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Alecia Jankowski
March 3, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Today is Mulled Wine Day!

You guys.  As I am writing this...snow is falling.  WHAT THE HECK!?  Last Friday it was 70 degrees.  Maybe it is snowing today so that it makes sense for you to mull some wine?  That has to be it.  Otherwise, it makes no sense at all.  I am glad that it chose today to snow and not last weekend, because last weekend was my bridal shower!  My grandmother threw it for me...she's the absolute best ever.  My brother and sister-in-law flew in from Chicago, my cousins came down from New York, and Matt's sister and sister-in-law came in from the Reading area...on top of which all my pals came (including my best friend from college who I haven't seen in about 3 years!).  It was great.  I went off diet for Saturday...which means that I had some (I kept it in check...mostly) mimosas, red velvet cake, and then some of my dad's world famous linguini with clam sauce and garlic bread.  It was totally worth it.  My dad's linguini with clam sauce is out of this world.  It is probably all the butter and garlic that is in it...which makes garlic bread the perfect accompaniment (because more butter and more garlic and more carbs!).

So, like I mentioned above, it's snowing so that you can make some mulled wine.  Which is great because it is Mulled Wine Day.  How appropriate!  Do you like mulled wine?  I feel like it is OK...I would much rather have a spiked cocoa, but to each their own.  Shaina loves mulled wine (which is why we have a "Shaina's Famous Mulled Wine" recipe).  I've posted the recipe here before, so instead of posting it again, I will link you to our Facebook page where Shaina posted it today:  I bet she will be making mulled wine today when she gets home from work!  As I sit here writing about the snow and mulled wine, I am just realizing that this morning I did not wear a jacket...NOT GOOD.  I guess it is lucky that I do not have to walk too far to get to my car!

We only have 2 tickets left for next Friday's tour.  The tours (in case you are wondering) have been going really well.  Did you know that I give the tours?  I talk non-stop for about 2 hours (lucky tour attendees!)...well, almost non-stop.  Kevin chats for a little while about winemaking and Shaina helps with some of the chit chat during the tasting portion.  The tours are so fun for us though.  I really have enjoyed each and every one of them because the groups that we have had out have been so awesome (and I know the rest of the team agrees).  Karamoor wine fans really are the best!

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?  Tonight I am heading to the gym to workout (and will follow it up with some Indian food, but not my normal pre-wedding diet meal :(...not really too much of a sad face though because what I get now is prettttttttty delicious) and then tomorrow Matt and I will probably workout in the morning and then we have plans to go to the mall with our friends.  The main purpose of the mall trip is to help my friend find a dress for our wedding!!!  Also, Matt has to pick out bow ties...and a tuxedo shirt (not to be confused with a tuxedo t-shirt) for himself.  His tux came in this week.  It is blue and I really like it.  He looks quite dapper!  Anyway, I hope that you will be doing something a little more exciting than going to the mall...but if not, maybe I will see you there!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
February 24, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

This weather is AMAZING!

You guys!  It is February 24th and it is 70 degrees outside.  I do not hate it!  I am the weirdo that likes winter (for the most part), but I do love this type of weather.  I like summer for pools, beach, BBQ, and fun with friends.  But I am not a summer weather type of gal.  I do not like to sweat unless I am at the gym...or on the beach....or at the lake...or by a pool.  You get it.  Either working out or close to a body of water.  That is probably why I enjoy winter.  Just add layers until you are warm!  But it is hard to grill and have fruity beverages outside when it is 10 degrees...

People have been asking what this weather is going to do to our vines.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  WELL.  It is good if the weather stays like this.  It is bad if we have a few weeks of this weather and then a frost.  Right now, the vines are still even if it gets cold again this weekend, we will be OK.  If it stays warm like this for the next week or so, and the vines wake up and the buds start to push, we could be in a world of hurt if we get a frost!  So, let's hope that the weather stays warm....or stays cold.  Let's hope that Mother Nature just makes up her mind as to whether it is currently winter or spring!

