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Alecia Jankowski
October 27, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Harvest is over!!!!

Well, here we are.  Heading into Halloween weekend.  Coming down the home stretch of 2017.  WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO?!  Someone needs to tell me!  Have I told you before that Halloween seems to be my husband's favorite holiday?  He gets so excited..and not even for the candy.  I am pretty sure that he just loves dressing up in ridiculous costumes...and I think that he gets even more joy out of dressing up our dogs in costumes that they for sure do not like.  Here are some pictures of Penny dressed up over the years.  Notice that her face doesn't change...but the costumes do:

I will post photos of what the three of them dress up as this year in next week's blog.  Matt chooses the costumes, so if there are some inappropriate ones, that is the only reason that they will be missing from the post...  We have a costume party to go to on Saturday night at our Crossfit gym.  It should be a lot of fun - and there are always some great costumes...but mainly just food and some of our best pals.  Can't wait!

I am glad that the guys finished harvest on Monday of this week so that they can enjoy this weekend too!  Kevin and Joe are pretty happy with the fruit that we harvested this year - it should make for a nice 2017 vintage.  We had a very wet July into August so things started off a little shaky.  Luckily, the weather dried up (A LOT...of course after I did all new planting at my house) and allowed us to have a successful harvest!  It will be fun to watch these wines evolve over the next few months!!

Don't forget that we have 2 tours scheduled for next Saturday, 11/4.  The 12:30PM tour is almost sold out, but there are still spots available at the 11AM tour!  Come visit us for a great experience, pretty scenery, great wines, and awesome discounts during your visit!  

Have a great weekend, everybody!  Until next time...


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