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Cheri Morrison
February 11, 2020 | Cheri Morrison

Au Contraire My Little Wine Loving Friend

So you think Karamoor Estate is a sleepy little hollow in February?  

Au Contraire my Little Wine Loving Friends!! 

There’s always a new experience waiting for you at Karamoor Estate

As we prune back winter and prepare for spring, there are a few dates listed below you may like to visit and experience the ever changing landscape of the vineyard and Karamoor Estate.

Love is in the air!  Our Valentine's Day Aux Petite DeLices Chocolate and Birchrun Farm Cheese pairing is now SOLD OUT!  Tickets for our next Tour & Tasting event on Saturday, February 22nd at 1:00, are now available! Join us for an afternoon tour through our vineyards and winery while tasting through a selection of Karamoor Wines.

We are also thrilled to announce we will be participating in the 11th annual Bucks Locavore event on Thusday, Feb. 20th from 5:00-8:00! Karamoor will be joining some of the region's top gourmet food and beverage producers at Superior Woodcraft, Inc. in Doylestown for what Bucks Happening has called “the Best Foodie Event in Bucks County”.  Come join Karamoor as we pour some of our favorite wines and share space with Altomonte’s Italian Market in Doylestown (you will find our wines in Altomontes Wine Department in Doylestown), celebrate locally sourced, crafted food and fine wines! For more information, check out Bucks Locavore’s Facebook page.

February 25th we will be joining the team at one of Philadelphia’s bright NEW breweries with a cause…Triple Bottom Brewing, at 915 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia, PA. We will be serving flights of wine along with flights of Triple Bottom’s unique brews! The evening will start at 5:30. Watch our website for more information on this evening of fun.

We were honored and thrilled to receive four new awards from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition! It is the largest competition of North American Wines with nearly 6700 wines entered from over 1000 wineries. Karamoor received: Silver medals for our 2017 Petit Verdot, 2016 Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017 Chardonnay and a bronze medal for our 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon!! 

Congratulations Team Karamoor!! We are quite proud to be held in such high regard at one of the countries largest and most prestigious wine competitions!!

Need some Karamoor Estate Wines over a weekend?? Another big find…Karamoor wines are now in most Wegmans located in the Montgomery, Bucks and Chester County stores and as far out as Harrisburg!! You may even see one of our friendly faces out and about pouring samples while you’re there!!

Feel the excitement building???  Our first Wine Club shipment for 2020, is right around the corner, and with it, our fun and festive Wine Club Pick-Up-Party! Wine Club members will soon be receiving an email with the Pick-Up-Party and shipment dates. If you haven't yet joined our Wine Club, sign up today. Our Wine Club is free to join and members receive three shipments of wine a year, 10% off website orders, one free Tour & Tasting a year. and much more!

See you in the vineyard!  Cheri & Will  

Photo Credit:Will Standish





Cheri Morrison
January 5, 2020 | Cheri Morrison

You Say Goodbye and I say Hello! Hello-Hello!!

You say goodbye and I say hello  …

Hello~Hello 2020!!!   

As Karamoor’s 2019 clock wines down, I think about the big hand…it moves much more quickly and for me represents “real time” here at the Vineyard and Winery. Some days it’s hard to keep up and fit everything in.

On the other hand ~ shorter, slow and steady and a part of the big picture at Karamoor Estate…there are no fleeting moments, few things that can change in a nanosecond or miss in a blink of an eye ~ at least to those on the outside looking in.  Together these hands create balance, some control and a clear vision.

I’ve been attached to the big hand for a  year and a half already…with a lot of changes, growth and accomplishments. The time has flown by! I have learned so much, met so many amazing people and have a much greater appreciation for everything wine. New to the wine industry, (other than being an expert consumer), the wine world can be very intimidating. We all know, those who swirl their glass and speak in a tongue ~ you don’t know if they are referring to the weather, your weight or wine? Don’t be intimidated! When you taste wine, you are the only one who knows exactly what happens when it hits your palate. So the most important question is…do YOU like it? Being able to connect with people and tell the story, explain the process to the best of my ability and in a language that makes people comfortable… that’s what I love to do.