Last night, we were at the Bucks County Locavore event.  It is always a great event, but last night (probably due to this weather) was amazing.  So many people came out!  There were so many great things to try from other producers as well.  Because I am on my crazy diet, I only got to try some tomato sauce...but it DID NOT DISAPPOINT.  Shaina got to try many more items than I did.  I was even able to introduce her to the most delicious Belgian Waffles the world has ever known.  Nina's.  If you ever have a hankering for waffles and ice cream and you find yourself in Doylestown (or Lambertville) MUST check out Nina's Waffles.  AMAZING.  After Matt and I are hitched, I am definitely going to get some waffles. 

I hope that you all have some great plans for the weekend.  Tomorrow morning I am having my makeup trial done for the wedding and then I have my bridal shower!!!!  I can't wait.  For either thing, really.  I am so excited to see all my friends and family, but I am also excited to have a face full of makeup!  Normally, I just wear chapstick.  I see that there is a 100% chance of rain for tomorrow, but I don't think that will put much of a damper on the festivities!  Anyway, don't forget that tomorrow is "Open that Bottle" Day!  It is the day to open up that bottle that you have been saving for the perfect occasion!  Perhaps a Karamoor Estate 2013 Petit Verdot?  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
February 17, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Tomorrow is National Drink Wine Day!!!!!!

They have a holiday for everything these days!  When I used to listen to other Sirius radio stations besides the 80s on 8 (I have not changed this station in my car for almost 2 months...) I used to listen to the hits.  I think it was channel 2.  Anyway, every single morning they would always say "today is national (insert weird thing here) day!".  I mean, there are things like National Fried Shrimp Day, National Cupcake Day, National Chocolate Day, National Ice Cream Day....  I feel like everything that is semi bad for you has its own day!  I have yet to see a National Broccoli Day, Brussels Sprouts Day, Teeth Cleaning Day, or Go for a Run Day.  I feel like maybe we should insert some of those days to counteract all of the junk food days.  Can you tell that I have been eating healthy for too long?

Anyway, tomorrow is a National Day that I can get behind!  It is National Drink Wine Day.  There are a lot of funny memes floating around out there.  Remember when we didn't have memes?  Is there an inventor of the meme?  If there is, I bet that person is a millionaire by now.  Anyway, I pulled some of my favorites that I was able to find.  Here they are:

Betty White is the best!  Can you believe that she is 95 years old?  That is crazy.  She sure does have a lot of pep!  How is she so funny?  We need more people like her in the world.  

I hope that you are well stocked for National Wine Day.  Once Sunday rolls around and you find that you need to replenish your inventory...keep Karamoor in mind.  Don't forget that our 2013 Chardonnay is on super sale right now!  *Hilarious sidenote:  One time, my grandmother was ordering some takeout for a family get together.  The person on the phone asked her if she wanted "soup or salad", to which she replied, "Yes, I will take the super salad".  Super sale reminded me of that story.  Anyway, the 2013 Chard is on sale for $25.50 per bottle and then there is an additional 20% off full cases!  Getting the price to $20.40 per bottle.  Now that's crazy!

I hope that you have a great weekend.  Sadly, I will not be partaking in National Wine Day (you know...the whole prewedding diet thing...), but I do plan to eat some Halo Top Ice Cream and watch some movies.  I sure do lead a wild life!  Until next time...


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Alecia Jankowski
February 10, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

The first actual snow storm of 2017!

I was verrrrry skeptical of the weather reports on Tuesday that said that after an almost 70 degree day, we would be getting snow (and not just a dusting).  Those weathermen just never seem to be right, so I usually do not pay any mind to their "severe weather advisories".  I woke up at 4AM to the sound of rain.  I was like, "OK!  Guess they were wrong.  Back to bed and then to the gym in an hour and a half!".  At 5:30AM, it was a full on blizzard and the gym was closed.  I think I have told you that I live in Doylestown, and I guess the further outside Philadelphia you got, the more snow you got.  We got about 6 inches in 5 hours!  We have a super long driveway and let me tell you, that snow was HEAVY.  I didn't even have to go to the gym to get a workout!  I am really glad that I shoveled when I did because after the snow, the sun came out and did some work with the salt I spread.  If I had waited to shovel, the driveway would have been like a sheet of ice!

