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Alecia Jankowski
July 1, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

Has it seriously been a month?!

Hello!  I hope that you have been having a wonderful summer.  I apologize for the fact that I have not written for a few weeks, but things have been so busy!  I looked at the date of our last blog post, and I just can't believe that 5 weeks have gone by.  I'm sorry!  I will fill you in.

We hired a new sales gal!  She's great, and her name is Shaina.  She's helping us with building relationships with restuarant accounts, doing wine dinners, doing tastings at the PLCB, and building relationships with you folks!  I'm really glad to have her aboard, so if you see her out, make sure you say "hi"!

In addition to our new addition (hehe), we ran our 2nd Wine Club shipment of 2016 last week.  We sent out sneak peeks of our 2014's - and have been getting rave reviews on our 2014 Petit Verdot!  Woohoo.  We have also been getting great feedback on the Summer Picnic Merlot.  I'm so glad that you all think it is a good value.  It's been moving fast!  Last week we also had a tasting at the Flourtown store.  It was great to see a few of you there!  We will be planning another tasting with Conshohocken in the near future, and I promise that I will let you know when we get that scheduled.

I will have some updates in the next few weeks about our collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing.  The beer is almost ready and as soon as the release date is set, you can bet that I will be letting you know all about it.  We've also been working on some other cool projects, but I don't have anything concrete to share just yet.  Stay tuned!

There have been a few other things keeping me busy...I got engaged!  We bought a house (closing is quickly approaching)!  We went on a trip to Santorini and Vienna!  Can we talk about the wines in Vienna?  My goodness.  Delicious.  I loved Santorini, but Vienna was amazing in its own special way!  It was like a cute and quaint Paris.  I would definitely go back.  Maybe make a trip out of the Bavarian countries!  But, it won't be in the immediate future, because you know...planning a wedding and renovating a house take up some time.

I'm glad that I got to update you.  I will have more time next week to write, but I have to go and make a few deliveries before the long weekend!  I hope that you all have an amazing 4th of July.  Be safe, and until next time...


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