The last quarter of 2019 was “fruitful”.  The report from our winemaker, Kevin Robinson regarding the 2019 harvest;

“I am happy with the overall quality given we had some challenges with ripening a large crop of grapes this season.  We enjoyed a drier-than-normal September, and that helped ripen the grapes with little if any disease pressures that we would typically expect at this crucial time of the year.  The issues of some late August downy mildew, experienced throughout the mid-Atlantic, forced an extended ripening period given many of our leaves had turned brown as you may have seen in the vineyard.  Still, we had just enough “solar panels” to get us to the finish line.  We experienced a good, safe, and copious harvest that should make us all feel extremely grateful, and with some excellent wines for the future as a result.”  Great job Joe, Kevin and the rest of the Vineyard and Winery team!

Looking forward to 2020!! With the growth of our Wine Club, we are working on some new and fun club events. Our Wine Club Pick up parties are growing and get a little better each time! I think there may be a new twist for the spring! If you are not a member of one of our clubs, it is worth checking out.  There are three pick up parties a year, something new to taste and learn at each and a really great group of wine lovers to get to know. There are a lot of other benefits to the club you can read about on our website. /Wine-Clubs  OR, ask one of our Wine Club members!!  We also had our first wine club, Wine & Food Pairing. It was a beautiful evening on the porch of the private wine tasting room with Chef, Leslie Frankel and Sommelier, Marc Supsic. It was a perfect! Somewhat magical~ with fabulous food, fanastic wines, fun times and I look forward to more of them!

We also had a great year with private, corporate and team building events. In addition to some very relaxing team appreciation, retirement and customer appreciation events we had a fabulous day with a team from Merck, Executive Coach Donna Teitelman and Photographer Susan Beard’s Wax Works Photo. It included, good food, art, team building, camaraderie, executive coaching, a beautiful environment and fabulous wines! Check out the link to the YouTube:

Another great team building event was held with the team from Tria Cafe. They have three locations in Philadelphia. We created a Wine Team Blending Event. Four teams each creating their own blend and then a blind tasting to select the winner. They now sell their winning blend of Karamoor Estate wine at their locations in Philadelphia. 

We just finished a private labeling Karamoor Estate's 2016 Chardonnay, a gold medal winner at The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.  A project for AKA Hotels, is available at all 12 AKA locations - Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles and London. As well as by the bottle at and all of Ellen Yin’s restaurants/ High Street Hospitality, including Fork. All proceeds of the wine bottles, go to the Cleveland Clinic for spinal cord research, in honor of Chef Eli Kulp, who was the Chef at Fork restaurant until he was paralyzed in the 2015, Amtrak accident going from Philly to NYC.

We had alot of firsts for Karamoor and there will be quite a few more in 2020. There are so many options! 

The public Wine Tasting Room is coming along. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times…nobody is looking forward to it opening more than the team at Karamoor.  All I can say is, good things come to those who wait. It is going to be magnificent! In the meantime, you can always purchase wines through our website and we will ship them or you may pick them up at our offices. They are also available at Altomontes in Doylestown and most of the Pennsylvania Wegmans locations.  

If you're interested in having a little more of Karamoor Estate in your home, garden or patio, we have barrels for sale. They are ready to use as a decorative piece or if you want to use one to make you own wine, Kevin keeps some of them conditioned and ready for you to try your hand at wine making or another fun concoction!! Check them out on our website: /Store/Holiday-Gift-Packs We have a lot of fun packages and Gift Certificates too.

I hope you will all come visit and enjoy some of our events and activities posted on our website, Facebook and other social media pages. We do our best to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest things going on at Karamoor Estate!! Or call me and let’s discuss your own creative event!

Cheers to a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!! 

Hello~Hello 2020!!

I hope to see you in the vineyard!!


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Cheri Morrison
September 19, 2019 | Cheri Morrison

Spring Right Into Harvest

Spring Right Into Harvest!

