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Alecia Jankowski
July 28, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Another blog post!

Happy Friday!!!!!!  So, I've been checking the weather for tomorrow like a crazy lady.  You see, every year there's this pig roast at a golf club up by my brother-in-law's house and it always falls on the last weekend of July which is usually right around his birthday.  Last year, I had a Crossfit competition and couldn't get up there until early evening (everyone was already 3 sheets to the wind!) and it was POURING.  I mean...pouring.  So it wasn't really the same (or so they tell me) because people kind of left early (it is it makes sense that people left early because again.....pouring).  The year before, I didn't go because I was throwing a tantrum with my boyfriend (now husband) and had refused to was over something that I am sure was very important and rational but it is escaping me at the moment...  So, anyway, Andy, Nicole, me, and Matt have been looking forward to this weekend for months!  I put it on the calendar right after the wedding.  We haven't seen them since the wedding because even though they are only an hour away, life has been crazy busy for all of us...  So, we've been talking about it and making plans and figuring out where we were going to eat breakfast on Sunday.  Nicole and I were planning to go to the pool while the boys golfed (gotta keep up my Greek tan!).  Imagine my surprise when I checked the weather on Wednesday:  a 100% chance of rain for the whole entire day on Saturday.  Nooooooooooooooo!  BUT is only 20% chance of a shower and partial sun!  Hooray!  #poolandpigs

Speaking of rain, we've been having a lot of it here at the vineyard.  A lot of rain in the vineyard with these muggy and warm days make the viticulture (even more) difficult.  Joe, Kevin, and the rest of the team have things under control out there, but hopefully this crazy rain doesn't seep into the 2nd week of August!  Our grapes are around 1 week ahead of last year so that is probably when we will look to pick the Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay.  Rain during harvest is pretty much the worst thing that can happen (in the world of grapes...not the whole world).  See, all season we work really hard to get the grapes a lot of sunlight and airflow, keep them free of disease, drop fruit if the crop is very heavy, and trim that crazy canopy so that the grapes can develop the most amount of sugar possible and great, super ripe flavors.  When it rains, the water in the ground goes through the plant and into the grapes...thus diluting those wonderful flavors and sugars.  That, as you can imagine, is not desireable.  After a rain during harvest, we have to let the grapes hang on the vine longer so that they can dry out.  Depending on where they are in the ripening process (did they need to be picked yesterday?  can they stand up to a few more days on the vine without breaking down?), this can either be OK (we'd still prefer to not have any rain around when we are close to picking the grapes) or it can be a catastrophe.  So, hopefully Mother Nature is getting these rain storms that dump an inch at a time out of her system now!

Heading off the rain topic, did you know that both of our tours (for today and Friday, August 11) are now sold out?  We are going to be adding tours on Friday, August 18, and Friday, August 25th as well.  The tour dates through August, September, and October will be a little different because I cannot guarantee that Kevin or Joe will be available to chat with our groups...because it is harvest time. That being said, if there is a Friday where they are picking grapes, it will be really cool for our tour groups to see.  Since the tours happen at 3PM, which is typically the time where grapes are coming in from the field and there should be a lot of activity in the winery for you to watch (so you will get to listen to me a little less than the normal tour!).  You will probably even get to taste a ripe wine grape.  What a treat!

Our tour group will be arriving any moment (because like always, I procrastinate in writing the blog to where I only have an hour and a half to get it done...because that's just me!), so I've got to jet.  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the SUNSHINE!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
July 21, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Don't worry! I still work here!

Hi everyone, and happy Friday!!!!  I'm back!  Sorry for the 6 week lag between blogs.  That is absolutely my bad...  I think that my last post was at the beginning of June. so I have plenty to catch you up on!  First is that we had an amazing event here on the 24th and then the Friday after that, I left for a 2 week family vacation....and now, it is the middle of July.  There, we are caught up.  Just kidding!

