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Alecia Jankowski
February 9, 2018 | Alecia Jankowski


When I was writing the title of this blog, I almost wrote "Philly Wines" lol.  You can tell that I type a lot of emails that say "wine".  Speaking of wine and wins, did you SEE THAT SUPER BOWL?!  What an exciting game.  I don't care if you are a fan of a different team.  You cannot deny that it was maybe the best football game you've ever watched.  Also, the commercials this year were MUCH better than they have been the last 2 or 3 Super Bowls.  I personally thought that the one with the Giants was the funniest, but those Tide ads were hilarious too!  I think that Mom would disagree and would say that the best ad was the one for Fabreeze...she laughed like a fool at that one! 

But...I'm not talking to Mom right now.  Or my husband.  They ganged up on me last night and were making fun of me for going a little off the deep end yesterday.  See, I needed a check or a money order for something...and I couldn't find the checks at home (my fault, I looked in the wrong drawer...and no, I didn't "plan in advance", so that was my fault too).  When I couldn't find the checks, I figured, NO PROBLEM, I can take out some cash at CVS and get what I need at the same counter (I never have cash, so if you are thinking of robbing me, think again...there's never anything in that wallet except for some unsigned credit cards).  I got to work, checked my wallet....and don't you know, my debit card expired in January of 2018.  My husband was in charge of setting up the new joint accounts after we got married.  My husband has a debit card that currently works.  Why was I not sent a new debit card as the old one was expiring?  Strange.  Annoying!  Then it turned into, "Well, just go to the bank and take some cash out at the counter"...well that would be a novel idea, except for the fact that my license is in my married name and the bank account (that my husband said he would take charge of....) is currently in my MAIDEN name.  So, I called the bank to see if it would be possible even though my picture ID said a different name...they said, "Yes!  As long as you have your marriage license."  Well, sadly that's not something that I carry around with me.  I asked my mom for cash... "I don't have any", I asked my grandmother for cash, "I don't have any"....I see where I get it from now!  I ended up turning my American Express card into a debit card. so in the end, I got what I needed, but holy smokes if it didn't feel like I had to move heaven and earth to get there!  You're probably like, "Ali, why didn't you just wait to do the paperwork today instead?", and I would say to you...have you SEEN THE PHILLY DISCOUNT THAT WE ARE RUNNING!  Yesterday was the only day that would do to drop this stuff off.  Not today.  Mom was still laughing at me this morning.  Literally, I walked into her office and she just started laughing.  My husband probably was too...but I didn't see him before he left for the gym.  I will be sure to continue to give him the Greek evil eye that he's been receiving since last night as he was laughing together with my mom on the phone...

Speaking of that Philly discount.  Take advantage of it!  35% off just because we are super proud to be a Philadelphia business, and super proud of the performance of the Philadelphia Eagles.  I wish that I had been able to go to the parade yesterday.  What a historic day.  I had a lot of friends that went down and they said that it was worth the crowds and craziness just to be a part of something so historic and FUN.  That speech that Jason Kelce gave made me tear up!  So much passion!  Such a ridiculous outfit!  It was all the right amount of things.  You can use the code PHILLYPHILLY until this evening at 11:59PM on the entire store (except for on gift cards).  If you have sworn off drinking because you had too much fun yesterday...just remember that wine keeps, and you will probably forget that you've sworn off drinking by next weekend!

We are headed into the city tonight and then don't have too much going on the rest of the weekend.  I will probably end up repainting portions of our new French doors because last weekend when I was cutting the plastic off of the glass panes, the factory primer was flaking off....and it flaked onto the dried black paint....and it wouldn't wipe off.  It stuck!  It was dry, the doors were dry, and the stupid DRY primer stuck to the DRY doors and I do not understand why.  WHY!  Anyway, now I have to sand the areas where it stuck and repaint.  I hope that you have a great weekend...that doesn't involve oil-based paint.  Until next time....


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