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Karamoor Estate


Alecia Jankowski
April 21, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Bottling, bottling, bottling!

It's April 21st!  That means that next Friday is the 28th!  Which means that my wedding is NEXT Saturday.  Can't believe it.  Tomorrow is Matt's local bachelor party (that lucky rascal gets two bachelor parties!), and while he is doing that, I am going to be doing wedding stuff.  Tomorrow morning I have to swing by the jeweler to make sure that my ring fits...hopefully I still like it!  Choosing a ring was hard.  I am glad that Matt just picked my engagement ring for me...because I am very indecisive.  When we went in to choose wedding bands, Matt was like, "I will take that one."  It took him like 4 seconds.  I had to go to two different stores, look at all the options, then go home and think about it, then go back for a second look...  After the jeweler, I am heading to Mom and Dad's (but Dad will be taking part in the bachelor party festivities, so he will not be there) to put together the welcome bags and then do a little DIY decor stuff (among a few other things).  Mom and I couldn't find any table number holders that we liked (because we are picky and none of the already-made-for-you holders were justtttttttttt right), so we are going to be spray painting them, then filling them with like this rubbery concrete stuff, and then we have these swirly table numbers made out of like thin gold.  Hopefully they turn out great because we do not have a back up!.  We also have to do the koufeta.  Koufeta are white sugar coated almonds and it is customary to give the koufeta to your wedding guests at the ceremony (and of course, to the bride and groom during the service).  The koufeta symbolizes purity (the white color), the new life which begins with marriage (the egg shape of the almond), the endurance of marriage (the hardness of the almond), and the sweetness of future life (the sugar coating).  Koufeta are always given out in odd numbers and that is because those numbers are indivisible, just as The Bride and The Groom shall remain undivided.  I'm getting so excited!!!

I am also excited about a few other things that happened this week!  Like...yesterday we had a film crew out from WHYY because they are going to be doing a little story on Karamoor Estate!  It is going to be about the journey of grape to bottle and background on the winery and winemaking process.  Not sure when it will air, but I will let you know.  In addition that awesome piece of news, we also bottled and labeled our Sauvignon Blanc (finished that last Friday) and this week we finished our Meritage!  In addition to Karamoor's Meritage, we also bottled the Meritage for AKA.  So...two Meritages!  Next week Kevin is going to be bottling our Cabernet Franc and our Merlot, and then we will be all done bottling until we do our 2016 Chardonnay in later August...but I will have other things to share with you after bottling.  Don't you worry!

I hope that you have awesome plans for this weekend.  It looks like it is going to be a little overcast (sadface), but I bet you will still make the most of it!  Until next time...

Alecia Jankowski
April 14, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Wowza...2 weeks till W-Day!

Guys.  Holy moly.  2 weeks until wedding weekend.  Crazy!!!!!!!!!  I am going for my last dress fitting tomorrow.  Hopefully nothing crazy happens between then and 4.29....  Everyone has been asking if I am getting nervous, but strangely, I'm not.  I can't wait to marry Matt and my parents have been THE BIGGEST help ever in regards to the wedding, and because of that, I think that we are not feeling overly stressed (at least I am not...Mom may disagree).  There are a few things to take care of between now and the big day, but pretty much we are on autopilot.  You kind of just say a little prayer that all the professionals that you hire show up that day and do exactly what you discussed...  I'm getting so excited.  I love our menus for both the rehearsal dinner AND the reception.  It's a black tie wedding, but we are having pierogies by Matt's family's business "Silly Lilly's Pierogies" and then we are having beer on tap by our friends from Tired Hands Brewing....and of course Karamoor Wines!  I hope that everything turns out even better than it looks in my head.  I can't wait to show you all pictures!

Next Friday we are having our last tour of April - we probably will not have another tour until mid-May (after I return from our honeymoon).  It seems like next Friday is a pretty popular date because we are almost sold out.  I bet that means that we are going to have a really fun group.  I think there are 4 tickets left, so if you are interested, head to the store and buy some tickets!

On Thursday of next week, we are going to have a filming group out from WHYY.  How neat is that?  I guess I might want to apply some makeup on Thursday in case I end up on TV...  Wouldn't that be awesome?!  I could tell Matt that he is married to a TV star!  #jk.  They are coming out on Thursday because we have started bottling...finally.  Kevin is actually bottling our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc today!  He was supposed to start last week but some of our materials got hung up in New Jersey for some reason...I mean, New Jersey is not that far.  Why did it take those shipping companies a week to get it here?  My aunt commutes from New Jersey everyday...she probably could have gotten us our materials in like 1/8th of the time it took them.  Anyway, the point is that next week Kevin will be bottling our reds.  Probably our Meritage is the wine that will end up being filmed next Thursday...which is fitting because Meritage is our flagship wine!

Do you have fun plans this weekend?  I think it might rain tomorrow, but Sunday is supposed to be great weather.  Maybe I will be able to work on my tan!  I know that I already told you that I have my last dress fitting in NYC tomorrow, but TONIGHT (that's right, I have plans on a Friday that do not involve Netflix and bed by 9:45PM) my very best pal from college is coming over with her husband and her 2 dogs for a date night!  Can't wait.  Then Sunday is Easter!  It is both Easter AND Orthodox Easter.  Typically for Greek Easter (Orthodox Easter) my grandparents have a big celebration...but this year since all the family is coming in two weeks later for the wedding, my grandparents are going to Florida!  Those lucky rascals.  Matt and I are going to have a quiet early dinner with my parents...this way Dad and I can practice our dance for the wedding.  So, while it will just be dinner for Dad and me, it will be dinner AND a show for Mom and Matt.  I hope that you have plenty of Karamoor wine to accompany your ham or lamb.  Happy Easter and Happy Passover!!!!!!!  Until next time...