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Alecia Jankowski
December 15, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski


O.M.G.  Christmas is next Monday.  Are you ready?  I most certainly am not.  Which seems to be par for the course as I get older.  If I had to guess, I'd say that I am about 40% done my holiday shopping...and the major one that I am lagging on is my own husband!  He's so hard to buy for because when he wants something, I just come home to Amazon packages.  He even recently bought undershirts and socks...bye bye typical stocking stuffers!  I will say that the one thing that I am prepared for is our annual Crossfit Christmas Party.  I got an awesome gift for fact, I opened it last weekend to use when we had friends over.  Luckily, I got a back up gift (that I am probably going to try and steal) for the White Elephant style gift exchange.  Last year I didn't do a good job with this...I really brought it in 2017!  Say a little Santa prayer for me that I pull the biggest number so that I can pick my own gift!

I'd say that one (ok the main) reason that I am feeling unprepared for the holidays is how BUSY we have been here at Karamoor.  Thank you all SO MUCH for choosing us for so many of your gifts to send to relatives, friends, customers, or acquaintances that are both near and far!  We sincerely appreciate it.  We are glad to see that a lot of people have been able to take advantage of the major sales that have been going on since Black Friday!  Maybe next year around this time there will be a store for you to swing into...who knows!

If you still aren't sure that you want to buy wines as presents, what about one of our tasting tickets that we have scheduled for 12/29?  We are hosting 2 very special tasting times that Friday.  The tastings are open to 22 people per time slot and the time slots are 11AM and 1:30PM.  The 1:30PM time sold out in 2 days, but there is still availability for the 11AM spot.  Did you know that it is better to taste wine earlier in the day?  Your taste buds are much more in tact!  The thing that makes these 2 visits so special is that those people that join us for the tasting will be eligible to some very special deals and wines the day that they join us.  They will also be tasting a minimum of 10 wines!  These visits are different than our normal tour and tastings because they are lacking the tour portion.  We will drive through the property and then head right up to the private tasting room to begin sampling (versus our normal presentation on what makes us different and then take a tour of the winemaking facility and discuss the whole winemaking process, etc.).  The cost is $35 per person if you are interested...and tickets can be purchased on the Tour tab under the Store heading above!

I am looking forward to this weekend...and then I am looking forward to next week flying by so that I can hang with my husband's family on Saturday, and then see my brother and sister-in-law (and parents of course) on Sunday and Monday (and then on Monday afternoon I get to see all my aunts, cousins, uncles, and grandparents)!  Christmas Eve has turned into my immediate family day where us kids are usually tasked with cooking an excellent meal.  Although, I think that this year, we are allowing Dad to do a beef tenderloin on the rotisserie...  I will post the menu next week (usually we have everything figured out by now!) because we are behind in our planning.  I hope that you are further along with your holiday shopping and planning than I am, but if not, I hope that you make a good dent in things this weekend.  Until next time...

Alecia Jankowski
December 1, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

It's December!

December 1st!  That means that Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Did you have a great holiday?  Ours was very low-key, but Friendsgiving (the previous Saturday) was a different story.  Our hot water heater blew that morning.  You know, the morning where I was deboning 3 turkeys, making stuffing, making cakes, making sides...having to do a ton of dishes....  It was a real pain.  I had to wash my hands with bottled water while our friend (and saving grace) removed our old hot water heater and replaced it with a brand new one...all on a Saturday between 9:30AM and 1:30PM!  We are so lucky to have a friend like Tom!  After the hot water was back on, our oven stopped working.  I think it got mad because it was on from like 6:30AM until that night at about 4PM.  The thing that was very annoying about it was that it decided to stop working before I put all of my rolled turkey breasts and the stuffing in the oven...aka the main event to Thanksgiving....  So, we had to improvise...again, and luckily, we were saved again that day by some friends who took the turkey and the stuffing to their house to cook it and then brought it back to our house....  We ended up having to finish the turkey in our friends toaster oven at our house.  All was not lost though, becasue there was no shortage of drinks or appetizers.  We are so lucky to have such a fun group of people that were able to laugh about the day's mishaps with us only shortly after they happened!  (and they weren't too mad that dinner was about 2 hours late...)

