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Cheri Morrison
September 19, 2019 | Cheri Morrison

Spring Right Into Harvest

Spring Right Into Harvest!

Spring has not only sprung but flown by! And so has summer for that matter! The vineyards are looking healthy, beautiful and the weather has been cooperating so far with this year’s harvest.

Pruning practices were a bit different than last year. Our viticulturist, Joe Rienzi decided since we had a 40% yield loss due to a very late cold snap last year, he would try waiting a little longer before he actually pruned down the shoots and left more buds. That way if we were hit with a late frost, there would still be some options with surviving buds. It makes laying down the vines a little more difficult with buds developing since they are more fragile, but it was a good and successful decision.

If you don’t follow us on Facebook you are missing out on photos of the week to week progression of the vines, buds, grapes and now harvest. It’s an amazing, beautiful and very fast process!

The vines are looking healthy, happy and full of fruit!! That means more bottles for everyone!! Cheers!!

We moved into the new year and unfortunately the devastating Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF), has come along for the ride. I believe we are up to 13 PA counties under quarantine, and yes, Montgomery County is among them. This gives the PA Department of Agriculture the authority to regulate the movement of commodities that may be moving within or leaving the quarantine zone. They don’t want to take any chances of moving the SLF in any of its life stages - egg masses, nymphs or adults. We have spotted (no pun intended), the literally life sucking creatures on the property but knock on our hardwood vines, due to the diligence of our Viticulturist, Joe Rienzi we have made it through this season.  We are treating the vineyards, but they have invaded the surrounding properties as well. Everyone in the surrounding area would need to treat their properties to have any longer term results. We have avoided a great deal of damage this year, but there’s no telling what this means for next year. It is a very serious issue.Currently, there are no known natural enemies of SLF that are thought to reduce populations in the United States. Some generalist predators (spiders, praying mantises, etc.) will attack and eat SLF. Additionally, a parasitic wasp is known to attack SLF in low numbers. As recently as this past May, in Reading, PA, two species of fungal pathogens were identified killing the SLF. A scientist from Cornell, discovered SLF’s dead, attached to a tree and their wings had dropped off. Per Ann Hajek of Cornell: “The finding is important because the naturally occurring pathogens could be used to develop methods for more environmentally-friendly control of this damaging invader”. The fungal pathogens are currently being investigated for their potential use against SLF. Researchers have also been exploring the native region of the SLF (China), to search for natural enemies to release in the United States, and these are currently undergoing evaluations in USDA quarantine facilities. (The Penn State Extension).

Getting back to what most of you are really interested in…keeping your glasses over half full! We have recently released our 2018 Pinot Gris (yum deliciousness), a first time bottling for Karamoor and another winner by winemaker, Kevin Robinson. Other recent and outstanding releases include:

2018 Viognier

2018 Rose

And coming soon,

2016 Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon

The public tasting room is coming along. There is no doubt it will be a fabulous space. We hope it will be ready for opening around the holidays. Trust me, no one is more excited than the Karamoor team!  Good things come to those who wait. With the addition of the public tasting room we will be adding a few acres of new vineyards to our existing 27 acres of vineyards.

Our Wine Club is growing, and so are our activities and the fun that comes along with membership! Our Pick~Up Parties have been a big success. With each Wine Club shipment, members have the option to have the release shipped at no charge or to join us for the complementary Pick~Up Party! This party includes a variety of interactive and educational stations in the winery, perhaps tasting a new release or something that’s been in library for years, wine club discounts on specials for the evening, world class wine, some delectable snacks, cheese and charcuterie…and having fun getting to know many of the other wine club members!

If you’re unfamiliar with our wine club, you can read up on it on our website. There is no fee to join. There are three club categories and three shipments of three bottles (we make the selection), a year.  Each shipment charge is $90-$120 depending on the club you join.

We’ve received some nice honors recently.  The International Wine Review gave us very nice review:

“Karamoor Estate 2018 Rosé Montgomery County PA ($24) 90 Light copper orange. Revealing scents of red delicious apple with hints of red berries and herbs, this Bordeaux blend offers a savory palate with flavors that mirror its bouquet. A blend of roughly equal parts Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, it’s fresh, balanced, and offers good density of flavor. Have with grilled chicken or pork loin. Well done!”

I would like to add it goes nicely with a lot more than grilled pork and chicken! It goes beautifully in your favorite wine glass and if you don’t have any of those handy…your solo cup!

Philadelphia Magazine named Karamoor Estate’s 2016 Chardonnay, “Best of Philly” with this commentary: “Bright, easy, glug-able, with the slightest bit of oak for depth — because we’re quite done with overly oaked chardonnays, thank you very much.”

“Glug-able”? LOL!! Not sure about that…but the term does go well with our 2018 Rose, lovingly and a.k.a. “The Porch Pounder”.  And speaking of AKA you can always find Karamoor’s award winning 2015 Meritage and 2015 Chardonnay in all of StayAKA’s world class locations around the country and at and bar, donning their Avin label.

So what is happening right now at Karamoor Estate??  It’s the most exciting time of the year HARVEST!!!

Harvest officially started on Labor Day (how appropriate).  It is a labor of love and a lot of it! The first to come down was the Pinot Gris and later in the week, Chardonnay. Yields, quality and 2019 are looking like it is going to be a good year!!

I asked our Winemaker, Kevin Robinson for a few words about this year’s harvest:

“The fruit is about as “clean” and disease free as I have ever seen; a testament to Joe’s (Viticulturist), diligent farming!  We have decent sugars, and good acidity in spite of the heat waves we experienced in July and August.  Yields are down a bit given some hard freezes during winter, but the fact we left extra buds during pruning has helped make up for what could have been a very light crop.  Thus far, the quality appears to be excellent from the onset, but we have a long way to go.  As I like to remind everyone; this is a marathon not a sprint, and although the weather is currently cooperating quite nicely you never know what next week will bring.  We only have to look back to last September when we had day after day of rain and humidity to make 2018 a year to forget…”

Don’t miss your opportunity to see harvest at its best with website Tours & Tastings posted on our website: www.karamoorwines/store/tours.  There is presently a Tour & Tasting posted for Friday, October 11th at 5:30.  It is an awesome way to start the weekend!!

Did you happen to catch our story on PBS WLVT Channel 39? If not, you can find the video on our Facebook page and on the Youtube channel of Channel 39 reporter Harri Leigh.

I have a new assistant Will Standish. He is a fantastic photographer and has been a huge help to me!! You can enjoy many of his photos and posts on our social media pages! All of them are under Karamoor Estate. He is also on site for our tours, tastings and events! Including the upcoming Pick~Up Party!!

We’ve hosted some great events in the private winery…Corporate Team Building, Employee Appreciation, Tours & Tastings for Book Club, Tennis groups, Neighbors Wine Together,  visiting Wine Clubs, Birthday Parties, Retirement Parties, Garden Clubs, Fundraisers, Girls Night Out, Guys Night Out…Everyone Deserves a Night Out and of course the best reason of all…..Because you can!

We hope you will visit Karamoor Estate for yourself! If you’ve been here once, you haven’t visited enough! There’s always something new and exciting to see and world class wines to enjoy!

See you in the vineyard!! 


Time Posted: Sep 19, 2019 at 12:11 PM