Spring has not only sprung but flown by! And so has summer for that matter! The vineyards are looking healthy, beautiful and the weather has been cooperating so far with this year’s harvest.

Pruning practices were a bit different than last year. Our viticulturist, Joe Rienzi decided since we had a 40% yield loss due to a very late cold snap last year, he would try waiting a little longer before he actually pruned down the shoots and left more buds. That way if we were hit with a late frost, there would still be some options with surviving buds. It makes laying down the vines a little more difficult with buds developing since they are more fragile, but it was a good and successful decision.

If you don’t follow us on Facebook you are missing out on photos of the week to week progression of the vines, buds, grapes and now harvest. It’s an amazing, beautiful and very fast process!

The vines are looking healthy, happy and full of fruit!! That means more bottles for everyone!! Cheers!!

We moved into the new year and unfortunately the devastating Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF), has come along for the ride. I believe we are up to 13 PA counties under quarantine, and yes, Montgomery County is among them. This gives the PA Department of Agriculture the authority to regulate the movement of commodities that may be moving within or leaving the quarantine zone. They don’t want to take any chances of moving the SLF in any of its life stages - egg masses, nymphs or adults. We have spotted (no pun intended), the literally life sucking creatures on the property but knock on our hardwood vines, due to the diligence of our Viticulturist, Joe Rienzi we have made it through this season.  We are treating the vineyards, but they have invaded the surrounding properties as well. Everyone in the surrounding area would need to treat their properties to have any longer term results. We have avoided a great deal of damage this year, but there’s no telling what this means for next year. It is a very serious issue.Currently, there are no known natural enemies of SLF that are thought to reduce populations in the United States. Some generalist predators (spiders, praying mantises, etc.) will attack and eat SLF. Additionally, a parasitic wasp is known to attack SLF in low numbers. As recently as this past May, in Reading, PA, two species of fungal pathogens were identified killing the SLF. A scientist from Cornell, discovered SLF’s dead, attached to a tree and their wings had dropped off. Per Ann Hajek of Cornell: “The finding is important because the naturally occurring pathogens could be used to develop methods for more environmentally-friendly control of this damaging invader”. The fungal pathogens are currently being investigated for their potential use against SLF. Researchers have also been exploring the native region of the SLF (China), to search for natural enemies to release in the United States, and these are currently undergoing evaluations in USDA quarantine facilities. (The Penn State Extension).

Getting back to what most of you are really interested in…keeping your glasses over half full! We have recently released our 2018 Pinot Gris (yum deliciousness), a first time bottling for Karamoor and another winner by winemaker, Kevin Robinson. Other recent and outstanding releases include:

2018 Viognier

2018 Rose

And coming soon,

2016 Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon

The public tasting room is coming along. There is no doubt it will be a fabulous space. We hope it will be ready for opening around the holidays. Trust me, no one is more excited than the Karamoor team!  Good things come to those who wait. With the addition of the public tasting room we will be adding a few acres of new vineyards to our existing 27 acres of vineyards.

Our Wine Club is growing, and so are our activities and the fun that comes along with membership! Our Pick~Up Parties have been a big success. With each Wine Club shipment, members have the option to have the release shipped at no charge or to join us for the complementary Pick~Up Party! This party includes a variety of interactive and educational stations in the winery, perhaps tasting a new release or something that’s been in library for years, wine club discounts on specials for the evening, world class wine, some delectable snacks, cheese and charcuterie…and having fun getting to know many of the other wine club members!

If you’re unfamiliar with our wine club, you can read up on it on our website. There is no fee to join. There are three club categories and three shipments of three bottles (we make the selection), a year.  Each shipment charge is $90-$120 depending on the club you join.

We’ve received some nice honors recently.  The International Wine Review gave us very nice review:

“Karamoor Estate 2018 Rosé Montgomery County PA ($24) 90 Light copper orange. Revealing scents of red delicious apple with hints of red berries and herbs, this Bordeaux blend offers a savory palate with flavors that mirror its bouquet. A blend of roughly equal parts Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, it’s fresh, balanced, and offers good density of flavor. Have with grilled chicken or pork loin. Well done!”