So, first let's talk about the event that we had here on the 24th of June.  It was a fundraiser for Institute for the Functional Restoration at Case Western Reserve University, which is at the forefront spinal cord research and it was done in honor of Eli Kulp.  Eli was on the 2015 Amtrak train that derailed and he was seriously injured.  At the time, Eli was the head chef at A.Kitchen & Bar (the restaurant at Larry Korman's flagship AKA location) and he was also a partner in High Street Hospitality (which owns High Street on Market in Philadelphia, High Street on Hudson in NYC, and Fork Restaurant in Philadelphia).  Since the accident, Eli has not been able to resume his duties as head chef at A.Kitchen, but he has maintained his partnership with Ellen Yin of High Street Hospitality and has remained very involved with all the restaurants and their continued growth.  This fundraiser doubled as the release party for the new A.Vin Meritage, which was created in partnership with AKA Hotels (Larry Korman) and Karamoor Estate!  This fundraiser brought some of the top chefs in Philadelphia out to the suburbs.  We had Greg Vernick (Vernick Food & Drink), Mike Solomonov (Zahav), John Patterson (Fork), Eli Collins (A.Kitchen), Nick Elmi (Laurel Restaurant), John Nodler (High Street), Chris Curtain (Eclat Chocolate) and some of their amazing sous and pastry chefs as well, join us here at Karamoor to put out a spectacular event.  Each chef prepared a different course (which was paired with a different Karamoor Wine!) and the whole menu was overseen by Eli Kulp so that it flowed perfectly.  There were about 80 people here and they were able to raise over $40,000 for the cause!

As I mentioned, we did a private label for AKA Hotels; A.Vin.  There is a Chardonnay and there is a Meritage and both of these wines are 100% made and produced here at Karamoor.  The 2015 A.Vin Chardonnay and Meritage are being sold at many of the restaurants listed above, and a portion of the sales proceeds are earmarked for the Institute for the Functional Restoration at Case Western Reserve University.  Larry said that he plans to offer the A.Vin Chardonnay as an amenity in the hotel suites in the future...great news!

A little more great news is...on Tuesday of next week we will be having our Christmas in July sale!  All I can say is're going to want to stock up.  Some of the best retail prices you've ever seen for our wines!  I will be sending out the sale info on Tuesday via our newsletter group.  So, if you aren't part of the email list, you're going ot want to sign up now!

Matt's out of town this weekend (I was on vacation with him for 2 weeks, so I guess it's OK...), so I've got the place to myself.  I am having dinner with some pals tonight, heading to a baby shower tomorrow for one of my oldest friends tomorrow, but then the rest of the weekend I hope to just lay low and relax and play with the puppy dogs.  I think that they missed us lots while we were away...even though they had some pretty great humans to hang out with.  The thing about having awesome dogs is that there is never a real problem finding people that want to take our spots while we are out of town!  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!  Until next time.....(and I promise it won't be in 6 weeks!)

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Alecia Jankowski
June 9, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

It's going from 60 90!

You guys!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's going to be 90 degrees this weekend.  What the heck.  On Wednesday, I had a meeting with a few of the chefs and one of the managers at A.Kitchen for the event ont he 24th and it was freezing outside!  Not actually freezing, but I was wishing that I had a jacket...  I have a feeling that we are going to go from 60s and raining to 95 degrees for the rest of the summer.  I am not ready for that!

Speaking of this event on Saturday, June 24th, have you read about it yet?  It should be amazing and it is for a really great cause.  Here is the link for the article that was posted by Foobooz:  It does sound like an all-star chef event, doesn't it?  I bet the food and wine pairings are going to out of this world.  I can't wait!

