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Alecia Jankowski
November 3, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Tours on tours on tours!

Well, I have some bad news for you.  I didn't take any photos of the dogs this year when they were dressed up in their costumes.  I messed up.  I'm sorry.  I would say that Gertie's was probably the funniest since it was like a full on custome (head and body).  She was a Velociraptor.  We got her a small (because she is only 13 weeks old...), and the part that is suppose to wrap under her chest didn't even come close to closing.  The costume had leg holes though, so she was still able to wear it and look totally ridiculous.  She even kept the head on without a fuss!  What a good girl.  Penny was a lion (she had a mane...she was so cute), and Murph wore a patriotic tie...not quite sure what he was supposed to be (like I said, Matt is in charge of the costumes for Halloween).  Oh well, there is always next year to get photos for you guys!

So, this week has been crazy - and it is only going to get crazier!  On Wednesday, we had a private tour for someone's birthday (hi, Bill!), today we have a tour for 9 people that we are doing in conjunction with Colonial School District (part of each of the tour tickets go to Colonial School District as a fundraiser) and then we have another tour for 9 people for them next Friday.  Then TOMORROW we have 2 tours.  On a Saturday!  We have a group of 9 people at 11AM and then a group of 14 people at 12:30PM.  Shaina and I are going to be all toured out by next weekend, but we are looking forward to hosting everyone.  The Saturday tours are going to get to try ALL of our wines.  All 10.  We may add another Saturday tour in the future, but we don't have anything planned as of yet.  As soon as we do decide (probably depending on how things go tomorrow), we will be sure to send out the next date to our newsletter group!

I'm looking forward to a quiet night tonight.  My husband is leaving to go to Florida with my dad and brother and won't be home until Sunday night, so the only bummer about a quiet night tonight (so I can rest up for tomorrow!) is that it can't be spent watching Stranger Things because Matt would not be happy with me if I watched any of the episodes without him.  So, now I will have to wait to watch Episode 6 until at least MONDAY of NEXT week.  What.  A.  Bummer.  Oh well, at least the upside is that we won't finish the whole season in less than a week and then have to wait for a full year to pass before watching the next one!  After Shaina and I finish with the tours tomorrow, I am going to do my grocery shopping (which is usually reserved for Sunday), and then I have some fun stuff to do tomorrow night.  I can't tell you what it is because it is a surprise.  I will pay for the fun I have Saturday night on Sunday when I have to do all my meal prepping AND paint the ceiling of the family room and kitchen.  We had lighting run last year which required ceiling cuts and patches and I have been putting off the ceiling painting since then because it is the worst.  Now the time has come to do it because next week we are having some lights it is crunch time.

I hope that you have some fun things planned for this weekend (hopefully one of the fun things you have planned is joining us for a tour tomorrow!) and don't have to do any ceiling painting.  Until next time...


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