I would like to add it goes nicely with a lot more than grilled pork and chicken! It goes beautifully in your favorite wine glass and if you don’t have any of those handy…your solo cup!

Philadelphia Magazine named Karamoor Estate’s 2016 Chardonnay, “Best of Philly” with this commentary: “Bright, easy, glug-able, with the slightest bit of oak for depth — because we’re quite done with overly oaked chardonnays, thank you very much.”

“Glug-able”? LOL!! Not sure about that…but the term does go well with our 2018 Rose, lovingly and a.k.a. “The Porch Pounder”.  And speaking of AKA you can always find Karamoor’s award winning 2015 Meritage and 2015 Chardonnay in all of StayAKA’s world class locations around the country and at and bar, donning their Avin label.

So what is happening right now at Karamoor Estate??  It’s the most exciting time of the year HARVEST!!!

Harvest officially started on Labor Day (how appropriate).  It is a labor of love and a lot of it! The first to come down was the Pinot Gris and later in the week, Chardonnay. Yields, quality and 2019 are looking like it is going to be a good year!!

I asked our Winemaker, Kevin Robinson for a few words about this year’s harvest:

“The fruit is about as “clean” and disease free as I have ever seen; a testament to Joe’s (Viticulturist), diligent farming!  We have decent sugars, and good acidity in spite of the heat waves we experienced in July and August.  Yields are down a bit given some hard freezes during winter, but the fact we left extra buds during pruning has helped make up for what could have been a very light crop.  Thus far, the quality appears to be excellent from the onset, but we have a long way to go.  As I like to remind everyone; this is a marathon not a sprint, and although the weather is currently cooperating quite nicely you never know what next week will bring.  We only have to look back to last September when we had day after day of rain and humidity to make 2018 a year to forget…”

Don’t miss your opportunity to see harvest at its best with website Tours & Tastings posted on our website: www.karamoorwines/store/tours.  There is presently a Tour & Tasting posted for Friday, October 11th at 5:30.  It is an awesome way to start the weekend!!

Did you happen to catch our story on PBS WLVT Channel 39? If not, you can find the video on our Facebook page and on the Youtube channel of Channel 39 reporter Harri Leigh.

I have a new assistant Will Standish. He is a fantastic photographer and has been a huge help to me!! You can enjoy many of his photos and posts on our social media pages! All of them are under Karamoor Estate. He is also on site for our tours, tastings and events! Including the upcoming Pick~Up Party!!

We’ve hosted some great events in the private winery…Corporate Team Building, Employee Appreciation, Tours & Tastings for Book Club, Tennis groups, Neighbors Wine Together,  visiting Wine Clubs, Birthday Parties, Retirement Parties, Garden Clubs, Fundraisers, Girls Night Out, Guys Night Out…Everyone Deserves a Night Out and of course the best reason of all…..Because you can!

We hope you will visit Karamoor Estate for yourself! If you’ve been here once, you haven’t visited enough! There’s always something new and exciting to see and world class wines to enjoy!

See you in the vineyard!! 


Cheri Morrison
January 13, 2019 | Cheri Morrison

Reflection & Reincarnation

Happy New Year!

2018 was quite a year for Karamoor Estate! We are buzzing with change, honors, growth and exciting plans for the future!

Let me begin with our fall harvest. It was a difficult year with the terrible weather. I think the sun was on a hiatus!