After Thanksgiving, Karamoor had some crazy Black Friday deals and we also had 3 tastings here at the property.  I am happy to report that Black Friday was a major success.  Thanks to all of our Karamoor wine fans that shared the sale and also took part in it - we moved a lot of inventory!  Some of it was shipped very locally, while other cases went to California, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and Indiana!  We love the fact that people across the country will be drinking our wines this holiday season.

To keep with the same theme of gifting Karamoor wines, we have put some value cases (and half cases) on the website.  There is a Mixed Case, Mixed Half Case, Red Case, and Red Half Case.  All of the prices are great (between $13-$23 per bottle depending on which pack you choose), but the mixed Half Case gets you 6 bottles of wine shipped anywhere in the continental US (where we can legally ship) for under $100!  As per usual, shipping is FREE (on all the cases...and all orders that are over 3 bottles).

If you are thinking about coming for a tour but have been on the fence about spending the $$ to do so, you may want to check out WHYY tonight at 8:30PM where they will be running a special on Karamoor for their Friday Arts program.  I am excited to see what they have put together.  The producer and her team were out to Karamoor on 3 separate occasions to do filming and interviews, and we were lucky that each day they came out, we had perfect weather!  If you like what you see on TV tonight, there is a tour scheduled for next Friday (December 8th) at 3PM.  Additionally, we will be having 2 tastings on Friday, December 29.  Prices and times will be disclosed at a later date - but the visits on December 29 will not include the normal tour of the vineyard and winery.

I hope that you have a fun weekend planned.  I am going to be having dinner with an old friend tonight (and I am excited to catch up!), and then tomorrow's plans kind of got thrown because I have to take Gertie to the vet.  She has an ear infection :(.  I was going to be going to the Flyers game, but my friends are leaving too early and I don't want to fight that pre-game traffic on my own.  Maybe I will do some Christmas shopping on Sunday morning first thing...that is THE ONLY time to go to the mall during the holidays.  Get there right when it opens, and leave by the time other people start showing up.  I made a promise to myself this year that I WILL BE IN the Christmas spirit, and I WILL get back to my normal, creative-gift-giving self (because last year was a total fail).  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
November 3, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Tours on tours on tours!

Well, I have some bad news for you.  I didn't take any photos of the dogs this year when they were dressed up in their costumes.  I messed up.  I'm sorry.  I would say that Gertie's was probably the funniest since it was like a full on custome (head and body).  She was a Velociraptor.  We got her a small (because she is only 13 weeks old...), and the part that is suppose to wrap under her chest didn't even come close to closing.  The costume had leg holes though, so she was still able to wear it and look totally ridiculous.  She even kept the head on without a fuss!  What a good girl.  Penny was a lion (she had a mane...she was so cute), and Murph wore a patriotic tie...not quite sure what he was supposed to be (like I said, Matt is in charge of the costumes for Halloween).  Oh well, there is always next year to get photos for you guys!

So, this week has been crazy - and it is only going to get crazier!  On Wednesday, we had a private tour for someone's birthday (hi, Bill!), today we have a tour for 9 people that we are doing in conjunction with Colonial School District (part of each of the tour tickets go to Colonial School District as a fundraiser) and then we have another tour for 9 people for them next Friday.  Then TOMORROW we have 2 tours.  On a Saturday!  We have a group of 9 people at 11AM and then a group of 14 people at 12:30PM.  Shaina and I are going to be all toured out by next weekend, but we are looking forward to hosting everyone.  The Saturday tours are going to get to try ALL of our wines.  All 10.  We may add another Saturday tour in the future, but we don't have anything planned as of yet.  As soon as we do decide (probably depending on how things go tomorrow), we will be sure to send out the next date to our newsletter group!

I'm looking forward to a quiet night tonight.  My husband is leaving to go to Florida with my dad and brother and won't be home until Sunday night, so the only bummer about a quiet night tonight (so I can rest up for tomorrow!) is that it can't be spent watching Stranger Things because Matt would not be happy with me if I watched any of the episodes without him.  So, now I will have to wait to watch Episode 6 until at least MONDAY of NEXT week.  What.  A.  Bummer.  Oh well, at least the upside is that we won't finish the whole season in less than a week and then have to wait for a full year to pass before watching the next one!  After Shaina and I finish with the tours tomorrow, I am going to do my grocery shopping (which is usually reserved for Sunday), and then I have some fun stuff to do tomorrow night.  I can't tell you what it is because it is a surprise.  I will pay for the fun I have Saturday night on Sunday when I have to do all my meal prepping AND paint the ceiling of the family room and kitchen.  We had lighting run last year which required ceiling cuts and patches and I have been putting off the ceiling painting since then because it is the worst.  Now the time has come to do it because next week we are having some lights it is crunch time.