Down here at Karamoor, we only got about 3 inches.  Maybe even less!  Crazy what 20 miles difference will do.  All this up and down with the weather is not so great for the vines.  Hopefully Mother Nature figures out soon if it is going to be winter or if it going to be spring!

We had a great tour last Friday (2/3).  The group was a lot of fun.  I think that the best thing about the tours that we give is the fact that they are super personal.  People really seem to like that aspect of things.  That and of course the drinking of wine!  Our tour for Valentine's Day is completely sold out, but we still have some spots available for 2/24!  I hope that you come to visit us soon.

Lots of wedding prep happening this week!  Finalized the menu for the rehearsal dinner and for the reception.  People are getting their invitations which makes everything seem very real.  My dad and I picked the song that we are going to dance to and I just made us a dance lesson appointment (I am a BAD dancer).  I have been chatting with my cousin (MOH) about the bachelorette party and I am getting SO EXCITED for it.  I can't believe that we are only 2.5 months away from the big day.  Seems crazy!

Next week I will include some new winery photos.  We have been changing things around quite a bit and this week we have been doing construction to the main portion of the winery where our new tanks will find their permanent home (because for the last few months these shiny new tanks have just been sitting in the middle of the winery taking up lots of room)!  So, stay tuned for that!  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.  Until next time..

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Alecia Jankowski
February 3, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Bucks County Locavore

Another week gone!  It's February!  Only 84 days until my wedding!  Lots of !!!!  We got out the invitations this week.  That was a big project.  I had to tie so many pieces of string that my finger got a blister on it.  They looked cute though, so the blister was totally worth it.  In addition to finishing the invites last weekend, Matt and I went to Crossfit with my parents again!  Did I tell you that for Christmas, we got them a 10 punch card to the gym that is closest to their house?  They are both very active anyway, but Matt and I thought they would have fun incorporating Crossfit into their fitness routine.  I think they are enjoying it.  It is nice to share something that both Matt and I enjoy with my parents.  It has been a fun Saturday morning thing.  We head over to their house, pick them up, head to class, and then we cook breakfast and hang out.  It has been great.

Do you know what else is great?  Locally made products.  I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE farmer's markets.  The main reason that I love them so much is that you can find delicious locally made items.  Like....roasted coffee beans, handmade chocolates, specialty honey, dips, marinades, and I guess also vegetables....  There is this great event coming up in Doylestown.  It is called the Bucks County Locavore, and basically it is a big (FREE) networking event/semi-farmers market.  It is only a semi-farmers market because not EVERYONE there can sell their products.  Some of the people there (ahem, Karamoor Estate) can only pour and sample their products!  I haven't decided what we are planning to sample just yet.  Any ideas?  Maybe our Sauvignon Blanc and our Meritage?  I have some time to figure it out, as it is not until the 23rd of February...but the way this year is flying by, I should probably think about it sooner rather than later!  Here is a link to the event page on Facebook:

Can you believe that I have never been to an ice hockey game?  I don't think I have ever even watched a full ice hockey game on TV...but, I am going to the Flyers game tomorrow!  Matt said that they have been very exciting to watch this season.  I like watching sports when they are good games, but that is really the only time.  Even the last 2 SuperBowl's have been tough for me because they were not very good games.  Last year even the commercials were bad.  This is going to be a sports weekend for me, I guess!  Hockey, football...  Anyway, I hope that you've got some great plans.  What are you going to make for snacks for the big game?  Usually I look forward to bad-for-me-foods during the SuperBowl, but this year I am on that crazy wedding dress diet. Have a great weekend!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
January 27, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Take your sweetheart to Karamoor this Valentine's Day!

