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Alecia Jankowski
September 22, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Harvest is HAPPENING!

Hello!!!!!!!  Sorry I didn't write last week, but it was Mom's surprise birthday party weekend, and I was rushing around trying to make sure that everything was wrapped up here at work so that I could head home, pack, get Zack and Steph's room ready, and get to the restaurant (19 Bella in Skippack) by 6:30!  So, my dad definitely wins best husband of the year award for the weekend that he put together for Mom.  He had a surprise birthday party for her on Friday night where he invited all her family and friends to dinner; flew my brother and his wife in from Chicago (they, sadly, didn't make it in time because their flight got cancelled due to smoke on the aircraft!  So, they didn't get into Philly until about 10PM...made the tail end of the party :(, but Mom was happy to see them!), had a picture montage of Mom through the years and all of her favorite foods and drinks!  He had told her that she and him were flying out to Tahoe (just the 2 of them) the next morning...but the next part of the surprise was that Zack, Steph, me, Matt, my Auntie Des, and Uncle Joe were all flying out with them...and she wasn't going to Tahoe!  She was going to Napa!  Anyway, we all surprised her at the airport and there were some tears and disbelief, but we were on our way.  Napa is beautiful - we visited some really wonderful boutique wineries and stayed at the most amazing resort.  It was a great weekend celebrating a GREAT lady.  Lucky to call her my mom, that's for sure.

While we were out in Napa, they were also in the midst of harvest.  It is funny to see that harvest is exactly the same amount of hustle and bustle on the West Coast as it is on the East Coast.  The main difference between Napa and Fort Washington (lol) is that there just seem to be miles and miles of vineyard with hundreds and hundreds of wineries....vs 27 acres and 1 winery.  BUT, they, like us here, were harvesting.  They had already finished picking all of their white grapes and some of the vineyards were onto their reds.  This is because the weather there differs GREATLY from here in Fort Washington, PA.  The days are very hot (they had the hottest summer on record out there I think someone told me....a few days got to be over 110 degrees!), and the nights are cool.  Because of the hot, dry weather, the grapes ripen at an earlier date.  Anyway, it was neat to see such a celebrated grape growing and wine making region doing things exactly as we do them here.

As of today, we have picked all of our white grapes; so all of our Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Viognier, and Chardonnay.  On Monday, we will be picking some Merlot grapes that have been set aside for our friends at Boardroom Spirits because we will be doing a collaborative Brandy project with them!  There will be more to come on this....  In addition, next week we will be picking more of our Merlot grapes that we have cropped for Rose.  We plan on making a much larger amount of Rose this year than in 2015; it will be direct to press (so much less pink than our 2015).

We've got some exciting news coming up (and no, it's not about our tasting room being approved again).  I think that a lot of people are going to be happy with this special day that we are putting together.  More to come on this next week!

I hope that you enjoy what is shaping up to be a picture-perfect-weather type of weekend!  I know that I plan to.  Until next time....


Alecia Jankowski
September 8, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Another Labor Day has come and gone!

Wow!  Labor Day 2017 is in the books!  Crazy.  This summer really flew by.  I mean, I feel like I just got married yesterday, but really it's been 5 months!  Where does the time go?  I have had a great summer that ended with a great family weekend up in New Hampshire.  The perfect endcap!  Nothing better than a weekend with family!  Though, the weather definitely could have been a little more cooperative... I am sure a vast amount of the country can attest to that.  These hurricanes are so heartbreaking - it is just really crazy to see what type of devastation Mother Nature is truly capable of.  Our hearts here at Karamoor go out to everyone affected, we hope that Irma finds her way out to sea and spares the rest of Florida, and our fingers are crossed that Jose doesn't make landfall.

When we started this grape growing season, we had a very warm spring.  We were 2 weeks ahead of last year up until, roughly, the end of July.  Now, we're caught up to last year and this weather is kind of threatening to push us past last year's harvest dates.  The after effects of Harvey were felt here at the vineyard last week - where it dumped plenty of rain and slowed down the grape ripening quite a bit.  We are preparing for a similar rainfall from Irma...which will slow us down even more.  As I've mentioned before, rainfall during harvest is relatively catastrophic when it comes to wine grapes.  Hopefully we will be able to get some of our white grapes off the vine before the next bout of rain comes or we could lose the crop...and if we lose the crop, that means that there won't be any 2017 Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.  The vineyard team is doing everything in its power to make sure that doesn't happen - we will keep you all in the loop as things continue to develop.

On a happier note, we will be sending out our wine club shipments this month!  They will be going out the last week of September and they will include some of our newly bottled 2015 reds and 2016 whites.  I hope that a majority of you were able to take advantage of our major sale in August on our 2014 reds, 2014 Chardonnay, and 2015 Sauvignon Blanc.  We really moved quite a lot of inventory, and we thank you for being such wonderful customers!  If you're not a member of our newsletter group, join!  It is how we send out all of our sales and up-to-date information on all things Karamoor!  Until next time...