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Karamoor Estate

Alecia Jankowski
October 6, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Pickin Cab Franc!

Hello!  Happy Friday!  I am so happy it is the weekend!  Do you know why?  Because I am tired.  I am not sure if you follow us on social media at all, but if you do, then you know we recently got our third dog!  A little puppy named Gertrude (Gertie for short) and she is just the most adorable Dogue de Bordeaux that you ever did see!

See?  I didn't lie!  Anyway, she's just a baby and she's been waking up twice a night since we got her last Thursday.  So, this lady hasn't been getting much sleep!  I am hoping for maybe a few naps this weekend....

In addition to getting Gertie, we've been rockin and rollin over here at Karamoor.  We started a cool collaboration with our friends at Boardroom Spirits 2 weeks ago.  We picked some Merlot for them and are making a wine which they will then turn into brandy.  They are going to age this brandy for probably 5 years.  Can't wait to taste it when I am 37 years old!  We are also going to be making A LOT more Rose than we have before (by the way, we are down to our last 23 cases of 2015 Rose - so get it while you can!), and we finished picking the Merlot that we will be using for that yesterday.  We will be bottling that Rose in February or March of 2018 and it will be quick to stay tuned!

Remember when we did that cool collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing (our awesome pals over in Ardmore)?  Wellllllllll, yesterday they came over to pick up an actual full ton of grapes that they will be pouring into their Saison.  I bet it's going to get a great color on it because the skin on the Merlot that they took was so dark!  It's probably going to be just as delicious as the last one that they made with our Merlot!

Today (before the rain this weekend), we are harvesting the first of our Cabernet Franc.  We will pick more next week (probably towards the tail end of the week depending on the weather), but here are some pictures that I snapped down at the winery:

I hope that you all have been doing well.  Thanks so much for your support the last few weeks - we have seen a major uptick in our online retail and we are so grateful!  I also wanted to mention here that we have 3 tours scheduled for November 4th!  One at 9:30AM, one at 11AM, and one at 12:30PM.  The 12:30PM one is almost sold out!  Come visit us on a Saturday, we'd love to host you.  Have a wonderful weekend!!!!  Until next time....


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