I started this strict diet (you know, so that I can fit in my wedding dress (which just came in!!!!!)) on January 3rd, and I have not cheated once.  I am very proud of myself.  It is based on macronutrients that you need based on the time you workout and the intensity of your workout.  It is pretty cool, but I also kind of miss treats and snacks.  I really miss treats and snacks as I watch Matt eat a stacks of pancakes, cheeseburgers, chocolate chip cookies, drink beers on the weekends, and keep a 6 pack.  How does that happen?  Life is so unfair.

Did you see the article that Craig LaBan wrote about locally made wines that took home gold medals at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition?  It was online on Wednesday and then it was the Inquirer on Thursday.  It was a really nice article!  Here it is:  In addition to the article, Craig also had some great tasting notes on our 2013 Petit Verdot (which in case you decide to not read the blog from last week or the article, was one of the gold medal winners).  Here they are:  "Karamoor Estates 2013 petit verdot, $55: This 100 percent petit verdot is made only in years when the fruit is right, and the 2013 was a winner that delivered a deep purple juice jammy with blackberries, but that also unfolded as more interesting, with layers of black licorice, tobacco, earth, and a tingle of numbing Sichuan peppercorn spice that rides a light pucker of black plum on the finish. The price tag is prohibitive, but collectors will now realize this grape has a future in Pennsylvania."

Since this article went live, we have been getting lots of questions like, "Where can I taste this wine?".  So, since it is not a wine that we wholesale at all, we decided that for the month of February, we are going to include the 2013 Petit Verdot in every single one of our on-site tours!  Speaking of our on-site tours, there are 3 dates in February (tickets have been selling fast, though.  So, hurry!).  I know that I have made mention of the Friday, February 3rd tour prior to today, but we added the tour on Valentine's Day and we added another tour on Friday, February 24th as well.  The tour on Valentine's Day is a special one!  We are going to give out a bottle of our pretty and very pink bottle of 2015 Rose to each couple that signs up.  What a treat!

I hope that you have some fun things planned for the weekend.  I know that tonight I am stuffing wedding invitations...wahooo!  If you are ever looking for some top notch invitations, check out LoveLeigh Invitations.  The owners are so nice and they did an amazing job with our custom invites.  Super easy to work with as well!  And a quick turnaround.  I think that I will need a glass of Rose while I do the invitations.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend!  Until next time....

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Alecia Jankowski
January 20, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Did you know that we did a really cool collaboration with Goose Island Brewing?

We've been super busy over here at Karamoor for the last few weeks, so I am sorry that it has been a while since I updated the blog!  How have you all been?  I hope great!  On top of all these projects over here at work (that I will get into in a minute!), I've also been planning the big day (with help, of course, from Mom, Matt, and Dad!).  Did I tell you that we are having 3 cakes?  I feel like I did.  I'm very excited about that because I love cake, so I talk about it a lot.  Most recently, we have been finishing up the final rounds of invitation revisions, meeting with the florist to come up with a game plan, and finalizing(ish) the menu and overall decor and set up.  ALSO, my MOH finally received the dress that she ordered in November!  And it is PERFECT.  So excited.

So, while the wedding stuff is taking up a lot of my mental capacity currently, Karamoor is realllllllllly making me stretch the memory available.  We have been working on SO MUCH STUFF.  Did you see that in the middle of December we completed our collaboration with Goose Island Brewing?  There were about 4 articles that went out about that.  This one is probably the one that is the most in depth article that was written:  It was a great collab and the launch party took place at Osteria with our good friends, the folks from Vetri restaurants.  The beer, Chrysos, is pretty cool.  It is Gooses's Sofie beer, but kind of ramped up.  Their typical Sofie beer is a Saison that is partially aged in oak (about half of the beer is aged in oak), and the oak barrels that they use have been sterilized and cleaned prior to filling.  In the case of Chrysos, they aged the Saison 100% in our barrels that had previously held Cabernet Franc.  They did not sterilize or rinse the barrels prior to filling, so the Saison had direct contact with color and flavors that were in the barrel from our ever popular, Cabernet Franc.  The beer is only available at Vetri resturants (Alla Spina, Osteria, and Lo Spiedo).