Did you know that tomorrow is National Rose Day?  I have a feeling that I know one person that will most definitely be celebrating!  That person is my brother.  I don't know that there is one person on this earth that enjoys a nice dry Rose more than him.  We are currently running a Rose sale in honor of the special day!  Buy 5 and get 1 for free!  What a deal.  Here's a cute little promo that Shaina made for it:

 I am so excited for tomorrow!  Matt and I have had things going on every single weekend since the wedding and then every single weekend until AUGUST 5th....except for this weekend.  This weekend is FREE!  We get to play golf and hang out and maybe do some yard work.  I'm so looking forward to it.  Hopefully you have some plans to enjoy the hot weather, and hopefully those plans include enjoying an ice cold bottle of Karamoor Rose!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
May 26, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

It's National Chardonnay Day!

It's National Chardonnay Day AND Friday of Memorial Day Weekend!  The official kickoff of summer!  Warm weather, barbeques, more vacations, and super busy work I come!  I looked at our calendary and Matt and I have something EVERY weekend (whether work or enjoyment) until August 5th.  Is that crazy or is that crazy?  I have a feeling that I am going to blink and this summer will be over.

This weekend, Matt and I are heading up to New Hampshire with my family.  Hopefully we can time the trip where we do not hit too much traffic because that can make a 6.5 hour car trip an 8.5 hour car trip in a snap!  I'm looking forward to the weekend though.  It has been a while since we've gotten up to our house on Lake Winnepisaukee and it's always so great once we are there.  There is something about the lake that is very relaxing, but then you add my crazy family and it's a lot of fun too.  It is the perfect balance!

So there have been a lot of wine related National Days this week.  On Wednesday, we had #slurpheardaroundtheworld and on Thursday it was #nationalwineday and now today it is #Chardonnayday!  Because of all these wine holidays, we had to offer some great sales.  Hopefully you got to take advantage of them (judging from the amount of deliveries we are making today, it appears many of you did!).

Next Friday we have a group from the Main Line School Night coming out.  There is a group of 12 people coming and we are going to have a tour and a tasting with them.  We will explain the winemaking process, we will tour the winery and vineyards, we will explain what we are trying to accomplish, and we will taste at least 5 wines with them.  It should be a great time!

We are going to have limited tour dates in the month of June (and July) because we don't have many free Fridays in June due to scheduled Karamoor events and then Shaina is on vacation the last week of June and I am in vacation the first two weeks of July.  So, for the time being our only scheduled tour date is June 16th.  We hope that you can make it!

I hope that your Memorial Day Weekend is filled with fun and sunshine.  Remember to be thankful on Monday for all that you have as we remember all of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to defend our freedom.  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
May 19, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

A wedding wrap up....and some Karamoor stuff too!

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, wedding palooza is officially over.  What are Mom and I going to work on now?!  Matt and I went to Saint Lucia for our honeymoon.  It was great.  We stayed at the Viceroy and when we were leaving, a guy at the airport told us that it's where Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, and etc. stay when they visit the island.  I have no idea if that is true, but it would make sense if they did.  The resort was gorgeous, but food and drink were SO expensive.  Like a tiny pina colada was $16.  I's a girl supposed to drink 20 of those without breaking the bank?  Anyway, I'd definitely go back.  We went deep sea fishing one day - only caught 1 fish in SIX HOURS.  That is a lot of trolling.  We only got 2 bites all day!  The fish that we caught was an was like 2 feet long and about 30 lbs.  LOL.  The 2nd bite that we got seemed like it would be a little more exciting because it broke the line, and almost ripped the fishing rod off the boat!  But, we didn't get to fight it for too long (hence the broken line...).  We also went ziplining, we went to this cool waterfall, and we checked out the volcano.  The volcano was pretty awesome.  There was this mud that you were suppposed to rub on yourselves and then you let it dry and then you get into this hot spring (which was hot hot hot!) to rinse off.  They say that the mud has healing properties...  The thing that I can't get over is that the way that they get the mud.  The mud comes from a cave basically inside the volcano and this guy has to go and collect it!  I would not want that job, that's for sure.  It seems like it could be a real gamble with death.  Not only could you get burned, but like the whole walk up the volcano is over the lava rock and it's all sharp and craggy and you could def roll an ankle.  Anyway, Matt and I enjoyed our time on the island, the people that live there are just so nice.  I would say that the coolest thing of our trip is that I met a guy that I knew from my last trip to Saint Lucia which was 20 years ago!  I took a vacation with my mom, dad, and brother in the 90's and we played basketball and made friends with 2 men who worked at the resort...Andre and Leei.  WELL, we ran into Andre at one of the restaurants that we went to when we were exploring Soufriere!  Luckily, Mom took a picture of me, Dad, and Zack with Andre and Leei, so my dad sent me a picture of the picture so that I could show Andre.  It was so cool.  Obviously we took an updated picture :)

