance really enjoyed seeing how the cheeses highlighted the wines...or vice versa (depending on if you are in the cheese camp or the wine camp).  Last night, Shaina and I were in Doylestown for the Bucks County Locavore event.  If you have not gone to this in the past, you absolutely should look into attending next year.  It is, hands down, the best gathering of local artisinal producers in the Philadelphia area.  There were wonderful coffee roasters, bakeries, spirit producers, grain millers, jam, chutney, and spread producers, chocolatiers, brewers, and many others that I am probably forgetting.  It is free to attend and everyone really puts their best foot forward with the samples that they provide.  Definitely show up hungry!

Two pretty late nights for someone that doesn't stay up late means that I'm looking forward to the weekend....and hoping tonight is an early-to-bed night.  Tomorrow, Matt and I are headed down to the city to do a brewery tour with his brother and SIL.  I am not sure which breweries we are going to (this was a Christmas gift from Andy and Nicole), but I bet that we will be swinging by at least one of our accounts!  Then, after the brewery tours, I am going to host girls night at our house...I feel like I have not seen my gal pals in ages, so I am looking forward to that.  On Sunday, I am going to have to paint....again.  This time, it is the walls of our new closet room because the electrician is coming on Tuesday to move some switches, and then the closets are being installed on Wednesday!  I already yelled at my mom because she basically abandoned me by going to Florida for 3 weeks, so she isn't around to help me paint....or pick out the hardware for the drawers and closet doors...or pick out the marble slab for the center island!  How could she?!  Anyway, I hope that you have wonderful weekend plans that do not involve painting (or if they do involve painting, that your partner in crime has not left the state...).  Until next time...


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