I hope that you have some fun things planned for this weekend (hopefully one of the fun things you have planned is joining us for a tour tomorrow!) and don't have to do any ceiling painting.  Until next time...

Alecia Jankowski
October 27, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Harvest is over!!!!

Well, here we are.  Heading into Halloween weekend.  Coming down the home stretch of 2017.  WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO?!  Someone needs to tell me!  Have I told you before that Halloween seems to be my husband's favorite holiday?  He gets so excited..and not even for the candy.  I am pretty sure that he just loves dressing up in ridiculous costumes...and I think that he gets even more joy out of dressing up our dogs in costumes that they for sure do not like.  Here are some pictures of Penny dressed up over the years.  Notice that her face doesn't change...but the costumes do:

I will post photos of what the three of them dress up as this year in next week's blog.  Matt chooses the costumes, so if there are some inappropriate ones, that is the only reason that they will be missing from the post...  We have a costume party to go to on Saturday night at our Crossfit gym.  It should be a lot of fun - and there are always some great costumes...but mainly just food and some of our best pals.  Can't wait!

I am glad that the guys finished harvest on Monday of this week so that they can enjoy this weekend too!  Kevin and Joe are pretty happy with the fruit that we harvested this year - it should make for a nice 2017 vintage.  We had a very wet July into August so things started off a little shaky.  Luckily, the weather dried up (A LOT...of course after I did all new planting at my house) and allowed us to have a successful harvest!  It will be fun to watch these wines evolve over the next few months!!

Don't forget that we have 2 tours scheduled for next Saturday, 11/4.  The 12:30PM tour is almost sold out, but there are still spots available at the 11AM tour!  Come visit us for a great experience, pretty scenery, great wines, and awesome discounts during your visit!  

Have a great weekend, everybody!  Until next time...

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Alecia Jankowski
October 20, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Coming to the end of harvest!

Well, it's October, 20.  You know what that means....  It's Murph's birthday!!!  Here he is with his normal dopey face:

He's so cute.  Anyway, he is now 2 years old and I am hoping that he is going to be growing out of his crazy puppy ways (ie. chewing our carpet, exploding throw pillows, chewing on a wooden table, and escaping from our fenced in backyard so that he can go and play with his dog friends next door) any day now!  In case he doesn't though, we have learned over the last 2 years of his life that he likes to watch TV while we are gone.  Matt typically leaves HBO family on for him (nothing scary or violent for this little baby) and I am pretty sure that he actually watches the programs.  It has definitely helped a lot with his destroying items of decor.  I'm not sure if he will ever outgrow the fence thing, though.  The reason that he leaves the yard is not to run away (he never ever goes anywhere where we can't see him) he just goes next door where there is a German Shepard that he is friends with.  Sometimes there is the German Shepard as well as (over the summer) younger kids playing in the pool.  People having fun without him is Murph's kryptonite.  He's gotta be a part of it.  He gets serious FOMO.  So, even though the neighbor is like "it is OK!  We love Murph!", we would prefer Murph stay in our own yard just in case somethign were to happen.  So, this week Matt and I met with an Invisible Fence installer so that the little man can have free range outside and work off his energy...without Mom and Dad having to worry!  Even though he is a little challenging, he is a great dog.  You will never meet a better cuddler or a better when-you-get-home-from-where ever-greeter.  I'm going to have to stop and pick up a treat for him on the way home from the tasting in Flourtown tonight....  Happy birthday Murph!!!!

So, as the title of this blog suggests, we are coming to the end of harvest.  Joe, Kevin, and the rest of the team are going to be picking the rest of the grapes by Monday of next week (since we are supposed to have some rain through the rest of the week).  Overall, they are pretty happy with the fruit!  Today they are harvesting Cabernet Sauvignon and then later this weekend they will be harvesting the Petit Verdot (my fave!!!!).  I am sure that they are looking forward to having this all completed and maybe sleeping in a little bit next weekend.  Here is a shot of our Cabernet Sauvignon in an of its inky purple glory:

Last Sunday I was at Tria (Rittenhouse and Spruce) because they were pouring our 2013 Meritage for their Sunday School.  It was great to meet so many people that were loving our wine!  Tria does a great job with making wines that maybe people haven't heard of or perhaps would not have been inclined to try very approachable.  This upcoming week we are going to be doing a special blend for them that will be available in their Taproom location (probably in mid-November!).  We are looking forward to their visit.