Anyway, in the midst of all my wedding happiness, we have been humming right along here at Karamoor.  Lots of things in the works, lots of things happening.  This week we are replanting the 2.5 acres or so that we ripped out 2 years ago.  The vines that had to be removed were Merlot grapes and we have been replanting them with more Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot!  I was out there in the field yesterday as they were replanting (because we were filming it with WHYY) and it was so hot!  I felt so bad for all of them because I was melting just standing there, I can't imagine how they felt digging the holes and planting the vines.  Typically our vineyards have been planted with a big tractor that is lined up with a laser, but because this was a replant and the end posts were already put in, we had do the 2.5 acres by hand.  Here's a picture of our vineyard manager, Joe, looking like an Italian Indiana Jones!

So in addition to this replanting, we've almost completed all of our bottling.  The only one still remaining is our 2015 Merlot!  There won't be too much of this, but I had the pleasure of giving this a taste yesterday.  I think that you will all be very pleased with the 2015 Merlot!  

There are a lot of other exciting snippets I could share with you, but I think that I will save those snippets for next Friday...which is already Memorial Day Weekend!  Yeesh!  Anyway, I hope that you have all been doing well and that you have some excellent things planned for this weekend.  I looked at the weather and it seems like it will be a perfect Spring weekend!  Not like a confusing August weather weekend.  It's May, Mother Natuture!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
May 5, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Yep...still Duloc...for now!

You guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We got married!  It was literally the most perfect day.  Other than the fact that Mom was sick.  I felt so bad!  She was so sick, she couldn't get out of bed until she was scheduled to get her hair done, and even then I think she was only there because she had to get ready.  She didn't look sick by the time we were all made up, and by the time we were ready to walk down the aisle, I think the adrenaline had kicked in.  But...besides Mom being sick, it couldn't have been a more perfect day.  Everything was perfect.  The ceremony was at Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and if you know anything about the Greek Orthodox religion, you probably know that this is usually quite a serious ceremony.  Not in our case.  There was a lot of laughter up on that alter...even the priest cracked a few jokes at the end.  The organist who was supposed to play the music as we were pronounced husband and wife....fell asleep!!!  So instead of music, we had hooting and hollering from all of our friends and family.  I don't think I could have planned it better in that just seemed very fitting that we leave the church with hoots and hollers.

After the ceremony, Matt and I bee lined it out of the church with the rest of the family close behind.  We boarded a trolley with the immediate family (there were 35 of us...haha...) to set off for pictures.  The rest of our guests boarded buses for a boozey city tour of Philadelphia (which ended at the reception venue).  Matt and I got photos by ourselves in Elfreth's Alley which is the oldest street in Philadelphia...where my veil blew off my head!  Classic.  Then we got back on the trolley and we went to this old vintage furniture warehouse.  It was awesome.  The lighting was picture perfect and I am so so so excited to see the photos from this photoshoot.  In addition to photos of me and Matt, we got photos of all the family members in a ton of different groupings.  There will be a photo for every person that was at this warehouse which is awesome.  After the photoshoot at the warehouse, we got back on the trolley and we took a picture under the El when we arrived at Front and Palmer.  I saw a proof of it and it turned out exactly how I had pictured it....I will share it with you when I get the photos back, but for now you will have to visit our instagram page:

When we got into the reception venue, Mom, Auntie Des, Kara, and the lead female vocalist from the band(!) helped to bustle my dress.  Then it was party time.  The night went exactly to plan...other than Dad and I forgot a lot of our dance steps (but I don't think that anyone noticed...).  It was a wild wedding.  The dance floor was never empty!  The reception ended at 11:30PM, and the after party went until after last call!!

