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Alecia Jankowski
May 26, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

It's National Chardonnay Day!

It's National Chardonnay Day AND Friday of Memorial Day Weekend!  The official kickoff of summer!  Warm weather, barbeques, more vacations, and super busy work I come!  I looked at our calendary and Matt and I have something EVERY weekend (whether work or enjoyment) until August 5th.  Is that crazy or is that crazy?  I have a feeling that I am going to blink and this summer will be over.

This weekend, Matt and I are heading up to New Hampshire with my family.  Hopefully we can time the trip where we do not hit too much traffic because that can make a 6.5 hour car trip an 8.5 hour car trip in a snap!  I'm looking forward to the weekend though.  It has been a while since we've gotten up to our house on Lake Winnepisaukee and it's always so great once we are there.  There is something about the lake that is very relaxing, but then you add my crazy family and it's a lot of fun too.  It is the perfect balance!

So there have been a lot of wine related National Days this week.  On Wednesday, we had #slurpheardaroundtheworld and on Thursday it was #nationalwineday and now today it is #Chardonnayday!  Because of all these wine holidays, we had to offer some great sales.  Hopefully you got to take advantage of them (judging from the amount of deliveries we are making today, it appears many of you did!).

Next Friday we have a group from the Main Line School Night coming out.  There is a group of 12 people coming and we are going to have a tour and a tasting with them.  We will explain the winemaking process, we will tour the winery and vineyards, we will explain what we are trying to accomplish, and we will taste at least 5 wines with them.  It should be a great time!

We are going to have limited tour dates in the month of June (and July) because we don't have many free Fridays in June due to scheduled Karamoor events and then Shaina is on vacation the last week of June and I am in vacation the first two weeks of July.  So, for the time being our only scheduled tour date is June 16th.  We hope that you can make it!

I hope that your Memorial Day Weekend is filled with fun and sunshine.  Remember to be thankful on Monday for all that you have as we remember all of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to defend our freedom.  Until next time...


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