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Alecia Jankowski
March 24, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Philly Wine Week is almost over

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a different week this week has been from last week.  Last week was cold.  Snowy.  Quiet.  This week was sunny!  Busy!  Fun!  Doesn't this week just look like it was more exciting from my use of punctuation?

If you are part of our newsletter group, you probably know that we have been running all types of sales and specials for Philadelphia Wine Week.  In addition to those sales and specials, we had a BUNCH of stuff going on downtown.  I know that I mentioned all of it in last week's blog, but you was SUCH a great week.

On Tuesday, Kevin and I were at Tria Taproom.  The ONLY wines they served all day on Tuesday were ours.  It was awesome.  We talked to so many people.  It was super easy to pick out the Karamoor customers because they just had to have a glass of wine in their hand for us to know!  We had a lot of fun filling the customers in on everything they could ever want to know about Karamoor.

Last night was our event at A.Kitchen.  It was awesome.  What a terrific launch for the A.Vin Chardonnay.  Have you ever been to A.Kitchen?  So cute and chic and cozy.  I will definitely be heading there for dinner at some point in the near future.  Maybe after the wedding, because I wanted to eat literally every single thing that they brought out from the open kitchen last night.  It was total torture to let it pass by!  I am pretty sure that every person there enjoyed the wine because they all seemed to be excited to leave with a bottle to enjoy at home...

There are a bunch of other great events happening downtown through Sunday of this week.  If you are interested, here is the link:  Lo Speido is tapping one of the last kegs of Chrysos (our collaborative beer we did with Goose Island) and our keg red today, so I hope that you are heading there!

Sorry for the short post today, but I wanted to make sure I could fill you in on the fun!    I am off to make some deliveries!  Until next time...

Alecia Jankowski
March 17, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Philadelphia Wine Week starts Sunday 3/19!

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!  I'm not Irish.  I never had one of those green shirts that had one of those crazy sayings on it and I normally do not even wear anything green, but last weekend I was with my mom and we were driving through Frenchtown and I found the cutest green dress at this little boutique owned by a mother and her daughter!  So, I wore it today and I'm feeling festive. 

You are probably wondering what I was doing driving through Frenchtown.  Welllllllll, last Saturday I had my first dress fitting for my wedding dress up in NYC!  You was too big!  Wedding diet success!  My mom was concerned that maybe I wouldn't like the dress as much as I did when we bought it.  She had nothing to worry about.  I LOVE it.  Cannot wait to wear it on the big day!  After the dress fitting, I got my hair cut by the woman that is going to be doing my hair on my wedding day.  She is the absolute best ever.  Her name is Sanae and she is a stylist at Mark Garrison Salon.  Everyone is always like, "Ali, why can't you just have someone who is already in Philadelphia do your hair?"  I have tried!!!!!!!!!!!  No one cuts hair like Sanae.  I'm not so much of a girlie girl, so I never really know what I want done to my hair because I really don't give it too much thought.  I always just tell her to do what she wants, make it look good, and the only parameter is that I need to be able to put it up for working out.  She always gives me exactly what I didn't know I wanted.  Anyway, I needed a cut and I needed to schedule a date to do a hair trial.  Done and done!  On April 1st, you will find me back up in NYC for another dress fitting and my wedding hair trial.  I am so excited.

Moving on from the wedding week is Philly Wine Week!  In addition to the events below, we are going to run some sales.  So!  If you aren't signed up for our newsletter, now is the time to sign up.  Also, when you sign up, you get a 15% off coupon that can be used on any order (including tour tickets).  So, what are you waiting for?

March 19-March 26 - Plenty Cafe (Passyunk Location) will be "Celebrating Local Wine" all week!  Among some other local superstars, you will find a Karamoor Estate wine that was blended for Plenty Cafe's.  The managing partners created this wine under the watchful eye of Karamoor's winemaker, Kevin Robinson.  Though it will just be at their Passyunk location next week, it will eventually be available at each of their locations over the next few weeks!  Give it a try before it is gone!!

March 21 - Kevin and I will be at Tria Taproom on Tuesday, March 21 for a "Karamoor Tap Takeover!".  We will be there from 5:30-7PM and Tria has 4 wines from Karamoor to choose from!  2015 Sauvignon Blanc, 2015 Rose, 2013 Chardonnay, and the LAST KEG of special 2014 Petit Verdot Blend!  Glasses will be available at attractive prices!