Matt and I are leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow.  We are super excited!  I am sure that I will have lots to fill you in on in TWO Friday's!  Hopefully then I have some photos and/or the video teaser to share with you.  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
April 21, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Bottling, bottling, bottling!

It's April 21st!  That means that next Friday is the 28th!  Which means that my wedding is NEXT Saturday.  Can't believe it.  Tomorrow is Matt's local bachelor party (that lucky rascal gets two bachelor parties!), and while he is doing that, I am going to be doing wedding stuff.  Tomorrow morning I have to swing by the jeweler to make sure that my ring fits...hopefully I still like it!  Choosing a ring was hard.  I am glad that Matt just picked my engagement ring for me...because I am very indecisive.  When we went in to choose wedding bands, Matt was like, "I will take that one."  It took him like 4 seconds.  I had to go to two different stores, look at all the options, then go home and think about it, then go back for a second look...  After the jeweler, I am heading to Mom and Dad's (but Dad will be taking part in the bachelor party festivities, so he will not be there) to put together the welcome bags and then do a little DIY decor stuff (among a few other things).  Mom and I couldn't find any table number holders that we liked (because we are picky and none of the already-made-for-you holders were justtttttttttt right), so we are going to be spray painting them, then filling them with like this rubbery concrete stuff, and then we have these swirly table numbers made out of like thin gold.  Hopefully they turn out great because we do not have a back up!.  We also have to do the koufeta.  Koufeta are white sugar coated almonds and it is customary to give the koufeta to your wedding guests at the ceremony (and of course, to the bride and groom during the service).  The koufeta symbolizes purity (the white color), the new life which begins with marriage (the egg shape of the almond), the endurance of marriage (the hardness of the almond), and the sweetness of future life (the sugar coating).  Koufeta are always given out in odd numbers and that is because those numbers are indivisible, just as The Bride and The Groom shall remain undivided.  I'm getting so excited!!!

I am also excited about a few other things that happened this week!  Like...yesterday we had a film crew out from WHYY because they are going to be doing a little story on Karamoor Estate!  It is going to be about the journey of grape to bottle and background on the winery and winemaking process.  Not sure when it will air, but I will let you know.  In addition that awesome piece of news, we also bottled and labeled our Sauvignon Blanc (finished that last Friday) and this week we finished our Meritage!  In addition to Karamoor's Meritage, we also bottled the Meritage for AKA.  So...two Meritages!  Next week Kevin is going to be bottling our Cabernet Franc and our Merlot, and then we will be all done bottling until we do our 2016 Chardonnay in later August...but I will have other things to share with you after bottling.  Don't you worry!

I hope that you have awesome plans for this weekend.  It looks like it is going to be a little overcast (sadface), but I bet you will still make the most of it!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
April 14, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Wowza...2 weeks till W-Day!

Guys.  Holy moly.  2 weeks until wedding weekend.  Crazy!!!!!!!!!  I am going for my last dress fitting tomorrow.  Hopefully nothing crazy happens between then and 4.29....  Everyone has been asking if I am getting nervous, but strangely, I'm not.  I can't wait to marry Matt and my parents have been THE BIGGEST help ever in regards to the wedding, and because of that, I think that we are not feeling overly stressed (at least I am not...Mom may disagree).  There are a few things to take care of between now and the big day, but pretty much we are on autopilot.  You kind of just say a little prayer that all the professionals that you hire show up that day and do exactly what you discussed...  I'm getting so excited.  I love our menus for both the rehearsal dinner AND the reception.  It's a black tie wedding, but we are having pierogies by Matt's family's business "Silly Lilly's Pierogies" and then we are having beer on tap by our friends from Tired Hands Brewing....and of course Karamoor Wines!  I hope that everything turns out even better than it looks in my head.  I can't wait to show you all pictures!

