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Alecia Jankowski
January 15, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

We won some medals!

Hello!  Sorry I didn't write last week, but it was a crazy week.  I was thinking that things would slow down a little bit after the holidays, but last week really got away from me.  To be honest, this week almost did too, but luckily I received a helpful reminder from my mom in the form of:  "Hey!  What the heck is going on with your blog?  You haven't written in it for over a week!", via the intercom.  Gotta love moms.  Always keeping you on task...even when you are 30.  I would be lost without my mom.  I think a lot of people like to pretend that they have it all together and they don't really need their mom for things because they are old enough to handle their life on their own.  They are liars...or they don't have a mom like mine.  So, you can thank my mom for today's blog post!

We won some medals!  Just like the title of this blog says....  We entered 5 of our wines in the Pennsylvania Farm Show Wine Competition and they all won medals.  We took 2 gold medals and 3 silver medals.  The gold medal winners were our 2014 Chardonnay and our 2013 Meritage, the silver medal winners were our 2013 Cabernet Franc, 2013 Merlot, and our 2013 Reserve Merlot.  We are really pumped about how well these wines showed.  We were the only winery growing vinifera grapes (or making vinifera wines) to win 2 gold medals.  One of our wine club members ordered the 2014 Chardonnay yesterday and he posted a review on it this morning!  Here's what he had to say:  Would like to see a "blind" tasting of this, compared to Mersault, Montrachet, and Chateau Montelena Chardonnay. I think the Karamoor would win. This is your best Chardonnay yet, and in the white Burgundy style.

Our viticulturist, Casey (and new hubby, John), go up to the farm show every year, so they collected the awards for us.  Thanks Casey & John!  I have only ever been to the farm show once.  When I first came on board at the end of 2012, Kevin and our previous sales guy had entered the 2008 wines in the Farm Show (our first vintage).  I had only been here for a month and a half when the papers came in, telling us that we had won the Governor's Cup for our 2008 Meritage.  At that time, I had no idea that the PA Farm Show was a big deal (I didn't know too much about the PA wine industry back then...or PA agriculture in general) or, for that matter, what the PA Farm Show was.  The papers from the Farm Show included a congratulatory note, a parking pass, and a diagram of the expo center.  If you have never been to the farm show, let me tell you, it is sensory overload.  I think it is the largest indoor space in the country, but don't quote me on that.  It could be a total lie.  What is not a lie is that they have EVERYTHING.  Tractors, combines, the cleanest cows and horses you have ever seen in your life, WINES, blue ribbon apple pies, the butter sculpture...  They have an INDOOR RODEO.  The list really goes on and on.  They also have this insane food court where they offer pretty much anything fried...and the best milkshakes you will ever have in your life.  I went with Matt (meeting Kevin and our previous sales guy up there) to accept the Governor's Cup at the farm show in 2013.  The awards ceremony for the Wine Competition was on opening day at like 2PM or something...aka the perfect storm.  There were easily 9 million people there.  I don't think I have ever been inside of a building that had so many people.  The food court lines were easily 45 minutes long for each booth.  Anyway, it was really pretty incredible.  What is even more incredible is that I have been a PA resident for 30 years and it took 27 of those years to realize that this huge show happens not even an hour and a half from where I have lived.  I'm not sure what that says about me.

Back to present day.  We want you to try the wines that won gold medals (we want you to try all our wines, let's be honest..).  The wines that won gold medals are 15% off until the 24th (there is no significance in the 24th, I just sort of picked it).  If you want to try them, there is no minimum order, you just have to use the code FARMSHOW at checkout.  I will remind you that shipping is free with a purchase of 3 bottles or more!  

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Until next time...


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