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Alecia Jankowski
December 23, 2015 | Alecia Jankowski

Merry Christmas!!!

It is finally Christmas!  I have been listening to the Transiberian Orchestra (Christmas) station on Pandora every day since Saturday.  I have also found that Christmas wrapping becomes exponentially more pleasant if done in conjunction with a glass (bottle...) of wine!  It will absolutely be my newest annual tradition.

We have had the best month in 2015, without a doubt, here at Karamoor.  We are so thankful for the fact that we have such a wonderful group of people that support us, enjoy our products, and help spread our story and our wines.  If the trends of the past few years show anything, they should show that 2016 is going to be an even more eventful year for us (at least I hope!).  We will be opening a tasting room and retail shop, we plan on continuing to grow our wine club and hope to increase our internet footprint by quite a large margin, and we are hopeful that the folks that support us now will continue to do so as we start to expand our portfolio to include some interesting additions!  I've been working on budgets, so ideas have been flying around in my head all week.  I am excited for the things to come!

Speaking of things to come.  Christmas Eve dinner at my house (and my boyfriend's too I suppose)!  I mentioned last week that we will be hosting my parents and I will be cooking.  I also mentioned that I would let you know what the menu is going to be!  So, as promised, here it is:


Cheese Board with creamy gorganzola dolce (Dad's fav), raw milk Manchego, goat cheese cured in red wine, marcona almonds, cranberry hazelnut crisps, some dried apple and pear chips, and some truffled honey!  Yummo.

Mom's famous crabcakes.  We actually got this recipe from Sur la Table when we did a cooking class there...and it is a classic.  They never disappoint.  The crabcakes have almost no filler, they are accompanied by some mustard aioli and some pomegranate seeds.  Delish


Arugula salad with shaved Asiago and a simple and easy lemon vinaigrette.  The dinner will be somewhat heavy, but I thought we could use something light and green!

Asparagus bundles wrapped in bacon (another one of Mom's specialties)

Rabbit Ragout over pappardelle pasta.  I called Wholefoods on Saturday and had them hold a rabbit for me.  I asked them to cut it up for me so that it would be easier to braise.  I picked up my fresh cut pappardelle...I love fresh pasta.  They cut it from these large sheets right in front of you.  I am so pumped for this main dish, and I will make sure to let you know how it turns out.


Gateau Breton with a raspberry semi-coulis, semi-chutney.  There is not a recipe for the raspberry part, but I plan to cook down some raspberries with some lemon juice, brown sugar, and like a smidge of nutmeg.  If you have never had Gateau Breton before, you are missing out.  It is this super dense butter cake that hails from the Brittany region of France.  You could probably have it for breakfast with coffee instead of coffee cake, but I try to keep my desserts for dessert!

So, that's the menu.  The wines will probably include a dry reisling, a Cab, and a Brunello (Mom's fav).  The four of us are going to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, on Christmas morning Matt and I will head to my parents house to open stockings and then gifts with my brother and his fiancè via Skype or Facetime because they did not come home for Christmas this year, and then we will head to my grandparents house where my super large, loud, and fun family will get together to eat and drink!  On the 26th, Matt and I will head up to Reading, PA to spend the day with his family.  It should be a great Christmas!  I can't wait to give everyone their presents.  There have been some presents that I have managed to keep secret for WEEKS.  It was very difficult.  I will tell you about these tough secrets next week!

Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope that you have a safe and happy holiday filled with love, laughter, good food, and good wine!  Until next time..


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