Grapes are not created equally. The different varietals have different qualities, shape of leaves, shape and size of berries and even how tight the berries are in the clusters.  The tighter the clusters, the more difficult it is to prevent them from rot and mold because the air doesn’t move freely through to help them dry. Developing a good balance of canopy management is also critical. Too much sun and air can be as damaging as not enough.  All of the rain made this very difficult.  Joe Rienzi, our viticulturist was quite diligent keeping up with the leaf pulling, so the grape clusters receive better exposure to the sun and to airflow. This and other techniques are key in preventing rot, mold and diseases. It also helps promote optimum ripening and sugar levels in the grapes. So as we moved through harvest, our winemaker, Kevin Robinson and Joe would go through the vineyards, each day checking the progress and quality of the grapes. They would watch the weather forecasts intently. If the grapes were close but not quite ready for harvest, they would evaluate if the grapes would withstand the torrential downpours and wind. I think Kevin referred to it as, “picking before the next deluge”. It’s better to take them down a little early than lose them to the rot, mold or falling to the ground.  As the berries mature, their skins become much thinner and delicate so it is better to “use it than lose it”. Hurricane Florence destroyed many of Virginia's vineyards in September. There will be very few red wines from Virginia in 2018. The rain at the end of the season, in combination with a cold snap late in late March, killing many of the new buds ready  to pop open, made our season not only difficult but yielded about 40% less than our usual harvest. Because it was necessary to get the grapes off of the vines much sooner than usual, harvest 2018 was complete two weeks early.

Another distraction from the usual harvest practices was being on constant watch for the nasty and invasive bad bug, the spotted lanternfly, aka; SLF (Lycorma delicatula) . The SLF are destroying vineyards, orchards and taking over all around our area, especially Berks County. If you see them…kill them and notify the Department of Agriculture. Though they were “spotted” near our vineyards but with swift and proper protocol, we hopefully eliminated future issues.

Lot’s of great material in 2018 for my book, “Making Wine Isn’t For Whiners”!! 

Moving onward and upward, some fantastic news on our vines…we’ve had quite a few exciting visitors, been in the news and added some very prestigious accolades to our trophy case!

It started off with a full day visit from Don Winkler, Editor & Mike Potashnik, Publisher of The International Wine Review along with six other, highly regarded Pennsylvania Vineyards and Wineries including; Galen Glen Vineyard & Winery, Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery, Grandview Vineyard, Maple Springs Vineyard, Pennswoods Winery and Pinnacle Ridge Winery. Don and Mike tasted through approximately 30 wines and are writing an article about wines in the northeast and Pennsylvania. Coming soon!!

We then had another fantastic visit with Anne and Brian Yost of Wine Tourist Magazine and the The Virginia Grape. We toured the property, tasted through some wines and then they continued on to a few of the Pennsyvania and NJ vineyards. They wrote a great article and took some nice photos. I will include all links at the end of this blog. 

The next honor and surprise was Karamoor Estate’s 2013 Merlot Reserve, being named Forbes Wine of the Week!! Followed by medals from the San Francisco International Wine Competition!

SILVER MEDAL, Karamoor Estate 2015 Merlot

SILVER MEDAL, Karamoor Estate 2016 Petit Verdot

SILVER MEDAL, Karamoor Estate 2017 Sauvignon Blanc

BRONZE MEDAL, Karamoor Estate 2015 Cabernet Franc

On the heels of these awards came the announcement of James Suckling’s American Wine Revolution reviews with Karamoor receiving 88, 89 and 90 points!















This past weekend we received the announcement from the largest competion of American wines in the world: The San Francisco Chronicle Competition, Karamoor Estate received 5 medals! One gold and four silver!!!  Up against the biggest and the best with over 7000 entries...we are quite proud!!  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Karabots for their vision, making the commitment and the hard work to produce world class wines AND to Kevin Robinson, Joe Rienzi and the rest of the team for their hard work and excellent viticultural and winemaking skills!

2015 Karamoor Estate Cabernet Franc            silver

2016 Karamoor Estate Chardonnay                 gold

2015 Karamoor Estate Meritage                       silver

2015 Karamoor Estate Merlot                          silver

2017 Karamoor Estate Sauvignon Blanc          silver

All of these honors took each of us back to a quote made last year by Philadelphia’s famous food and wine critique - Craig LaBan, "Still surprised that good wine is made in Philly's suburbs?  I'm not, especially from Karamoor, the passion project of Nick and Athena Karabots, who have done everything right to get the most out of their Montgomery County terroir, with impressively drinkable wines from the first vintage." 

