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Alecia Jankowski
March 30, 2018 | Alecia Jankowski

Philly Wine Week is coming to a close

You guys!  I need to tell you that I had a great weekend last weekend.  Matt and I went up to NYC with my parents and stayed at the Four Seasons.  It was supposed to be the Four Seasons Downtown, but Matt made a small mistake and booked us at the 57th street location (which we didn't realize until we were at the Four Seasons Downtown trying to check in...).  All of our reservations were in the Village, so we had to cancel them and kind of fly by the seat of our pants...which to be honest, probably worked out for the best.  See, my parents had an apartment on 60th and 1st Avenue back in the 2000s and I spent A LOT of time there.  I worked for my dad's company in Manhattan during summer breaks through college, and then when I graduated college, I got a job with Marriott and I was lucky enough to be able to crash at the family apartment instead of renting.  So, the Upper East Side was my neighborhood.  I felt a lot like my mom when we drive past stuff from her childhood.  I can't count how many times I've heard about how "this is where I was a camp counselor".  Anyway, I was Mom this weekend.  Telling Matt how I used to walk 25 blocks up to 96th Street to take hot yoga, and this was the Thai restaurant that I used to get takeout from, and this is the pizza place that we would go to at 2AM...  He was a trooper though.  Even when Dad decided that we should stop by the old building and see if any of the doormen were still there....AND THEY WERE!  It was a nice trip down memory lane.  I really had a great time.  Also, in the lobby, we saw Gene Simmons!  I wanted to tell him I liked his boots, but I think that Matt would have been I just kept my big mouth shut!  But, Gene, if by some off chance you are reading the Karamoor Estate Wine Blog by Ali Jankowski, please comment below with where you got them because they were awesome!

Well, Philly Wine Week is almost over.  We hope that you got to take advantage of some of the events that were going on downtown.  We've been involved in some way since they started this wine centric week 5 years ago and we are so glad that it seems to keep getting better and better.  More and more restuarants seem to be getting on board, and more and more consumers seem to really be immersing themselves in the wine world!  We were part of the Karamoor Tap Takeover at Tria Taproom on Tuesday of this week.  They poured ONLY KARAMOOR all day.  And they featured our 2017 Rosé and also our 2017 Viognier.  They said that the feedback was excellent on both!  This makes me happy.  We also were involved in a "meet the winemaker" event last night with our friends over at Bar Amis (formerly Lo Spiedo).  We are gearing up to do a lot more work with them, so that is very exciting for us!  (and hopefully for them too!).  Kevin and Shaina held down the fort there while I was at Normandy Farms for an event for ILEA (not to be confused with IKEA) which stands for:  International Live Events Association.  It was a very cool event where Normandy Farms put together a wonderful menu that was paired with our wines.  The best part was that the event took place in a room where there was a test kitchen, so everyone in attendance got to watch the chef prepare the dishes that were then served to them!  It was a smashing success and people (as usual) couldn't believe that our wines were from right down the road.

ALSO, guess what!?  Kevin said that I could release the Rosé early!  So, maybe we will release it next week.  How exciting is that?  I know that I am excited.  The tasting group that is coming out today is going to get to give it a taste!  Hopefully they (and you) love it....or I will be forced to drink about 400 cases.

I am looking forward to a low-key weekend this weekend.  I hope that Matt doesn't really want to do anything tonight unless it is going to bed early...I mean, I probably would not say "no" to going to our favorite restaurant...but we are also going there tomorrow night with some newly made friends!  So, maybe I should rest up for that...I want to make sure that I make a good impression.  We didn't get nearly as much rain as I thought we would this week, so maybe tomorrow or Sunday will be the day where we get to do some much needed yard clean-up.  I hope that you have some fun plans this weekend.  I keep forgetting that Sunday is Easter and that it is Passover.  I don't really celebrate Easter since I am Greek Orthodox...our Easter is next weekend...and that it seems like Matt and his family are not really Easter holiday celebraters.  When I was younger, I got to celebrate 2 Easters, because Dad is not Greek Orthodox.  The best was when my brother and I pretended that we thought the Easter Bunny was real and that Mom made us TWO Easter baskets.  Ah, the good old days.  Maybe I should ask Mom and Dad if they want to come over on Sunday for an early dinner.  Anyway, Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all that celebrate either.  Until next time...


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