Next Friday we are having our last tour of April - we probably will not have another tour until mid-May (after I return from our honeymoon).  It seems like next Friday is a pretty popular date because we are almost sold out.  I bet that means that we are going to have a really fun group.  I think there are 4 tickets left, so if you are interested, head to the store and buy some tickets!

On Thursday of next week, we are going to have a filming group out from WHYY.  How neat is that?  I guess I might want to apply some makeup on Thursday in case I end up on TV...  Wouldn't that be awesome?!  I could tell Matt that he is married to a TV star!  #jk.  They are coming out on Thursday because we have started bottling...finally.  Kevin is actually bottling our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc today!  He was supposed to start last week but some of our materials got hung up in New Jersey for some reason...I mean, New Jersey is not that far.  Why did it take those shipping companies a week to get it here?  My aunt commutes from New Jersey everyday...she probably could have gotten us our materials in like 1/8th of the time it took them.  Anyway, the point is that next week Kevin will be bottling our reds.  Probably our Meritage is the wine that will end up being filmed next Thursday...which is fitting because Meritage is our flagship wine!

Do you have fun plans this weekend?  I think it might rain tomorrow, but Sunday is supposed to be great weather.  Maybe I will be able to work on my tan!  I know that I already told you that I have my last dress fitting in NYC tomorrow, but TONIGHT (that's right, I have plans on a Friday that do not involve Netflix and bed by 9:45PM) my very best pal from college is coming over with her husband and her 2 dogs for a date night!  Can't wait.  Then Sunday is Easter!  It is both Easter AND Orthodox Easter.  Typically for Greek Easter (Orthodox Easter) my grandparents have a big celebration...but this year since all the family is coming in two weeks later for the wedding, my grandparents are going to Florida!  Those lucky rascals.  Matt and I are going to have a quiet early dinner with my parents...this way Dad and I can practice our dance for the wedding.  So, while it will just be dinner for Dad and me, it will be dinner AND a show for Mom and Matt.  I hope that you have plenty of Karamoor wine to accompany your ham or lamb.  Happy Easter and Happy Passover!!!!!!!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
March 24, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Philly Wine Week is almost over

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a different week this week has been from last week.  Last week was cold.  Snowy.  Quiet.  This week was sunny!  Busy!  Fun!  Doesn't this week just look like it was more exciting from my use of punctuation?

If you are part of our newsletter group, you probably know that we have been running all types of sales and specials for Philadelphia Wine Week.  In addition to those sales and specials, we had a BUNCH of stuff going on downtown.  I know that I mentioned all of it in last week's blog, but you was SUCH a great week.

On Tuesday, Kevin and I were at Tria Taproom.  The ONLY wines they served all day on Tuesday were ours.  It was awesome.  We talked to so many people.  It was super easy to pick out the Karamoor customers because they just had to have a glass of wine in their hand for us to know!  We had a lot of fun filling the customers in on everything they could ever want to know about Karamoor.

Last night was our event at A.Kitchen.  It was awesome.  What a terrific launch for the A.Vin Chardonnay.  Have you ever been to A.Kitchen?  So cute and chic and cozy.  I will definitely be heading there for dinner at some point in the near future.  Maybe after the wedding, because I wanted to eat literally every single thing that they brought out from the open kitchen last night.  It was total torture to let it pass by!  I am pretty sure that every person there enjoyed the wine because they all seemed to be excited to leave with a bottle to enjoy at home...

There are a bunch of other great events happening downtown through Sunday of this week.  If you are interested, here is the link:  Lo Speido is tapping one of the last kegs of Chrysos (our collaborative beer we did with Goose Island) and our keg red today, so I hope that you are heading there!

Sorry for the short post today, but I wanted to make sure I could fill you in on the fun!    I am off to make some deliveries!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
March 17, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Philadelphia Wine Week starts Sunday 3/19!

