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Karamoor Estate

Alecia Jankowski
July 6, 2015 | Marketing | Alecia Jankowski

Hi, this is Karamoor!

Hi Guys!

My name is Alecia Duloc, I work for Karamoor Estate as the Sales & Marketing Manager and I am looking forward to sharing fun and informative blog posts with you!  Since this is Karamoor's first blog post ever, I feel like I should maybe introduce you to who we really are.  Karamoor started as, and continues to be, a passion project for Nicholas and Athena Karabots (my grandparents).  Though neither of them are farmers or winemakers, they do (probably like many of you) enjoy a great bottle of wine!  So, that's why we are here today.  To make great wine.  Wines that you would be proud to have on your dinner table no matter the company.  Wines that are grown, produced, bottled, and labeled here on our Estate.

The way we started this project is not in the normal sequence that most wineries begin (but then, Mr. and Mrs. Karabots didn't get to where they are today by going with the grain...).  We bottled our first wines from our 2007 crop, from vines that we planted in 2006...  We won the Governor's Cup (translates to Best wine in the State of PA) with our 2008 Meritage, which was the first vintage that we made available to the public.  We didn't sell our first bottle of wine until the beginning of 2012, and it was to a wholesale account.  We don't have a tasting room and won't have one until 2016.  Over 85% of our business comes from wholesale accounts (restaurants, private clubs, PLCB...).

Most wineries make their first vintage, open a tasting room, and try to get some retail sales running right out of the gate.  We have taken the past three years to build a wholesale base of high end restaurants and clubs within the Philadelphia area (now stretching out to Harrisburg) which has allowed Karamoor to help facilitate the thinking that Pennsylvania can make some pretty great wines (reaffirmation here:  We have had the opportunity to work with some of the best Sommeliers in Philadelphia (Steve Widly & Jeff Benjamin (Vetri), Carl Etcheverry (The Union League of Philadelphia), Henry Greenly (formerly at Del Frisco's), and Keith Wallace (Wine School of Philadelphia)) which is a tremendous honor!  The fact that they got behind our products was truly awesome.

Our plan is to continue to make dry vinifera wines that can hold their own on the world stage.  Hopefully, with each passing year, we only continue to improve.  As our newcomers get to know us, or our loyal customers get to know us better, we hope that you will share your opinions with us.  We hope that you see the value in our products, and we hope that the care that we take in our Estate vineyards is reflected in each bottle you drink.

Until next time!


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