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Alecia Jankowski
August 18, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

We've got a lot of inventory right now, so we are running some GREAT deals!

TGIF.  Seriously.  This week has been so busy and I cannot wait to just do nothing (except for going out to dinner to our fav spot, Devil's Acre!) tonight and sleep in a smidge tomorrow morning.  Sleeping in "a smidge" means that I get up at 7:20AM to go to the gym instead of 6:30AM to go to work.  For some reason, that extra 50 minutes makes all the difference.  I think that I am looking forward to an extra 50 minutes of sleep so much because on Monday night pretty much everything that could have happened to interrupt sleep, did.  We go to bed at like 9:30PM, so by 1AM when the power went out for some reason (it wasn't raining or anything?) and our alarm started going off, I was in one of those deep sleep cycles.  You know the kind...where you like lurch awake and are totally disoriented?  So, I'm stumbling around the bedroom and Matt wakes up and he's fumbling around with the alarm panel trying to get it to be quiet (I'm literally not being helpful at all...just stumbling around).  Finally he gets the beeping to stop and we get back into bed.  Only now...I cannot sleep because all I am thinking about is, "how am I going to take a shower and get ready for work in 5 hours if the power is out?".  See, we belong to a Crossfit gym, so there are no showers there (so showering at the gym is not an option), and I get to work by 7:45AM (after showering), which means that I would get to work by like 7:15 if I didn't take a shower.  7:15AM is too early to go to my grandparents' house to take a shower because they are usually exercising or getting ready for work themselves!  So, after thinking about this for about 2 hours, I finally doze off.  Only to be rudely awoken by my husband who has his phone out and all bright and is setting the alarm clock next to the bed.  It is an old alarm clock with noisy clicking buttons and one of those alarms that go MEEP MEEP MEEP until you turn it off.  I hate that stupid thing.  I know what I am getting him for Christmas this alarm clock that has like the woosh of the ocean or something that hopefully I can incorporate into a dream rather than being startled awake.  So, anyway, now that I know that the power is back on (due to the alarm clock being able to be set), I fall back to sleep...only to be woken up at 4:45AM by said stupid alarm clock.  Then I try to will myself back to sleep...and you know when the only thing that you want to do is sleep, you're definitely not going back to sleep.  I should have just gotten up at 4:45AM and gone into work.  Needless to say, Tuesday was a totally sleep deprived day.  I wasn't making a whole lot of sense.

Speaking of Tuesday, that's also when we decided to run this wild and crazy case special on our 2014 Meritage, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and our 2015 Sauvignon Blanc!  What.  A.  Gift!  The 2015 Sauvignon Blanc is $11.25 per bottle!  The 2014 wines are 50% off!  FIFTY PERCENT OFF!  Why do things always look like they are spelled wrong when you put them in all caps?  Anyway, the main reason for this sale is that we have A LOT of inventory and with the store still being at least a year away, we decided to offer these wines at a steep discount so that we just don't keep building inventory in the warehouse.  If you are a local business, and are looking for client or customer or employee gifts, this could be the perfect answer to, "What do I get these people for the holidays?", it is also the perfect answer to, "How do I make the rest of summer super great?"!  Since the 2014 Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Meritage were not released prior to this point, we wrote up some tasting notes for you to enjoy (along with some pairing suggestions from Shaina and Alana, let us know what you think!)!  Here they are:

2014 Merlot:  Cherry, ripe plum, dried currants and a hint of leather continue to an herbal component with tannins reminiscent of black tea.  

Pair this powerful Merlot with robust, earthy cheeses, herb encrusted lamb, and blackened snapper or salmon.

2014 Cabernet Franc:  Huckleberry, moss, and savory aromas are accented with light berry flavors, clove and peppercorns leading to a medium bodied, soft tannic finish. 

Try this Karamoor favorite with grilled Italian sausages, stuffed portabellas with a smoked cheese, prime rib, or eggplant parmesan.

2014 Meritage:  Dark cherry cobbler, vanilla and tar aromas precede the tastes of blackberries, mocha, and sage.  The bold elements of this wine are supported by a velvety mouth-feel leading to an elegant tannic finish. 

Accompany this Karamoor Flagship with a grilled ribeye steak, decadent dark chocolate cake, or in front of a roaring fireplace with a good book!

Case prices are as listed on our new SALE page on the Karamoor website, and they will be listed until the end of August!  A lot of Karamoor fans have already taken advantage of these prices and we thank you for your orders!

We have a tour this afternoon (3rd in a row that has been sold out), but there are still two tickets remaining for next Friday's tour (8.25.17).  Come on out and join us!  Next Friday will be extra fun because I will be able to fill you in on how I did with all of my house projects that are scheduled for this weekend (that I will be completing with the help of my loving parents and husband!).  I will tell you what they are and you're going to be like, "Ali, there is no way you guys are going to get all of that done this weekend!", and I would be like, "What do you know?!".  But you would probably be right...  So, we are going to whitewash the brick front of our house and our chimney with a mixture of lyme and salt (my mom's idea), we are also priming and painting the shutters of the house, the front door, and the garage doors!  ...and I think I'm tired now!  Can't wait to fill you in on how it went!  Until next time...



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