March 23 - On Thursday, March 23 from 5:30-7PM Kevin and I will be down at A.Kitchen & Bar for the release of A.Vin!  This is a privately labeled Chardonnay that we did for AKA.  A majority of the proceeds from the event on Thursday will be going to the Institute for Functional Restoration at Case Western Reserve Univeristy to help spinal cord injury patients (like Eli Kulp who was injured in the 2015 Amtrak derailment) regain function through new technologies.  Tickets for Thursday night are available here:

March 24 - On Friday, March 24 (all day!!!), Lo Spiedo will be having a Grapes and Grain day!  They will be offering glasses of our blended red keg wine and the beer that we collaborated on with Goose Island Brewing (Chrysos) for $7!  What a steal!

I just looked at the weather for the weekend.  Did you see that we are supposed to get snow AGAIN tomorrow?  Doylestown is supposed to get maybe 3 inches tomorrow night.  What is that?  Isn't Monday the first day of Spring?  I guess that crazy groundhog was right in saying that there were going to be six more weeks of winter.  Anyway, I hope that you've got some fun things planned for the weekend.  I have to meet with the florist tomorrow and then on Sunday, Matt and I have our last meeting with the priest.  I don't know what I am going to do with all my free time after the wedding!  Until next time...

Alecia Jankowski
March 3, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Today is Mulled Wine Day!

You guys.  As I am writing this...snow is falling.  WHAT THE HECK!?  Last Friday it was 70 degrees.  Maybe it is snowing today so that it makes sense for you to mull some wine?  That has to be it.  Otherwise, it makes no sense at all.  I am glad that it chose today to snow and not last weekend, because last weekend was my bridal shower!  My grandmother threw it for me...she's the absolute best ever.  My brother and sister-in-law flew in from Chicago, my cousins came down from New York, and Matt's sister and sister-in-law came in from the Reading area...on top of which all my pals came (including my best friend from college who I haven't seen in about 3 years!).  It was great.  I went off diet for Saturday...which means that I had some (I kept it in check...mostly) mimosas, red velvet cake, and then some of my dad's world famous linguini with clam sauce and garlic bread.  It was totally worth it.  My dad's linguini with clam sauce is out of this world.  It is probably all the butter and garlic that is in it...which makes garlic bread the perfect accompaniment (because more butter and more garlic and more carbs!).

So, like I mentioned above, it's snowing so that you can make some mulled wine.  Which is great because it is Mulled Wine Day.  How appropriate!  Do you like mulled wine?  I feel like it is OK...I would much rather have a spiked cocoa, but to each their own.  Shaina loves mulled wine (which is why we have a "Shaina's Famous Mulled Wine" recipe).  I've posted the recipe here before, so instead of posting it again, I will link you to our Facebook page where Shaina posted it today:  I bet she will be making mulled wine today when she gets home from work!  As I sit here writing about the snow and mulled wine, I am just realizing that this morning I did not wear a jacket...NOT GOOD.  I guess it is lucky that I do not have to walk too far to get to my car!

We only have 2 tickets left for next Friday's tour.  The tours (in case you are wondering) have been going really well.  Did you know that I give the tours?  I talk non-stop for about 2 hours (lucky tour attendees!)...well, almost non-stop.  Kevin chats for a little while about winemaking and Shaina helps with some of the chit chat during the tasting portion.  The tours are so fun for us though.  I really have enjoyed each and every one of them because the groups that we have had out have been so awesome (and I know the rest of the team agrees).  Karamoor wine fans really are the best!

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?  Tonight I am heading to the gym to workout (and will follow it up with some Indian food, but not my normal pre-wedding diet meal :(...not really too much of a sad face though because what I get now is prettttttttty delicious) and then tomorrow Matt and I will probably workout in the morning and then we have plans to go to the mall with our friends.  The main purpose of the mall trip is to help my friend find a dress for our wedding!!!  Also, Matt has to pick out bow ties...and a tuxedo shirt (not to be confused with a tuxedo t-shirt) for himself.  His tux came in this week.  It is blue and I really like it.  He looks quite dapper!  Anyway, I hope that you will be doing something a little more exciting than going to the mall...but if not, maybe I will see you there!  Until next time...