Speaking of visits, are you going to come visit me or Shaina tonight?  Shaina will be at the Ardmore PLCB store and I will be at the Flourtown store!  4-6PM for both of us.  I am not sure what we will be tasting you on, but I do know that the stores have our new 2015 Chardonnay, 2014 Merlot, and 2014 Meritage!  So, come on out and give them a taste!

After the event tonight, I am hoping that Matt takes me to our favorite restuarant (Devil's Acre) and then we can go to bed at least semi-early.  Tomorrow is going to be an action-packed day!  Matt and I are going to play golf in the morning but then at around 3PM, we have to leave our house and head up to Flemington because it is my cousin Andrew's engagement party.  I think my aunt said that she is expecting about 70 people (of which I think like 55 are family because Andrew is half Greek and half that right there is like 45 people).  Luckily the weather looks like it is going to be perfect and I know that we are going to have a blast celebrating them.  My brother and sister-in-law (who was a birthday girl on Wednesday of this week....HAPPY BDAY STEPHY!!!!!!!) flew in from Chicago on Thursday night and so did my cousin Chris who recently moved to London.  Yay for family get togethers for happy occasions!

I know that there will be a few people tomorrow who will be enjoying Karamoor Wines and I hope that you guys will be too!  Just a reminder...we are down to our last 20 cases of 2015 Rosé AND we are currently having a PA Wine Month special of 25% off all wine purchases...use code PAWINE2017 at checkout!  Until next time...

Alecia Jankowski
October 13, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Wine Tours on November 4th!

Another Friday!  You guys - I had my first night of uninterrupted sleep last night (after 2 weeks) because Matt took night time wake ups with Gertie!  I finally do not feel like a walking zombie.  So, that's great!  She's still waking up at least 1 time per night...sometimes 2 or 3 depending on how she feels (I suppose).  I am pretty sure that she wakes up because she is hungry so I have been trying to feed her more and more often throughout the day so that she is full (she's growing so fast!  4 lbs in one week!).  I learned this from my friend Christina who read a book on sleep training your baby...and she said it worked.  So, perhaps it will work on Gertie girl!  She's so cute and such a little love though, it is hard to be upset when she wakes me up at night...

I'm not the only one that is tired around here.  The crew down in the vineyard and winery are running on E!  It is their busiest time of year and so far the weather has been relatively cooperative.  This week was not as rainy as it was supposed to be, and it is looking relatively dry through the weekend (though the steady rain that we got earlier this week was very good for the new landscaping at my house...I was getting so tired of watering for a half hour every night after work).  Next week is supposed to be almost picture perfect weather with full sun and high 60s and low 70s.  So, we should be looking good as we head into the last few weeks of harvest.

Speaking of getting towards the end of harvest, we have a tour scheduled on Saturday, November 4th...which will likely be the weekend after we finish harvest!  It will also be a great time of year to come out to the property because all of our trees will be pretty colors and you will likely even get to see some of our wines in barrels going through fermentation!  The tickets for that Saturday are $75 per ticket, but if you spend $100 on wine on the day of the tour, you get $25 of that back!  You also get 10% off bottles and 15% off 12 bottles or more.  In addition, we have some case specials that are available only here at the winery!  Shaina and I will be running the tours that morning/afternoon and you can expect to spend about 2 hours with us here.  You will drive through the vineyards, see the property, take a tour of the winery, learn everything that you'd ever want to know about Karamoor, and then you will taste at least 5 of our wines in our private tasting room overlooking the 250 acre property!  Come out with a few pals and have some fun with us.

I hope that you have plans to enjoy this lovely weekend!  Matt is down in the city tonight, is heading to a Flyers game tomorrow night, and then I am down at the Trias...(Chestnut and Rittenhouse) on Sunday to celebrate Pennsylvania Wine Month with them!  They are pouring our 2013 Merlot at both locations throughout the whole month at special prices and on Sunday they are going to be pouring our 2013 Meritage for their Sunday School!  In addition, they are pouring our Sauvignon Blanc via keg at their Taproom location!  If you are downtown, come visit me!  If you aren't downtown, enjoy your Sunday.  Until next time....