A couple of additions to our programs at Karamoor, if you are a Wine Club member. In addition to the list of perks as a member we have added “pick up parties” which will take place and be an option when it’s time for your club releases. We introduced the idea last October and received favorable responses! We will let you know when the next release  and pick up party will be taking place!!

Even more exciting is the view of the tasting room located on Butler Pike!! The cement has been poured and the timbers will be up in the next few weeks!!!! Woot! Woot!! I think we’ll be seeing you in the Tasting Room this summer!!!

A couple of dates have been posted for the upcoming week Tasting &Tours! There are always some good wine specials during our tours. If you’re not a Wine Club member, you may want to check it out! The perks and the fun that go with the membership keep getting better!!

Like a new season for our vines, our goal is to learn, grow, establish and be stronger every year with everything we do! We are thrilled you enjoy being a part of our growth and success!

Cheers! To a Happy and Healthy New Year from all of us at Karamoor Estate!!

See you in the vineyard!






Cheri Morrison
August 12, 2018 | Cheri Morrison


Six weeks into the new plan and taking root, I’m beginning to see the first hints of new business starting to bud. Every day is a little busier, some things a little easier, overall an exciting experience! When I’m in the vineyard and winery in the past week, it feels like the calm before the storm. There’s not a lot of talk about what’s about to happen with the harvest and crush, but you can feel it. You see it looking down over the vineyards, with more workers tending to the vines. Now is the time when the vineyard is under close watch for bugs, birds, disease and fungus. The nets are unrolled and pulled over the fruit. The beauty of the grape bunches with the onset of “veraison” (ripening and accumulation of sugars), the trimming of the vines, the fullness of the vineyard. So much activity!  I sense when it hits…we are going to be juiced!! (Sometimes I just can’t help myself).

In the past weeks I’ve conducted a number of tours and tastings. Our Wine Club and interaction within social media are growing and there seems to be a bigger buzz of interest from outside of Karamoor. I invited our second group from the food, beverage and hospitality industry, including representatives from: 12th St. Cantina, Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine, ARAMARK, YPO, 2300 Arena, Valley Forge Tourist and Convention Board, WP Palmer Distilling, Bluestone Country Club, Cantina Feliz, Normandy Farm Hotel Corporate Planning and Wine and Spirit Industry Executive, Chris Papariello. We had a great night, with a very positive response from many who never imagined wines of this quality could come from a boutique sized vineyard, especially here in Pennsylvania. We are coming to be a world class wine producer. I compare Karamoor’s wines in the wine world, as the California wine was to the French in the movie, “Bottle Shock”. Someone well known in the wine environment is going to try Karamoor wines and have an “aha moment”.  When that happens, Mr. Karabots will need to tell a new story about owning a vineyard. 

I asked  Kevin, our winemaker, Joe, our viticulturist for their short take on what is happening here at Karamoor.  Once again, with no discussion of my request between them, they had very consistent thoughts. Kevin’s thought was verbatim with mine, I had already written it into the blog. 

Kevin; “the calm before the storm”

Joe; “We’re only going to get better from here, not only from the vineyard & winery perspective, but as a brand overall”.

This is a really great sign. It’s clear we are all on the same page, all feeling very similar growth and energy.  We definitely have some learning curves, some dialing in to be done and we continue to maintain the growth and improve upon what we learn. It's all good.

