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Alecia Jankowski
March 4, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

Spring is almost here?

It has felt like spring is almost here every single day this week...except for today.  Because it SNOWED.  Does it always snow in March?  I feel like we always have at least one snow storm in March, but maybe I am making that up.  I guess, as far as snow storms go, the one we had today was a pretty good one to end was only about 1 inch of accummulation.  I was also pretty lucky that it happened on a Friday, because it seems that there are a lot less people on the road for my morning commute on Fridays.  It just seems like whenever there is any kind of precipitation (light mist included), all driving rules and skills go out the window, so I was very appreciative of the lower volume of bad drivers in the sub par weather.  I am also very appreciative of the fact that it is Friday!

This week has been OK.  Nothing earth shattering.  We didn't bottle anything this week, we didn't have any events this week, no big things happened.  We did, however, do some wine trials for our 2014 Cabernet Franc and 2014 Meritage.  On Tuesday, we tasted 16 different Cabernet Franc possibilities, and on Wednesday and Thursday we tasted 8 different Meritage possibilities.  My tongue was black and we did it at like 9:30AM...which means I had to rush my coffee consumption!  Tasting so many wines is hard.  I don't know how wine judges do it at competitions.  I honestly do not...I guess this means I am not destined to be a wine judge.  So, the reason for these trials (and my black tongue) is because we are getting ready to bottle, and we want to make sure that you guys get to enjoy the best possible wine from us.  Kevin had tried the wines on Monday and had decided that we may potentially want to remove some percentage of acid.  So, we got the band together and did a blind sampling.  It was a very interesting experiment and we came to a unified decision on how to move forward.  I think that you are going to love these wines!

We are almost through the first quarter of 2016.  That seems crazy!  Be on the lookout for the following things:  emails on what will be going out with the wine club shipments at the end of this month, emails on when the Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé will be available, and updates on our participation (where, what days, which wines, etc.) in Philadelphia Wine Week (which is the week of April 3rd).  We are ready for what is shaping up to be a busy spring and summer here!

I hope that you guys had a killer week and have some fun things planned for the weekend.  Matt is going to a Flyers game tomorrow night so I will probably do something with the girls (maybe a movie!), Mom is going to swing by tomorrow afternoon to see me (aka the dogs...I'm onto you, Mom!), and tonight we are back at our Crossfit gym for another Friday night 2016 Open workout.  It looks like the weather this weekend is going to be chilly, but then next week I see temperatures in the 70s!  Hello grilling season!  You know what will go well with grilling season?  Any of our wines!  Until next time...


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