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Alecia Jankowski
May 5, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Yep...still Duloc...for now!

You guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We got married!  It was literally the most perfect day.  Other than the fact that Mom was sick.  I felt so bad!  She was so sick, she couldn't get out of bed until she was scheduled to get her hair done, and even then I think she was only there because she had to get ready.  She didn't look sick by the time we were all made up, and by the time we were ready to walk down the aisle, I think the adrenaline had kicked in.  But...besides Mom being sick, it couldn't have been a more perfect day.  Everything was perfect.  The ceremony was at Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and if you know anything about the Greek Orthodox religion, you probably know that this is usually quite a serious ceremony.  Not in our case.  There was a lot of laughter up on that alter...even the priest cracked a few jokes at the end.  The organist who was supposed to play the music as we were pronounced husband and wife....fell asleep!!!  So instead of music, we had hooting and hollering from all of our friends and family.  I don't think I could have planned it better in that just seemed very fitting that we leave the church with hoots and hollers.

After the ceremony, Matt and I bee lined it out of the church with the rest of the family close behind.  We boarded a trolley with the immediate family (there were 35 of us...haha...) to set off for pictures.  The rest of our guests boarded buses for a boozey city tour of Philadelphia (which ended at the reception venue).  Matt and I got photos by ourselves in Elfreth's Alley which is the oldest street in Philadelphia...where my veil blew off my head!  Classic.  Then we got back on the trolley and we went to this old vintage furniture warehouse.  It was awesome.  The lighting was picture perfect and I am so so so excited to see the photos from this photoshoot.  In addition to photos of me and Matt, we got photos of all the family members in a ton of different groupings.  There will be a photo for every person that was at this warehouse which is awesome.  After the photoshoot at the warehouse, we got back on the trolley and we took a picture under the El when we arrived at Front and Palmer.  I saw a proof of it and it turned out exactly how I had pictured it....I will share it with you when I get the photos back, but for now you will have to visit our instagram page:

When we got into the reception venue, Mom, Auntie Des, Kara, and the lead female vocalist from the band(!) helped to bustle my dress.  Then it was party time.  The night went exactly to plan...other than Dad and I forgot a lot of our dance steps (but I don't think that anyone noticed...).  It was a wild wedding.  The dance floor was never empty!  The reception ended at 11:30PM, and the after party went until after last call!!

Matt and I are leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow.  We are super excited!  I am sure that I will have lots to fill you in on in TWO Friday's!  Hopefully then I have some photos and/or the video teaser to share with you.  Until next time...


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