Like the grapes, we’ll be hanging in the vineyard… and loving it!                                                                                  

New Karamoor Sitings!!   A few new places to find our wines... Stove & Tap, Lansdale, PA   ~ Brothers Kershner Brewing Company, Skippack, PA, (new opening) ~ Nonna Pizzeria and Tavern (new opening), Mt. Airy, PA, ~Terrain Cafe at Devon Yard (new opening)                                                                                                                     WEBSITE SPECIALS!! Click on this link -  Check out our weekly specials and there are still a few spots available on our August tours!! Case specials on the Warm Weather Case, 2014 Cabernet Franc, 2016 Sauvignon Blanc and Mixed case of the Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc

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Cheri Morrison
July 22, 2018 | Cheri Morrison

Taking Root

Planted and taking root here at Karamoor Estate, my days pass very quickly. I’m learning a lot, in so many different areas. I enjoy the challenge and building a bigger box to think outside of. So when I step out of it…I’m really stepping out!  Since my first post we’ve had four or five tours & tastings and a couple of events, on and off of the property. Engaging with new people during these events and through social media, my learning curve is fast and furious. As part of the tours & tastings, we take our guests into the vineyards for an up close look at the vines, grapes and talk about all of the things that can affect Karamoor’s end product…quality wines. We were just awarded Pennsylvania's Best Winery by the New York International Wine Competition! Our guests enjoy their first taste of Karamoor’s award winning 2015 Chardonnay while standing among the thousands of Chardonnay Vinifera. As they sip and admire, Joe Rienzi our Viticulturist speaks of the challenges and laborious efforts it takes to have a successful vineyard and grape harvest. Kevin Robinson, Karamoor’s winemaker also contributes, adding from the years of experience as the winemaker at Rutherford Hill in the Napa Valley and Brassfield Estate in Lake County, California. It’s interesting to hear the difference and the science behind the dirt, the weather and the daily, manual grooming processes, that set our grapes and wines apart from others around the world. I also enjoy listening to Kevin and Joe and how their backgrounds and studies complement one another, giving the guests, a great visual of what’s involved, how it works and why it’s important. During one of our tours this week, I had another one of my “aha” moments, comparing my life to the vineyard. Remember my “New Life Plan”  compared to that of planning a new vineyard in my last blog?  A guest questioned the use of the irrigation system throughout the vineyards. We were all surprised with the response. Other than when the root stocks are first planted, the system is not used. To grow good grapes, with good characteristics, sugars, tannins, acidity, color, concentration, etc…one of the important factors is the roots. They need to grow deep into the ground to be strong.  Without irrigation, they grow deeper and deeper in search for a source of water and also pull important nutrients out of the ground.  If they are watered frequently they become lazy and remain shallow. Shallow roots, equates to shallow characteristics and not much longevity. No lazy vines and NO WATER FOR ME!

I asked Kevin and Joe in separate conversations for a one line take on the week, a thought, something they find important in what is presently happening at Karamoor. I was amazed at the similarity in their responses! Verbatim…

Kevin ~ “Wine is the place, the land”

Joe ~ “if great wines truly start out in the vineyard, Karamoor’s 2018 vintage, should be one that further proves Pennsylvania is capable of growing and making world class wine”

In conversations with Mr. and Mrs. Karabots, owners of this beautiful estate, their goal is to produce world class wines. In 2003 they hired Lucie Morton, one of the top viticulturists in the country, to plan their new vineyard. It took three years to create, study and plan these vineyards, before one root stock was placed in the ground. Here I am, talking about the roots again!! It all goes back to the beginning.

One of my roles at Karamoor, is to build up wine sales to restaurants, breweries, caterers and foodservice companies. Secondly, planning events and working on creating an awesome wine tasting facility, located in the barn along Butler Pike (I love barns...another day for another blog), which we hope to see opening in the spring of 2019.  Another role, is to build onto our presence in the corporate world. I’ll be organizing corporate events, team building, wine and food pairings, corporate labeling programs ~ we have a ton to offer!  This week we enjoyed a photo and film shoot with our largest corporate and private label customer, Larry Korman, Co-CEO of AKA. Karamoor bottles its award winning 2015 Chardonnay and 2015 Meritage (rhymes with heritage), for “A.VIN”, AKA’s proprietary wine. We’ve also done some nice labeling programs with: “Conshy Girls”, a couple of hard working young ladies with a catering division and four successful restaurants: Stella Blu, Gypsy Saloon, Southern Cross Kitchen and Gypsy Blue.                                                   Vynamic, a well known Healthcare Industry Management Consulting business with offices in Philadelphia and Boston. The Union League, a Philadelphia landmark and one of the country’s most prominent clubs.                           I will also be working on our social media presence and our Wine Club. I will be posting, planning, announcing and reporting on all sorts of events connected with Karamoor. So if you want to be the first to know, hear about our new releases and about events you can be a part of at other venues...join our Wine Club! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and of course I'm on Linked in! 

