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Alecia Jankowski
February 26, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

Another busy week here!

I did something crazy last weekend.  I cleaned!  The weather was so nice on Saturday, I opened the windows and I washed all the floors downstairs.  If you knew me, you would know that this is a huge deal.  I dislike cleaning (which is why we have a cleaning lady come).  I think my problem with cleaning really comes post cleaning because I want everything that I clean to stay perfect, and, as I am sure you know, it stays perfect for precisely 1 minute.  Several hours of work for exactly 1 minute of satisfaction.  It's so frustrating.  On top of washing the floors and vacuuming, I also UNPACKED everything from my trip the weekend prior.  Little known fact:  I hate unpacking...or putting clothes away in general.  I think this stems from my childhood.  My mom was a stickler for putting clean clothes away as soon as they came out of the dryer.  To this day, it is my least favorite chore....well maybe it is tied with unloading the dishwasher.  After all these self imposed chores, I actually studied Greek!  My grandparents are 100% Greek, and my grandmother has perfected the 100% Greek guilt trip.  2 Christmases ago, she got me the Rosetta Stone for the Greek language.  Every so often she would ask me, "Have you finally used that Greek stoftware I got you", to which I would reply, "No, but I promise I'm going to!", to which she would reply, "Mhmm, sure.".  That reply is not a good reply.  So, I finally dusted off the software on Saturday and have been practicing every day.  I surprised her with a few phrases this week, and her reaction made me wish that I had never let that dust accumulate!  Hopefully I have a good base by the end of May because Matt and I are going to Santorini...and one of us have to be able to order drinks!

Moving on....we have also been super busy here at Karamoor this week!  We bottled our 2015 Sauvignon Blanc yesterday, we are bottling our 2015 Rosé today, and last night we had that Bucks County Locavore event that I posted about last week.  First things first:  I am pumped to release the SB and Rosé.  You guys are going to love them.  I'm probably going to drink a bottle of the Rosé tonight!  Both the Sauvignon Blanc and the Rosé will be going out to our wine club members in the month of March (though I will be recommending that you let them settle until the middle of April)!  If you haven't joined the wine club...what are you waiting for?  The Bucks County Locavore event was one of the best events that I have been to since my start here at Karamoor.  All of the vendors were AWESOME!  I love artisinal foods, they just always seem to taste better.  There were local honey producers, chocolatiers, coffee bean roasters, jam makers, etc.  It was great!  We had a a huge amount of activity at our table and lots of people signed up for our newsletter.  It was a great night of chatting with people who had not heard of Karamoor, but were eager to learn more!  I hope Locavore invites us back to take part in it again next year.

It has been a tiring week, and I'm ready for the weekend.  Maybe I will attempt to get my car washed again.  I made Matt take it to the place in Doylestown where he goes for his car because I was not ready to face that beast just yet.  After he got it washed on rained on Sunday, then it rained on Tuesday, Wednesday, and also Thursday.  Maybe I am just not meant to have a clean car.  I know one thing I will absolutely be doing; tonight I am going to be hanging out at my Crossfit gym because the 2016 Open started today!!!  I did the WOD this morning, but on Friday nights during the Open we go to the gym and root on the evening class and then have some drinks to celebrate how hard it was.  I hope that you have a great weekend!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
February 19, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski


So, this week really started off great.  I think I told you I was heading down to Florida for a few days, so I got to miss the -15 degree day that we had here last Saturday, I also missed the monsoons and gale force winds that took place on Tuesday.  On top of missing those two things, I had a great Valentine's Day, I got to zip line over an Alligator Farm, I played some golf, I had some awesome Italian food and some great BBQ as well.  Things were looking good!  Then, yesterday hit.

It was a typical Thursday at work, spread sheets, social media, emails, yadda yadda.  I needed to step away from my computer for a bit and had decided that I was going to go gas up my car at the local Sunoco.  While at the pump, I see that you can get a couple of cents off a gallon if you buy a carwash.  Perfect!  My car is only 2 weeks old, but there was lots of salt on it.  I decided it would be a nice surprise to my boyfriend if I got my car washed (I prefer to let the rain do the washing...he says that's not really a thing).  So, it was one of those automated carwashes where you drive up to the box and put in your code.  I put in the code, the door opens, I drive around the box where I put in the code and line my tires up with those metal tracks (you will see why this is important), the green light comes on that told me I should enter, I water.  Dry as the Sahara Desert.  The light is still saying enter, so I think that maybe I haven't pulled far enough in.  I pull in further.  The water is still not coming and the door at the other end that lets you out of the carwash is down.  I'm now in the middle of the carwash, without a soul in sight.  I'm trapped!  Trapped like a rat who just wanted some cheese (a clean car).  The light comes on at the end to tell me to back up.  I back up.  Nothing happens.  It says "enter"...I'm like, "ummm I'm in here!" it says "stop", it says "enter".  I say, "listen carwash, I am "entered"!".  I am beeping my horn, hoping that someone inside will hear me and they will open the door at the end so that I can just get hte heck out.  No such luck.  I'm afraid to get out of the car because I have this premonition of the carwash turning on as soon as I'm out of the car...all the things turning and having to exit sopping wet, missing a shoe, dress torn, hair looking insane...  I decide that I have no other choice but to back out.  I'm backing out...things are precarious...all the alarms are going off in the car because I am surrounded by metal and all the cleaning things.  There are these speed bump things that you are supposed to have your tires between, but obviously to get out, I have to back over them.  Give it a little gas, get over the speed bumps in between the rails, and then...BAM!  I hit the stupid call box where you have to put in your code.  Popped my tail light and put a hole in my bumper.  This car is 2 weeks old TOMORROW.  I haven't even had the car for 2 weeks.  It wasn't a good day.  Not at all.  