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!  I'm not Irish.  I never had one of those green shirts that had one of those crazy sayings on it and I normally do not even wear anything green, but last weekend I was with my mom and we were driving through Frenchtown and I found the cutest green dress at this little boutique owned by a mother and her daughter!  So, I wore it today and I'm feeling festive. 

You are probably wondering what I was doing driving through Frenchtown.  Welllllllll, last Saturday I had my first dress fitting for my wedding dress up in NYC!  You was too big!  Wedding diet success!  My mom was concerned that maybe I wouldn't like the dress as much as I did when we bought it.  She had nothing to worry about.  I LOVE it.  Cannot wait to wear it on the big day!  After the dress fitting, I got my hair cut by the woman that is going to be doing my hair on my wedding day.  She is the absolute best ever.  Her name is Sanae and she is a stylist at Mark Garrison Salon.  Everyone is always like, "Ali, why can't you just have someone who is already in Philadelphia do your hair?"  I have tried!!!!!!!!!!!  No one cuts hair like Sanae.  I'm not so much of a girlie girl, so I never really know what I want done to my hair because I really don't give it too much thought.  I always just tell her to do what she wants, make it look good, and the only parameter is that I need to be able to put it up for working out.  She always gives me exactly what I didn't know I wanted.  Anyway, I needed a cut and I needed to schedule a date to do a hair trial.  Done and done!  On April 1st, you will find me back up in NYC for another dress fitting and my wedding hair trial.  I am so excited.

Moving on from the wedding week is Philly Wine Week!  In addition to the events below, we are going to run some sales.  So!  If you aren't signed up for our newsletter, now is the time to sign up.  Also, when you sign up, you get a 15% off coupon that can be used on any order (including tour tickets).  So, what are you waiting for?

March 19-March 26 - Plenty Cafe (Passyunk Location) will be "Celebrating Local Wine" all week!  Among some other local superstars, you will find a Karamoor Estate wine that was blended for Plenty Cafe's.  The managing partners created this wine under the watchful eye of Karamoor's winemaker, Kevin Robinson.  Though it will just be at their Passyunk location next week, it will eventually be available at each of their locations over the next few weeks!  Give it a try before it is gone!!

March 21 - Kevin and I will be at Tria Taproom on Tuesday, March 21 for a "Karamoor Tap Takeover!".  We will be there from 5:30-7PM and Tria has 4 wines from Karamoor to choose from!  2015 Sauvignon Blanc, 2015 Rose, 2013 Chardonnay, and the LAST KEG of special 2014 Petit Verdot Blend!  Glasses will be available at attractive prices!

March 23 - On Thursday, March 23 from 5:30-7PM Kevin and I will be down at A.Kitchen & Bar for the release of A.Vin!  This is a privately labeled Chardonnay that we did for AKA.  A majority of the proceeds from the event on Thursday will be going to the Institute for Functional Restoration at Case Western Reserve Univeristy to help spinal cord injury patients (like Eli Kulp who was injured in the 2015 Amtrak derailment) regain function through new technologies.  Tickets for Thursday night are available here:

March 24 - On Friday, March 24 (all day!!!), Lo Spiedo will be having a Grapes and Grain day!  They will be offering glasses of our blended red keg wine and the beer that we collaborated on with Goose Island Brewing (Chrysos) for $7!  What a steal!

I just looked at the weather for the weekend.  Did you see that we are supposed to get snow AGAIN tomorrow?  Doylestown is supposed to get maybe 3 inches tomorrow night.  What is that?  Isn't Monday the first day of Spring?  I guess that crazy groundhog was right in saying that there were going to be six more weeks of winter.  Anyway, I hope that you've got some fun things planned for the weekend.  I have to meet with the florist tomorrow and then on Sunday, Matt and I have our last meeting with the priest.  I don't know what I am going to do with all my free time after the wedding!  Until next time...

Time Posted: Mar 17, 2017 at 8:15 AM