So as I navigate and network through the vines of Karamoor, I am trying to find depth, balance and continuity in all that I do. It’s obvious, even as a “newbie” to Karamoor, it’s not about egos and individual talents. It’s about “the roots”. The roots of the people, the company, the vines and making sure they are all established and strong.

So I’ll be busy digging in, and hopefully starting to see some shoots by my next post. 

Until then, #diggingin and #lovingit!! 

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Cheri Morrison
July 8, 2018 | Cheri Morrison

Planning Your New Vineyard/Life

Planning Your New Vineyard/Life

For the last couple of years, I’ve been in planning mode. What’s next? Where do I go? Big change? Baby steps? Sell everything? Get out of Dodge (hee-hee-hee  ~ you’ll get it as you get to know me)?

Life is full of surprises and challenges. Sometimes, a few too many? All character builders.

I grew up in Blue Bell, formerly Pigeontown, Pennsylvania. I attended Germantown Academy. I love sports, participating in them more than watching.  I was always very active and in addition to sports, was always busy doing something social or working somewhere in the area. I was not very good at sitting still.  When I was 14 or 15, I started working for a woman who had a nice little catering business.  I loved working for her! 

Many moons later, I’m still in the food and hospitality industry.  I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America and have done almost everything possible within the food service industry. Too much to list here. This is a blog not a novel.  My strong suits are, sales and marketing. I had many years of practice with my own company, Culinary Crossing, which started in the Gwynedd Valley train station. Since I sold Culinary, I’ve read, googled, researched and read some more. I’ve  talked to people, so many kind people… to try and figure out what was next. What was important to me? Do I want to start a new business? Do I want to be in the city? Work out of my home? I came across an article I saved. I don’t remember why I was reading it? Perhaps I was considering planting a vineyard behind my house? LOL!!! I wish I had written down every idea I had over the years.  As I read this article I thought, hmmm…these sound like good questions about planning what’s next in my life.  It reminded me a bit of the movie Being There with Peter Sellers as Chauncey Gardner and Shirley McLain as Eve. Good movie.

Anyway, the article was titled: “Planning Your New Vineyard” or life in my case. 

I filled in my answers to their headings.

Your Goals ~ Happiness - Continue to learn and grow - be creative -healthy lifestyle - love my career                                                    

Your Growing Season ~ Every day. Create balance with work, play, exercise, nutrition and sleep

The Land ~    Where I grew up, close to amazing friends and my Dad.    

Vineyard Orientation ~Work within a fifteen miles of home. Stay in the right longitude with the best attitudes.

Soil Quality ~ Quality company, quality people

Pests ~ Don’t want them 🐜

Disease ~Don’t put myself in susceptible situations

Time ~ Don’t get overly ambitious and take on more than I can comfortably manage. 

Tools ~ A very wise man once told me, “take good care of your equipment and the equipment will take care of you”. (Thanks Dad!) Always have a back up plan, back up equipment, diversity and cross training within your bag of tricks.

Books ~ Keep reading, keep learning.


So there you have it, ten essential things to think about when planning your new vineyard or life.  It seems to have worked out.  Here I am, employed in sales and marketing, writing a blog for an amazing vineyard & winery,(which by the way, was awarded the best winery in Pennsylvania by the NY International Wine Competition), with quality award winning wines and people, a few miles from home, learning something new every day and as Maxwell Smart used to say, “and loving it!”

Did I mention the woman whose nice little catering business I worked for is less than 1/4 mile from Karamoor Estate? I think I’ve gone full circle!! 

Let the planting begin!