In addition to the Goose Island collab, we got the results from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition on Friday of last week.  We were so happy with our results!  Our 2013 Petit Verdot took a gold medal, our 2013 Meritage took a silver, and our 2015 Sauvignon Blanc took a bronze!  We added a San Francisco Chronicle Bundle on our website.  The bundle is slightly discounted, so take advantage of it while it is available.

To keep the momentum of this blog post going, I wanted to make mention of the fact that we are going to be doing a private label for AKA.  There will be more information surfacing on this in the next few weeks, but we are so excited to be working with such a great brand!

That's all I have time for today as a writer from PhillyBite is coming by in a few!  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and I promise that I will post again next week!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
December 30, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

Happy New Year!

My gosh.  We are only a day and a half away from the start of a new year.  New Year's Eve has always been my least favorite holiday.  I don't like that a lot of restaurants only have prix fixes (and yes, I get why they have to do that), I don't like cover charges, I don't like being bumped into in crowded bars.  I also don't like that there is pressure for it to be "the most fun night of the year!".  I feel like you can't force fun.  The best and most fun nights I've ever had, I've gone out with a feeling of "eh, let's just grab dinner and a drink!" and they have turned into hilarious scavenger hunts, or impromptu dance parties.  I've never had that happen on a New Year's Eve.  So, instead of going out, Matt and I have some friends over to our house for some food and drinks.  It's a low key way to ring in the new year...and I've found (through some trial and error) that it is a lot more fun than going out!

I am glad that we have just a quiet weekend planned.  I feel like I have been going at warp speed this whole holiday season.  It never even really felt like Christmas.  We were so busy here at work, Matt and I had stuff every single weekend leading up to the Christmas Holiday, and then we are also planning a wedding!  Usually I feel so proud of myself with what I get people for Christmas.  I am usually so excited to give them my present.  This year, I just felt like I had to rush things.  Hopefully next year I will get it together.  BTW...we sent out A LOT of gifts this Christmas from Karamoor...I hope that is something that doesn't change next year.  Thanks for everyone's support!!! 

Speaking of gifts for the holidays...did you know that we have a killer sale going on today and tomorrow?  25% off wines over $20 on our website!  Just use the code BRINGON2017.  Do you remember that movie "Bring it On"?  Great movie.  Anyway, that means that you can get a bottle of our 2013 Merlot for just $20.25!  Even our barrel select wines are on sale.  Get to ordering!

So I mentioned up above that we are also planning a wedding (which you already knew).  Did you know that yesterday marks the date of exactly 4 months until our wedding day?  Insert that panicked face emoji here.  I am feeling underprepared!  We did make one more decision last week...and it was on the cakes!  Yes, that's right.  I said cakes.  Plural.  The Duloc family loves cake (Mom, Dad, brother is the only one that doesn't have too much of a sweet tooth) and Matt likes cake (just maybe he doesn't have the deep love for it that we have).  We couldn't decide on flavor!  They were all fabulous (we went to Whipped Bakery in Fishtown), so we ended up with 3 cakes.  One large wedding cake that is carrot cake with vanilla buttercream, one medium stacked cake that is chocolate with peanut butter buttercream with chocolate ganache, and one small cake that is almond poundcake with lemon curd and passion fruit buttercream!  So, we can at least cross that off the list!  Still working on hair, makeup, and decor.  Any suggestions are welcome!

I hope that you all have a very safe and happy New Year.  Enjoy your three day weekend!!!!!  Until next year... (haha, i'm so cheesy!)

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Alecia Jankowski
December 9, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

It's time for the Holiday Party!

Last night, Matt went to the Flyers' game (I know, I know...GREAT GAME!).  I didn't grow up watching hockey (for some reason, my dad just doesn't watch it just wasn't on the TV normally), but Matt played up until college.  His brother played hockey.  His nephew is a rockstar goalie (he is 15 and plays on the U18 team out in Berks County).  His family definitely grew up watching hockey.  So, he told me he was going to the game with a client from business, and I was like, "OK!  Have a great time!".  Yesterday morning he asked me "Are you going to miss nto having me home tonight?!", to which I replied, "Yes, of course!".  Does anyone else love having the house to themselves like I do?  I mean like...infrequently.  Not all the time.  I think that if Matt was out most nights or traveled on business a lot, I would be bored and I would miss him a lot (I mean, he IS my best pal...but don't tell Penny). is great to eat ice cream for dinner and watch whatever you want to watch on TV!  So, that is what I did last night.  I ate ice cream that I topped with peanut butter and I watched that awful (/great...) show, Vanderpump Rules.

