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Alecia Jankowski
September 18, 2015 | Alecia Jankowski

Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

Are you on the edge of your seat just wondering what could possilby warrant this type of title?  I will get to that, but first, I would like to brag a little bit about my plans for the next week.  Tomorrow, I leave for Paris!  My wonderful boyfriend surprised me with tickets about 8 weeks ago and we just (yesterday) made some reservations and plans for things to do while we are there.  My brother is a super-planner and I am more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type girl (both types have their pluses and minuses...right?).  He and his fiance are very organized (they are in the finance field and they use excel for everything - planning of wedding and trips included).  I asked him for some ideas and places that we should check out while we were in Paris (his take on the "must sees"), he studied in France (Tours) when he was in college, he is fluent in French and he made some great recommendations.  He sent me an email or text every week or so since I found out we were going to see if I had made any plans.  I think that he was getting a bit alarmed when he asked at the start of this week and I still had nothing...but, I think we managed to pull off an itinerary that made him proud!  

The 2 things that I am MOST excited for is a classical music concert at La Saint Chapelle, and then a day trip out to Normandy.  My dad's dad, who I never had the pleasure of meeting, was at D-Day.  His name was Mike, just like my dad's, and though I never got to meet him, I know he was a wonderful guy due to the kind of guy my dad is.  Big Mike made 20+ crossings that day in Normandy, transporting his naval comrades from the ship to land - he managed to survive, but I am certain it will still be a very emotional and moving visit.  A lot of people that know me probably would not assume that I would be overly excited for a classical music concert.  I say this because I am a bit of a tomboy; I like Olympic Lifting and CrossFit, and for those types of activities, I enjoy heavy metal or some old school rap.  That being said, I enjoy classical music and jazz as well.  I am, as the ogre Shreck once said, "like an onion - I have many layers".  Some of the other things we plan on doing are:  drinking plenty of great wine and eating plenty of cheese (I have mentioned before in this blog that I have a deep love for cheese - luckily, my boyfriend shares that love as well).

So, enough about my trip (until I return), you are probably so interested about what the title of this blog post could be all about.  If you are beer lover, you may have heard of Tired Hands Brewing.  They are located in Ardmore, PA, they have won all types of awards, and their whole team is awesome.  The owner, Jean, has a vision, and he has managed to put a bunch of people in place that seem to understand and agree with that vision in a way that has propelled them very quickly from newly opened brewery to destination for craft beer gems.  Well, we are doing a very cool collaboration with them!  They have become best known for their Saison, so the project is going to be a wheat based Saison (using malt from Deer Creek Malthouse located in Glen Mills, PA) that will be made with Karamoor Estate Merlot grapes!  A 100% PA product!  It is going to be a true beer/wine hybrid (2 pounds of Merlot grapes to every gallon of Saison).  The crew from Tired Hands came out today and we picked our Merlot together as a big happy group!  This type of project doesn't happen too often, and we are really excited about the fact that we neighbors get the opportunity to work together on something like this.  As the project progresses, I will be posting updates.  The plan is to bottle this beer, but don't look for it before the end of winter in 2016 (maybe even spring).  It is going to be tough to wait that long...

I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend.  Enjoy this beautiful weather!  Until next time...

Alecia Jankowski
September 11, 2015 | Alecia Jankowski

Reflection, Appreciation, and a Little Wine

Hello everyone!  I hope that you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.  I spent mine in New Hampshire with my family.  I don't know what it is about my family, but for some reason, even when I take a few extra days, it still just doesn't seem like enough time with them.  Anybody else have that struggle?  I hope so!  I feel really lucky a lot of the time to genuinely enjoy their company; mom, dad, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.  It is so great and fun to watch this family get bigger too, as all us kids find our significant others.  My brother got engaged this past April to a girl who I just adore (we found her wedding dress last week!  I cried.).  I am just thankful for this life and the people that I get to enjoy it with on a daily basis. 

It's September 11th again.  These years just seem to pass faster and faster.  I cannot believe that it has been 14 years since the WTC tragedy.  I still remember where I was and what I was doing when the first plane crashed.  I do not remember what I did yesterday, but I remember exactly where I was sitting, where I was going, and who was sitting next to me on that day 14 years ago.  Everyone I have talked to is the same way.  They remember everything about that day.   

When I was in college, I met a guy who became a best buddy.  He is from New York, and he is 1 of 4 boys (the youngest), the other 3 were (2 still are) involved with the FDNY (one was Rescue 1, one was 288 Hazmat, and one was a FDNY Paramedic).  While I was in college (and after college, when I moved up to NYC), this family became like my second family.  All three of these brothers were there this day; called to search, rescue, and save.  Every September 11th, I am thankful for them, people like them who put their lives on the line every day (all service men and women), and the people like them who did not escape with their lives.  My friend always says, "let us live lives that make worthwhile the price our fallen heroes have paid".  Life is short, do what you love, be with people you love, cut out the things that don't make you a better person.  Sometimes, you lose sight of what and who is important.  September 11th has a way of making you feel grateful for everything you have.  So, as summer comes to a close, enjoy the last bit of warmth with your friends and family.

Since we can pretty much smell fall in the air, you wine lovers can probably guess that we have been very busy with harvest.  We have finished harvesting our white grapes (as of Wednesday of this week) which is a good 3+ weeks earlier than we finished harvesting our whites last year.  The fruit is looking great (and tasting even better) thanks to Karamoor's vineyard team!  I have been uploading pictures on our Facebook, so if you haven't checked them out yet, make sure you do!  We should be harvesting our first Merlot next week, which is going to have a very interesting story.  So, stay tuned for is going to be a first for us!  Have a great weekend, and...until next time.