Alecia Jankowski
October 6, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Pickin Cab Franc!

Hello!  Happy Friday!  I am so happy it is the weekend!  Do you know why?  Because I am tired.  I am not sure if you follow us on social media at all, but if you do, then you know we recently got our third dog!  A little puppy named Gertrude (Gertie for short) and she is just the most adorable Dogue de Bordeaux that you ever did see!

See?  I didn't lie!  Anyway, she's just a baby and she's been waking up twice a night since we got her last Thursday.  So, this lady hasn't been getting much sleep!  I am hoping for maybe a few naps this weekend....

In addition to getting Gertie, we've been rockin and rollin over here at Karamoor.  We started a cool collaboration with our friends at Boardroom Spirits 2 weeks ago.  We picked some Merlot for them and are making a wine which they will then turn into brandy.  They are going to age this brandy for probably 5 years.  Can't wait to taste it when I am 37 years old!  We are also going to be making A LOT more Rose than we have before (by the way, we are down to our last 23 cases of 2015 Rose - so get it while you can!), and we finished picking the Merlot that we will be using for that yesterday.  We will be bottling that Rose in February or March of 2018 and it will be quick to stay tuned!

Remember when we did that cool collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing (our awesome pals over in Ardmore)?  Wellllllllll, yesterday they came over to pick up an actual full ton of grapes that they will be pouring into their Saison.  I bet it's going to get a great color on it because the skin on the Merlot that they took was so dark!  It's probably going to be just as delicious as the last one that they made with our Merlot!

Today (before the rain this weekend), we are harvesting the first of our Cabernet Franc.  We will pick more next week (probably towards the tail end of the week depending on the weather), but here are some pictures that I snapped down at the winery:

I hope that you all have been doing well.  Thanks so much for your support the last few weeks - we have seen a major uptick in our online retail and we are so grateful!  I also wanted to mention here that we have 3 tours scheduled for November 4th!  One at 9:30AM, one at 11AM, and one at 12:30PM.  The 12:30PM one is almost sold out!  Come visit us on a Saturday, we'd love to host you.  Have a wonderful weekend!!!!  Until next time....

Alecia Jankowski
September 22, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Harvest is HAPPENING!

Hello!!!!!!!  Sorry I didn't write last week, but it was Mom's surprise birthday party weekend, and I was rushing around trying to make sure that everything was wrapped up here at work so that I could head home, pack, get Zack and Steph's room ready, and get to the restaurant (19 Bella in Skippack) by 6:30!  So, my dad definitely wins best husband of the year award for the weekend that he put together for Mom.  He had a surprise birthday party for her on Friday night where he invited all her family and friends to dinner; flew my brother and his wife in from Chicago (they, sadly, didn't make it in time because their flight got cancelled due to smoke on the aircraft!  So, they didn't get into Philly until about 10PM...made the tail end of the party :(, but Mom was happy to see them!), had a picture montage of Mom through the years and all of her favorite foods and drinks!  He had told her that she and him were flying out to Tahoe (just the 2 of them) the next morning...but the next part of the surprise was that Zack, Steph, me, Matt, my Auntie Des, and Uncle Joe were all flying out with them...and she wasn't going to Tahoe!  She was going to Napa!  Anyway, we all surprised her at the airport and there were some tears and disbelief, but we were on our way.  Napa is beautiful - we visited some really wonderful boutique wineries and stayed at the most amazing resort.  It was a great weekend celebrating a GREAT lady.  Lucky to call her my mom, that's for sure.

While we were out in Napa, they were also in the midst of harvest.  It is funny to see that harvest is exactly the same amount of hustle and bustle on the West Coast as it is on the East Coast.  The main difference between Napa and Fort Washington (lol) is that there just seem to be miles and miles of vineyard with hundreds and hundreds of wineries....vs 27 acres and 1 winery.  BUT, they, like us here, were harvesting.  They had already finished picking all of their white grapes and some of the vineyards were onto their reds.  This is because the weather there differs GREATLY from here in Fort Washington, PA.  The days are very hot (they had the hottest summer on record out there I think someone told me....a few days got to be over 110 degrees!), and the nights are cool.  Because of the hot, dry weather, the grapes ripen at an earlier date.  Anyway, it was neat to see such a celebrated grape growing and wine making region doing things exactly as we do them here.

