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Karamoor Estate

Alecia Jankowski
April 20, 2018 | Alecia Jankowski

If you drive past the Butler Pike entrance to Karamoor...

Well, we had a brief glimpse of spring last weekend...and then a freeze warning on Monday night.  I am ready for some warmer weather - but I know what's going to happen.  We are going to bypass spring and head right into summer.  So, instead of those lovely 70 degree days, we are headed right into the mid-80s.  The sweaty weather.  I'm kind of a little nervous about it going right to the sweaty weather because last weekend when it hit 80, I went to turn on the AC for the upstairs...and it was a no-go!  It started making a horrible sound, and it was just blowing the warm air around, so I turned it off.  It was a bazillion degrees upstairs on Saturday during the day.  So, on Monday I called the HVAC people and they said that they would have to wait until the weather got above 72 degrees so that they could figure out what was wrong and there is nothing even in the 15 day forecast that says anywhere close to 72.  Which is good and bad.  Good because I will be able to sleep well with the windows open, but bad because that means that all the 72+ degree weather is going to come at the same time.  Hopefully I called them early enough to be at the top of the list because I am a big baby when it comes to the house being too hot.  Right now, it is sitting at 64 degrees!  Matt's like, "Ali, it is freezing in here!", and I'm like, "Don't you dare turn that heat up.  Put on a sweatshirt!".

Speaking of turning the heat up...things are really heating up on our future storefront!  By heating up, I mean that we have moved the gates!  They used to be right on the road, now they aren't.  Here are some pictures of what's going on up there:

Dump truck and some rocks

Backhoes and trucks

Future tasting room

New gate entrance!

Before you ask any questions about when it's going to open, I'm going to tell you that we are not sure.  We are hoping that it will be open in 2019 (though, we would't be upset if it was in 2018...before the holidays!).  I know that the next steps will be to remove the current road, lay rock, and do some paving for the entrance/parking lot.  They are hoping to start the actual construction on the tasting room soon, but the very wet weather has not been helpful in that regard.  We will keep you posted on its progress.  Trust us when we tell you that we are as excited for this public tasting room as you are!

Did you take advantage of the sale that we ran this week?  20% off all orders over $75.  That's only 4 bottles of Rosé.  You could drink that this weekend!  The sale will run until Sunday with the code COMEONSPRING - because...happy thoughts!  Did you ALSO see that we added another pop up tour?  We had something cancel for May 18th, so we were able to offer the date for a semi-private tour! is sold out now.  Hopefully you jumped on the tickets if you wanted to come out to see us.  I don't think that we are going to be able to add any other dates until the end of June at this point because right now every single Friday from now until then are booked.

What are you guys doing this weekend?  Yesterday was Matt's birthday, so I have a feeling that we are going to be doing some birthday celebrating this weekend...I can't say for sure though...because he is one of the three people that read this blog.  I did some nice stuff for him yesterday, so if there is no celebrating this weekend *wink wink*, then it won't be the end of the world I suppose.  Tomorrow during the day, we are having a bunch of landscaping stuff done.  Bed clean up, edging, mulching, maybe having some trees and bushes dug out (Matt's not happy about this), but I'm SO EXCITED!  I'm turning into my mom.  Last night before Matt and I went out to dinner, I sprayed some "deer please leave these plants alone" spray because all of the plants that I planted last year are being eaten by this enormous deer herd.  It was bothering me so much that it was keeping me up at night thinking about it!  Hopefully the spray works.  I have heard mixed reviews - so if it works, I will report back.  I hope that you've got some fun things on the docket too...not that yardwork or spraying for deer is necessarily fun, but you know what I mean.  Until next time...


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