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Alecia Jankowski
January 19, 2018 | Alecia Jankowski

We took home some medals!

Hello!  I can't believe how quickly this week went by.  I think that it flew because it was so busy.  We've been working on a few projects here at Karamoor that have been taking up a good portion of my time (not ready to talk about them just yet), but besides that, Matt and I started a construction project at the house (we are walling off an area of our bedroom to build a fancy closet).  It started on Wednesday of this week, so after the gym on Tuessday, I packed up a bag for myself, and then packed up Murph and Penny and drove over to my parents house (Gertie stayed at the house because she is still little enough to be crated and Matt was able to come home during the day to let her out and I suspect that the contractors ate their lunch with her...).  I spent the night at Mom and Dad's since it was closer to work and I didn't want to drive all the way home and then all the way back to the same area for work the next morning (especially since we were supposed to maybe get 3 inches of snow!).  It was great to only have a 15 minute drive to work!  This portion of the construction project should be completed today.  So far, they put up a wall, installed hardwood, ran electrical, and they are finishing with installing the French doors and the moulding.  Maybe this weekend I will prime and paint the walls!  Next week, we are going to be having some recessed lighting put in and a chandelier installed.  Then at some point in March, the closets and island will be installed.  I still have to pick out marble and then drawer pulls and handles.  I'm actually thinking about painting the French doors black instead of the normal white or cream that you typically see.  I think it will add a nice update to something that is typically traditional (since our house is not really traditional in style).  I'm very happy with how it is turning out and the contractors that we are using work SO CLEAN.  It is amazing.  When we get home from work, it is like no one was even there.  No dirt, no dust, no shoe prints.  It's like little elves were there instead of contractors!

Anyway, DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS?!  We had shipped our wines out to be judged at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition back in early November and they just did the judging last weekend.  Our 2015 Chardonnay took a GOLD medal!  Wahoo!  We are so proud because it was up against some real heavy hitters.  It was judged in the category of $26-$29.99 bottles, so there were some nice Chardonnays in there!  The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition is the largest AMERICAN ONLY wines competition in the country.  Every year, there are over 7000 entrants from over 1000 wineries within the USA.  We just sold out of the 2014 Chardonnay 2 weeks ago and the 2015 Chardonnay was added to our website last week.  The 2015 Chardonnay is the same Chardonnay that is being sold at A.Kitchen and Bar under AKA's private label:  A.Vin.

The Chardonnay wasn't the only medal winner, our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc took home a bronze medal as did our 2014 Meritage!  I did a write up on the 2016 Sauvignon Blanc last week - it's drinking great.  We sold the 2014 Meritage by the case over the holidays and it's gotten rave reviews.  The blend on the 2014 Meritage is different than the blend on the 2013 Meritage.  The 2014 is 38.5% Cabernet Franc, 31% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Merlot, and 11.5% Petit Verdot while the 2013 vintage is 37% Merlot, 27% Cabernet Franc, 23% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 15% Petit Verdot.  So, the 2014 is MUCH more Cab dominant than it has been in years past.  It is neat to taste the 2013 and the 2014 Meritage side by side!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend planned.  I don't think that Matt and I are doing anything tonight.  We only have Gertie at home with us until tomorrow, so we might take advantage of the quiet house and just grab a quick dinner and then watch a movie or something.  We both had long weeks!  I hope that the weekend is relatively relaxing, but I know that Matt has to move a lot of stuff in his office because he, his business partner, and their team are all moving to a newly renovated space just for them (proud wife moment)....but if he has to move stuff, that likely means that I have to help move stuff too.  Boo.  Anyway, I hope that your weekend is relaxing and great!  Take advantage of our store sale that is currently going on...20% off all wines in honor of our medal winners.  Use code WINNERS20 at checkout :)  Until next time...


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