As of today, we have picked all of our white grapes; so all of our Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Viognier, and Chardonnay.  On Monday, we will be picking some Merlot grapes that have been set aside for our friends at Boardroom Spirits because we will be doing a collaborative Brandy project with them!  There will be more to come on this....  In addition, next week we will be picking more of our Merlot grapes that we have cropped for Rose.  We plan on making a much larger amount of Rose this year than in 2015; it will be direct to press (so much less pink than our 2015).

We've got some exciting news coming up (and no, it's not about our tasting room being approved again).  I think that a lot of people are going to be happy with this special day that we are putting together.  More to come on this next week!

I hope that you enjoy what is shaping up to be a picture-perfect-weather type of weekend!  I know that I plan to.  Until next time....


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Alecia Jankowski
September 8, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Another Labor Day has come and gone!

Wow!  Labor Day 2017 is in the books!  Crazy.  This summer really flew by.  I mean, I feel like I just got married yesterday, but really it's been 5 months!  Where does the time go?  I have had a great summer that ended with a great family weekend up in New Hampshire.  The perfect endcap!  Nothing better than a weekend with family!  Though, the weather definitely could have been a little more cooperative... I am sure a vast amount of the country can attest to that.  These hurricanes are so heartbreaking - it is just really crazy to see what type of devastation Mother Nature is truly capable of.  Our hearts here at Karamoor go out to everyone affected, we hope that Irma finds her way out to sea and spares the rest of Florida, and our fingers are crossed that Jose doesn't make landfall.

When we started this grape growing season, we had a very warm spring.  We were 2 weeks ahead of last year up until, roughly, the end of July.  Now, we're caught up to last year and this weather is kind of threatening to push us past last year's harvest dates.  The after effects of Harvey were felt here at the vineyard last week - where it dumped plenty of rain and slowed down the grape ripening quite a bit.  We are preparing for a similar rainfall from Irma...which will slow us down even more.  As I've mentioned before, rainfall during harvest is relatively catastrophic when it comes to wine grapes.  Hopefully we will be able to get some of our white grapes off the vine before the next bout of rain comes or we could lose the crop...and if we lose the crop, that means that there won't be any 2017 Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.  The vineyard team is doing everything in its power to make sure that doesn't happen - we will keep you all in the loop as things continue to develop.

On a happier note, we will be sending out our wine club shipments this month!  They will be going out the last week of September and they will include some of our newly bottled 2015 reds and 2016 whites.  I hope that a majority of you were able to take advantage of our major sale in August on our 2014 reds, 2014 Chardonnay, and 2015 Sauvignon Blanc.  We really moved quite a lot of inventory, and we thank you for being such wonderful customers!  If you're not a member of our newsletter group, join!  It is how we send out all of our sales and up-to-date information on all things Karamoor!  Until next time...

Alecia Jankowski
August 25, 2017 | Alecia Jankowski

Did you KNOW?

Another week done; skating right into Labor Day...right into the dreaded time of buses on the road time.  I am so sad.  When the school buses come, they add about 10 minutes to my already too long of a commute!  Feel bad for me.  WAIT!  You are probably wondering how all the projects went last weekend.  WELL, I will tell you!  They went great.  Turned out awesome.  My parents came over on Saturday morning around 10AM and Mom didn't leave until Sunday at 6:15PM.  My dad was up on this totally vertical extension ladder so that he could paint as high as possible on the chimney and then I painted the very bottom of the house (so like up to 6 feet from the bottom) which was a total pain because we have like rose bushes and holly bushes and all types of other bushes that are pretty close to the house and poke you in places that you'd prfer not to be poked.  Matt did all of the mid-ladder work for the whole house.  Mom was up on the extension ladder all day Saturday.  After Dad finished the chimney, he was in charge of priming all the shutters, and once he was done that, he joined me and mom on the rest of the extension ladder work.  On Sunday, Mom and Matt painted all the shutters that had been primed and hung the shutters as well once they dried.  I finished the last of the white wash on the extension ladder and then I primed and painted the front door and all the trim (which took SO long even though it was such a small amount of space).  I didn't use any painters tape because I hate how it leaves not a totally clean instead of taping, I used straight edge razors on the glass when I was finished.  IT LOOKS LIKE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT HOUSE!  And you were right last week when you told me that we wouldn't finish everything, because we didn't.  BUT...we got pretty close.  Our extension ladder didn't reach as high as we needed it to so that we could finish the brick where the roof makes a point (or the chimney...), so our friend Fireman Rick is coming to finish that today with Matt.  SO, hopefully when I get home, the whitewashing is finished!  I also had to buy white paint today so that I can paint the stucco that is by the front door since it's kind of yellowy and doesn't match the white brick now.  We also have to paint the garage doors, and Mom is coming over on Sunday to help me finish those!  I can't wait!!!  Now to pick out all the landscaping stuff we want to install...