Did you know that Shaina has a tasting tonight at the Blue Bell store?  SHE DOES!  It is from 4-6PM...they have our 2012 Chardonnay, 2013 Merlot, 2013 Cabernet Franc, and 2013 Meritage in stock.  Swing by and see her for a sample!  In addition to this tasting, she is also doing a tasting at the Ardmore liquor store on Wednesday (12.14) and I am going to be doing a tasting at the Flourtown store next Friday (12.16).  It is like a tastingpalooza here for the next week!

We ALSO have 2 tour dates available for this month.  We have one scheduled for 12.22 and one scheduled for 12.29.  Come by and join us during a time where everyone can use a little relaxation and can definitely use some wine too!

Tomorrow is our annual holiday party.  It is a big deal.  My grandparents pull out all the stops.  This year, the party is the largest it has been in quite a long time.  People come in from all over...from all of the various companies...and celebrate the holidays as one big group.  It is always fun, and the food is always great.  Guess what the gift favors are this year?  You guessed it!!!  Karamoor wines!  This year we are giving out the 2013 Merlot.  It is tasting great and people will be pumped.

So, I think that's all for now.  OH, WAIT!  Did you know that we are running 20% off all merchandise (except for gift cards)?!  Tours included!  Use the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS at checkout!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
December 2, 2016 | Alecia Jankowski

Less than one month until 2017!!!!

It is going to be a quick post today!  First, I want to tell you guys that I had a spectacular weekend last weekend.  I couldn't tell you what was going on in case my dad read my blog post last week.  Mom threw Dad a surprise 60th birthday party.  My brother and his wife flew in from Chicago, fraternity brothers that my dad hasn't seen in over 30 years came in, long time work associates, family friends, and of course family all were there to party to the sounds of a Bruce Springsteen tribute band called, Tramps Like Us!  It was an amazing time!  My dad was totally surprised.  My mom did such an awesome job with all the planning and I know that Dad was just so touched by all of it.  And Tramps Like Us was absolutely incredible.  It was like having the real Bruce Springsteen there.  Totally awesome.

So, I know that a lot of people are looking forward to the end of 2016.  I guess in a lot of ways people think it was kind of a crappy year.  I can't say that I feel the same (I had a lot of great things happen for me in 2016), but I think that many people are ready to start anew in 2017.  I personally am very much looking forward to Christmas.  There was one year where I didn't feel like I was in the Christmas spirit at all, but the past few years I have really loved the season.  I pride myself on figuring out really creative and personal gifts.  It makes me happy when I find the perfect thing for someone on my list.  I also love writing poems to go along with those gifts.  I have written at least one poem each Christmas for the past 3 years.  My brother, his wife, me, Matt, and my parents always cook Christmas Eve dinner together.  It usually has a theme.  This year, we have decided that we are going to do a "Julia Child" themed Christmas Eve dinner.  More to come on this...

Have you done any shopping yet?  I haven't.  Did you know that we are offering gift packs this year?  Each gift pack is slightly discounted (one is $20+ off!) and they have been curated to go along with holiday meats.  Ham, turkey, beef, veal, lamb...coming soon will be the Seven Fishes gift pack!  We are including a personalized card with a gift note on it (if you are sending it to someone other than yourself, that is!  Even if you are sending it to yourself and you want a note written, I am happy to oblige!).  Here is what the card looks like: 

Isn't that so cute?  Doesn't that snowman just look like he is having the greatest time?

I am heading out now.  Matt and I are going down to the Franklin Institute to check out the new Jurassic World exhibit!  It should be awesome.  Until next time...

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