Anyway, to say that I could have used a glass of wine at the end of that fiasco is the understatement of February.  On to something more cheerful.  We did a pretty neat thing a few weeks ago.  Do you know Tria Taproom?  Tria Taproom is down in Philly, they opened at the end of 2013 and they have been doing an awesome job with our wines (and in general!).  We have put our 2010, 2012, and 2013 Cabernet Franc into keg for them so that they could pour it through their daught system.  We had them out to the property during the last week of January and let them create their own blend of Petit Verdot!  Isn't that cool?  What a fun thing.  So, the blend ended up being 75% 2014 Petit Verdot (they pulled from 2 barrels; one was French oak and one was American), and 25% 2014 Merlot.  There was a splash of something else in there too, but you will have to visit them to find out what it was!  They tapped it last weekend and they should have enough to last at least 6 weeks or so.  Get on down there to give it a whirl.  I love PV!

I hope that you have some fun things planned for the weekend.  I do not.  I will be having a lazy weekend, which is sometimes just as good as having a fun weekend.  I will say one thing:  I will be having that necessary glass of wine from yesterday...tonight.  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
February 12, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

Quick update

It is Valentine's Day weekend!  And also President's Day!  Remember when you were in like elementary school and you brought in Valentine's and candy for everyone in your class?  I kind of wish you got to do that as grown ups.  You know, have a mandatory work Valentine's Day card and candy exchange.  Also, do you remember how when we were in school we used to have President's Day off?  Man, those were the days.

There is not too much to catch you up on this week.  I did send out our second newsletter yesterday!!  Hopefully you are already part of our newsletter group and you received the update.  If you aren't, you should be!  Our newsletter group gets all of the up-to-date information on Karamoor, from upcomine sales and specials, to new releases, to events that we will be taking part in, to information about our tasting room!  You can sign up right on our homepage.  It is super easy, and once you sign up you will receive an email to verify your email.  Please make sure you do this!  I will be running a special for all people that have verified their email address in March.  So, don't miss out!

Speaking of things you don't want to miss out on...we are going to be at an event called Locavore on the 25th of February.  Locavore is to take place in Doylestown at Superior Woodwork.  It is FREE to the public.  Doesn't cost a cent.  The point of this event is to highlight local producers within mostly Bucks County (luckily, they were happy to include us!).  There will be chocolatiers, coffee bean roasters, BBQ sauce makers, some breweries, and of course us (and lots of other producers)!  Here is a link that will take you to all of the pertinent information:  I have a saying:  "If it's free, it's for me!".  Hopefully you have the same saying, and hopefully I will see you on the 25th.  In case you were wondering, we will be pouring samples of our 2013 Merlot and we will be set up next to Doylestown Brewing (who just happen to carry our Cabernet Franc, Meritage, and Chardonnay!).

I am off to the airport.  I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, and that those of you that are lucky enough to have Monday off have a wonderful LONG weekend.  Make sure that you take advantage of our ongoing special for the 2012 Meritage.  There are only a few cases left!  It is listed at 20% off regular price and full prices go for an extra 15% off with the code MERITAGE12 at checkout!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
February 5, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

The wine store is actually coming!

I am going to start this blog with a bit of a rant.  I think that one of my biggest pet peeves has become the unreturning of phone calls.  I know that we are living in an age where most of our communication is through written correspondance (text, email, social media, etc.), but sometimes you just have to pick up the phone.  Ya know?  Like, if I am calling you and leave you a message and then you respond via email or text, I think it is rude.  It gives the feeling of avoidance.  You can tell a lot easier on the phone if someone is upset with you...or lying to you...or happy with you even.  If I didn't have something to speak with you about, I probably would have just sent you the information via text or email, right?  Sometimes, you gotta just hear someones voice.  Thanks for listening to my rant.  I sure do like talking to you guys.  You always agree with me...  

Anyway, we have some neat stuff in the works right now.  Not only are we ACTUALLY in the planning stages for our wine store, but, tonight, Karamoor is going to be poured for Senator Bob Casey and some of his supporters over on the Main Line.  I am not too big on politics in general, but it is always nice when we can get any public figure to sample some of our wines!  I always enjoy events like this one.  I really have a passion for our wines and I very much enjoy explaining what and why we do what we do.  I am sure it will be a great time.

Did you notice how I kind of just skimmed over the fact that we are ACTUALLY planning our wine store?  Nice, right?  You are probably so curious.  Good!  Well, I will have you know that it is no longer looking like it is a distant pipe dream!  As more information about an opening date, etc. becomes available, I will post it here (and I will also be sending emails to our newsletter group).  Get excited...I know that I am!

Speaking of our newsletter group, have you validated your email address with us yet?  Be on the lookout for an upcoming promotion which will hopefully entice you to take care of this...and maybe even spread that words to your friends about our mailing list!

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I, myself, am looking forward to next weekend.  I am heading to Florida for a few days where hopefully there will be some golf, some spa, some drinks, and even some deep sea fishing!  I am sure this weekend will be great too...because all weekends are great!  Until next time...

Time Posted: Feb 5, 2016 at 11:22 AM