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Alecia Jankowski
February 24, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

This weather is AMAZING!

You guys!  It is February 24th and it is 70 degrees outside.  I do not hate it!  I am the weirdo that likes winter (for the most part), but I do love this type of weather.  I like summer for pools, beach, BBQ, and fun with friends.  But I am not a summer weather type of gal.  I do not like to sweat unless I am at the gym...or on the beach....or at the lake...or by a pool.  You get it.  Either working out or close to a body of water.  That is probably why I enjoy winter.  Just add layers until you are warm!  But it is hard to grill and have fruity beverages outside when it is 10 degrees...

People have been asking what this weather is going to do to our vines.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  WELL.  It is good if the weather stays like this.  It is bad if we have a few weeks of this weather and then a frost.  Right now, the vines are still even if it gets cold again this weekend, we will be OK.  If it stays warm like this for the next week or so, and the vines wake up and the buds start to push, we could be in a world of hurt if we get a frost!  So, let's hope that the weather stays warm....or stays cold.  Let's hope that Mother Nature just makes up her mind as to whether it is currently winter or spring!

Last night, we were at the Bucks County Locavore event.  It is always a great event, but last night (probably due to this weather) was amazing.  So many people came out!  There were so many great things to try from other producers as well.  Because I am on my crazy diet, I only got to try some tomato sauce...but it DID NOT DISAPPOINT.  Shaina got to try many more items than I did.  I was even able to introduce her to the most delicious Belgian Waffles the world has ever known.  Nina's.  If you ever have a hankering for waffles and ice cream and you find yourself in Doylestown (or Lambertville) MUST check out Nina's Waffles.  AMAZING.  After Matt and I are hitched, I am definitely going to get some waffles. 

I hope that you all have some great plans for the weekend.  Tomorrow morning I am having my makeup trial done for the wedding and then I have my bridal shower!!!!  I can't wait.  For either thing, really.  I am so excited to see all my friends and family, but I am also excited to have a face full of makeup!  Normally, I just wear chapstick.  I see that there is a 100% chance of rain for tomorrow, but I don't think that will put much of a damper on the festivities!  Anyway, don't forget that tomorrow is "Open that Bottle" Day!  It is the day to open up that bottle that you have been saving for the perfect occasion!  Perhaps a Karamoor Estate 2013 Petit Verdot?  Until next time...


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