Enough about the house though.  I want to share with you a cool list of facts that Shaina and I came up with this week.  Some of the facts are pretty obscure, some of the facts are funny, and some of the facts are shameless Karamoor plugs!

If you are not a winemaker or a sommelier, you may not have known this.  The flesh of a red grape is the same exact color as the flesh of a white grape!  The way that red wines turn red is that during primary fermentation, the flesh of the grape is allowed prolonged contact with the red skin of the grape.  That's how the juice extracts that dark purple hue!

Oak barrels cost between $450 and $1200 depending on the variety of oak (French is the most expensive that we use).  EACH year, we have to buy new barrels because an oak barrel's oak flavor decreases exponentially year over year.  After the third use of the barrel, it is considered a neutral aging vessel.  You can use the oak barrels for as long as you keep them clean; but they will no longer add any 'oakiness' to the wine (hence, why every year we have to buy about 25% more new oak barrels).  $$$$$$$$$$$$

Remember the vineyard consultant that architected our vineyard?  Her name is Lucie Morton (in case you forgot).  Lucie is a top viticulturist in the United States and Lucie found AND named this disease.  It's a type of fungus that is detrimental to vineyards.  I just love that it's called The Black Goo disease.  It sounds like a horror film from like the 50' THE BLOB!  Say a little prayer that we NEVER see the BLACK GOO here at Karamoor...

That means that you can drink a whole bottle for only 625 calories!  Karamoor's red wines and Chardonnay are 100% dry (meaning all sugar has been fermented out), so they are pretty low in carbs too!

This means that we don't have to leave things up to chance!  We don't have to do a little bee or bug or hummingbird dance to make sure that the flowers get polinated so that we can have some grapes on the vines.

The shape of a glass DOES in fact matter.  The shape of the glass is not going to help change a bad wine to a good wine...but when you are drinking wine you want to enjoy it to the fullest!  The way that you enjoy it to the fullest is you get the most out of both; taste and smell.  The larger bowl of the glass helps red wines to open (which is why red wine glasses are wider than white wine glasses), and they also have a larger rim (though still slightly fluted) so help blow off some of the ethanol (since reds are usually higher in alcohol than whites), so that the aromas can be enjoyed.  White wine glasses typically have a much smaller bowl (because they don't need to open up), and they typically have a smaller rim because their aromas are more delicate than those of reds.  Champagne should really, always be served in a flute (instead of those cute coupes) because it makes the bubbles last longer!  Who wants to drink a flat champs?!


Shameless Karamoor plug!  We are 100% grown, produced, bottled, labeled, and stored right here in Fort Washington!  The truest expression of the finest wines that Montgomery County has to offer...

The first commercial vineyard in the United States of America was located in the Greater Philadelphia region and was established by Peter Legaux in 1793!  

Another plug!  We're pretty great.

Doctor is to humans what a Viticulturist is to grape vines.  We'd be lost without our viticulture team here at Karamoor!  Thanks Joe and Casey!

Have you ever wondered how you get wine out of a barrel without having to dump the barrel upside down?  (or use a pump...)  WONDER NO MORE!  This handy little contraption is made of glass and has a hole in the glass up by the handle, thus allowing air to escape as the wand fills with wine.  Once you've got enough wine in the thief (which for me is at the very top...), you put your thumb over the hole and voila!  You are ready to fill your glass...ahem...I mean...go run some tests.

Lol.  My sophmoric sense of humor makes me laugh every single time I say this....or when anyone says this.  

ALSO, Terrior can impart all different types of flavors in the wine!

ANOTHER shameless plug!  Cases of our 2014 signature wines are 50% off!

UNTIL NEXT TIME................

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