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Karamoor Estate

Alecia Jankowski
March 9, 2018 | Alecia Jankowski

What a wild 2 weeks, huh?

I must say, I was kind of wondering where winter has been since maybe the first or second week of January....welllllllllll, it has made one heck of a re-entry, hasn't it?  We were supposed to have a private tour last Friday afternoon, and I was just sitting at my desk at around 1PM thinking...this is going to blow over.  No one on the news is saying that there will be significant snow accumulation.  It will be stopping any minute.  2PM comes around, still snowing.  Coming down heavier.  Shaina comes in (she is a snow worrywart) and she's like, "It's getting bad out there, Ali.  Have you cancelled the tour?", and I'm like, "No, Shaina.  It will be fine.  It is going to stop and everything will be fine.".  Well!  It didn't stop, and it wasn't fine.  I cancelled the tour.  It took over two hours to drive home to Bucks County.  There were school busses in ditches, there were cars spinning around like tops, there were trees falling like dominos (not the pizza place) was not good.  I got home and the power was still on at our house, and since Matt was hanging with his business partner, I decided to go to the gym (only 1 mile away from our house).  By the time I got back from the gym, the power at our house had gone out.  I went inside and the alarm sensor is just going, "beep, beep, beep, beep, beep....".  I'm pressing ALL the buttons...trying to get it to stop beeping.  I called my husband to see if he knew what to do and if he could give me our Peco account sign on and password so that I could see how long the power outage would which he replied "I don't know our Peco sign on and password, it's at work.  And as far as the alarm goes, flip the switch in the basement in the breaker box that says alarm."  It wasn't until after that, that I realized the breaker box would be no help....because we didn't have any power...but I hadn't realized this yet, so off I went down into the basement with a lit Yankee candle to check things out.  As you can imagine, flipping the breaker didn't do anything at all.  So, now I'm mad Matt because he's not home to help me deal with this, all three dogs are running around going berserk, and I'm trying to find the model number for type of alarm we have so that I can find a phone number for help.  After all the searches, I can't find the model number and I'm still just pushing buttons, nothing is working.  Then...something terrible happens.  It goes from just like a simple beeping to a full out, sound-the-alarm-the-red-coats-are-coming alarm.  Now, I am crying.  I'm trying to wrangle the dogs while still holding the stupid Yankee candle because I never downloaded the flashlight Ap on my IPhone, and I end up sitting on the concrete floor of the garage for like 15 minutes (still crying...surrounded by the dogs) until magically, the alarm goes off by itself (which of course happens about 3 minutes before Matt walks in the door).  Anyway, we were only without power for about 3 hours, so all in all, we were pretty lucky.  The storm this last Wednesday was a piece of cake.  Knew it was coming, kept on top of the shoveling, built a few fires, watched Pitch Perfect 3, and ate some soup and snacks.  I'd say that Friday was definitely more of the "main event" for us.  I still can't believe how many trees went down.  I think that we lost well over 20 on the Karamoor property alone.  I have been seeing linemen from all different states out there helping to clean things just looks like such an insurmountable task!  They are doing a great job, though, and I am sure that things will be back to ship-shape in no time at all.

Speaking of no time at all, our tours have been selling out really quickly!  This makes me very happy.  I really look forward to hosting the tours here.  I know that I've said it before, but the tours and tastings last over two hours (and our tastings last about an hour and 15 minutes) and it is just a really great experience (and I'm not just saying that because I give the tour!).  I mean, I do give the tour and I'd like to think that I am funny and charming, but I know that people don't come here to see me...  They come here to see where Karamoor wines come from.  They come here to learn about the winemaking process.  They come here to TASTE THE WINES.  I feel like that last thing is the main reason why people come.

We are going to be adding some more wines for people to taste here in the next month or so.  Two of those wines will be unveiled during Philadelphia Wine Week!  Do you remember all the specials that we ran last Philly Wine Week?  Stay tuned, because we will be running some great ones this year too!  Are you wondering what two wines will be unveiled the first week of April?  OK, OK!  Twist my arm.  It is our 2017 Rose (100% Merlot), and our 2017 Viognier (100% Viognier).  The Rose will list for $18.99 and the Viognier will list for $32.00.  We only will have about 30 cases of Viognier to offer since we are going to be offering this wine through Tria during wine week!  Did I tell you that we are doing another Tap Takeover with them?  Well, consider yourself informed now!  I will include the full lineup of events that we've got planned for Wine Week in next week's blog (assuming there is no crazy snow/wind storm) you will have to tune in then.

Matt and I are heading to the Flyer's game tomorrow with some friends.  Did you know that up until last year (when I went to my first Flyer's game) that I had never been to an ice hockey game?  Crazy, I know!  They are pretty fun to go to, and I bought a cute hat last time...I plan to wear that so that they know I'm a fan.  I think on Sunday I am going to be doing some painting of our bedroom (the walls, not like a portrait) in the morning.  I will post a picture of our new closet once it is all done.  I am IN LOVE with this closet (but I love my husband and dogs more of course...).  I hope that you have some fun plans this weekend.  Fingers crossed that the potential Noreaster heads out to sea on Monday instead of through PA!  Until next time....



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