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Alecia Jankowski
December 9, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

It's time for the Holiday Party!

Last night, Matt went to the Flyers' game (I know, I know...GREAT GAME!).  I didn't grow up watching hockey (for some reason, my dad just doesn't watch it just wasn't on the TV normally), but Matt played up until college.  His brother played hockey.  His nephew is a rockstar goalie (he is 15 and plays on the U18 team out in Berks County).  His family definitely grew up watching hockey.  So, he told me he was going to the game with a client from business, and I was like, "OK!  Have a great time!".  Yesterday morning he asked me "Are you going to miss nto having me home tonight?!", to which I replied, "Yes, of course!".  Does anyone else love having the house to themselves like I do?  I mean like...infrequently.  Not all the time.  I think that if Matt was out most nights or traveled on business a lot, I would be bored and I would miss him a lot (I mean, he IS my best pal...but don't tell Penny). is great to eat ice cream for dinner and watch whatever you want to watch on TV!  So, that is what I did last night.  I ate ice cream that I topped with peanut butter and I watched that awful (/great...) show, Vanderpump Rules.

Did you know that Shaina has a tasting tonight at the Blue Bell store?  SHE DOES!  It is from 4-6PM...they have our 2012 Chardonnay, 2013 Merlot, 2013 Cabernet Franc, and 2013 Meritage in stock.  Swing by and see her for a sample!  In addition to this tasting, she is also doing a tasting at the Ardmore liquor store on Wednesday (12.14) and I am going to be doing a tasting at the Flourtown store next Friday (12.16).  It is like a tastingpalooza here for the next week!

We ALSO have 2 tour dates available for this month.  We have one scheduled for 12.22 and one scheduled for 12.29.  Come by and join us during a time where everyone can use a little relaxation and can definitely use some wine too!

Tomorrow is our annual holiday party.  It is a big deal.  My grandparents pull out all the stops.  This year, the party is the largest it has been in quite a long time.  People come in from all over...from all of the various companies...and celebrate the holidays as one big group.  It is always fun, and the food is always great.  Guess what the gift favors are this year?  You guessed it!!!  Karamoor wines!  This year we are giving out the 2013 Merlot.  It is tasting great and people will be pumped.

So, I think that's all for now.  OH, WAIT!  Did you know that we are running 20% off all merchandise (except for gift cards)?!  Tours included!  Use the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS at checkout!  Until next time...


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